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The 3 Benefits of Owning An Electric Car

Electric cars are taking the world by storm. People are eager to finally get rid of paying a lot at the pump and would love to buy an electric car. One thing holding them back is the limited mileage. Sure, there are issues such as if you were moving across the country and think the car wouldn’t make it far.

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In other words, the limited mileage very rarely results in a problem for most people. In many cases, the positives outweigh the negatives. Since they are still very misunderstood, it pays to understand the benefits so you can decide if an electric car is right for you. In this article, we will go over some of the positives.

1 – Huge Gas Savings

The most obvious benefit of owning an electric car is that you don’t have to fill up with gas any longer. This is really being highlighted these days with the high cost of gas and the problem with some of the suppliers of oil. Removing yourself from that equation is very satisfying in terms of money savings, but also knowing that you are helping to wean off of fossil fuels more rapidly.

There is a cost to charge the car, of course. It isn’t free since you will see an increase in your electricity bill for your home. However, it will be a fraction of what you used to pay for gas. And the savings will increase over time since it seems that there is no end to the high gas prices for the foreseeable future.

2 – Low Cost of Maintenance

An electric car essentially doesn’t have an engine. It’s the batteries that make the car move. This means that there are few parts that would wear out and need to be replaced. A combustion engine, on the other hand, has a lot of parts that get hot and grimy and simply don’t last long. You need to change the oil several times per year, get tune-ups, and often have to do routine repairs such as changing the timing belt.

An electric car requires none of those things and even the maintenance that is required is minimal and costs much less. Even the brakes on an electric car are different and require less money to maintain.

3 – They’re Very Quiet

Riding in an electric car is quite a comfortable experience since there is no engine. It is silent and there are no vibrations from a motor that has lots of parts moving constantly. When you come to a stop, it feels like you are sitting in a car with the engine turned off.

This makes it much less stressful to drive since the vibrations in a car are what contribute to the fatigue many people experience after driving for a while. The ride is much smoother and more relaxing.

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