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Tips to Crack Your Dream Examination on the First Attempt

If you are an aspirant who is preparing for your dream examination, but conscious about the performance and selection then you are at the right place. Here we are going to share some excellent tips to crack your dream examination on the first attempt. The tips we are going to share here are recommended by toppers. These tips will surely help you out in preparing the correct strategy and crack the competition.

In this competitive era, due to increasing population and continuously decreasing vacancies, the competition is at its peak. To counteract this competition, you have to prepare a proper strategy, practice hard and try some other excellent tips. Let’s have a look at these.

1. Understand the Syllabus

This is the first step to start the preparation. Yes, understanding the syllabus can give you a complete idea about the examination. Here you can find the important topics and subjects. The syllabus can be downloaded from the official website, or you can find it in the job notification also.

In order to crack your dream examination on the first attempt, you should go through the syllabus, find the blueprint for important and relative subjects. After that you can analyze any previous year’s question paper, to find the weightage of any subject. In the next step, arrange the subjects according to their weight and start studying them.

2. Prepare proper Notes

Once you prepare the proper strategy, you should start taking the classes. There are a lot of online learning platforms that provide live coaching for any exam. You can subscribe to any of them or opt for offline coaching institutes. While attending classes, make sure you prepare the complete notes of the subjects.

These notes will help you in summarising the subjects once you start revision. Normally, 70% of questions are formed from 50% of the important syllabus. So, Firstly you need to focus on that important syllabus.

Once your important syllabus is covered, you can proceed with the remaining part according to the time you have. In case you do not have sufficient time to prepare the notes, you can take the notes PDF and print that.

3. Short Notes and Formulas

Once you complete all the syllabus and the complete notes of the subjects are ready, you can start the revision. Here you have to memorize the chapters, formulas, derivations, one-liners, definitions, etc. While revision, you may find some important formulas or points that are hard to learn. Simply take a notebook and start writing these hard and important formulas. If you are preparing for boards, then you can download the important notes from Hindimestudy.

These notes are termed as short notes which will help you in your further journey. Whenever you need to revise the subject again, simply use these notes to memorize the entire subject. Additionally, you can practice these formulas by applying them in questions. This will surely help you in remembering these formulas.

4. Previous Year Papers

Previous year question papers play an important role in preparation. This gives an idea about the exam pattern and some important repeated topics also. You can find these previous year’s question papers on any online learning platform, or you can purchase them from the market.

Experts recommend solving these papers at least three times and note the important one-liners and formulas from them in your short notes. In this way, PYP can boost up your preparation. The biggest advantage of solving PYP is that you can check and improve the timing.

5. Mock tests and Practice sets

This is the last step of preparation where you need to solve the practice sets and attend mock tests. You can find the mock tests in offline institutes as well as online learning platforms. These tests provide you confidence and you can find the weakest part of the syllabus. Later you can study and improve that portion also. Additionally, you can participate in relevant exams to test your preparation.


These were some effective tips that were shared by the toppers. You should try these and prepare in this way and we are sure that you will improve. Make sure to prepare short notes and participate in mock tests. Self-study is key for cracking the exam, hence does not depend completely on the institution. I hope you all find these tips important and you will try them out to crack your dream exam.

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