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5 Best Free VPN Software Reviews 2022: Safe & Secure Browsing

VPN Software has become extraordinarily famous simply because users all over the globe are understanding their importance. As more and more people are becoming a part of the working from home culture, the popularity of VPN service has gotten a massive boost. Not everyone can afford a Paid VPN Service, and not all Free VPN software can be trusted. There are some “best free VPN” software that are ideal and will help you in working conveniently. 

While VPN tools help in elevating the security browsing the internet, their main purpose is to allow you access content of other countries, geo-restricted content, and much more. If your reason for having a VPN is just to add an extra layer of encryption while browsing from a public network then free VPN software will do the trick. We have curated a list of the best free VPN software download that will help you in making an educated decision.

Top 5 VPN Software Free 2022

1. Hotspot Shield Free VPN

Hotspot Shield is considered the best free VPN application and it has received this ranking because of a multitude of reasons. All the users who use the free plan are allowed to use 500 MB of data every day that sums up to around 15 GB per month. Yes, this is a restriction but that’s how free VPN applications work. Hotspot Shield Plus is one of the more generous options in the market. 

When it comes to securing your internet connection, Hotspot Shield Free VPN boasts military-grade encryption. That means you can do online shopping and bank transactions without having to worry about data compromise. In our tests, Hotspot Shield Free VPN was the easiest one to use, whether on a mobile version or the desktop. 

If you pay for the Elite version of the tool, you can access content from 70 something countries. That’s not the case with the free version. With the free version, you’ll get to access U.S based locations that will be chosen by the application itself. 


  • Users can access most of the paid version features
  • Easy to use
  • 500 MB daily data allowance


  • Setup can be a bit tricky
  • Only one server available for free users
  • Limited data for free users

2. TunnelBear – Free VPN Service

TunnelBear may sound and look like a cute application but it offers a great free VPN Service. The security got even more serious after it was acquired by McAfee. Users can choose from the free or the paid version. 

The biggest drawback of TunnelBear free VPN software is that users get just 500MB data per month. The amount is really tiny which means you can use it only at the times when you need a serious amount of protection. With the limited data usage, you won’t be able to use it all the time, and torrenting and streaming is out of the question. If you can spare a few bucks every month then you can leave this restriction behind and go for any of the top paid options like Nord VPN or ExpressVPN. 

As for security, TunnelBear recently updated its privacy policy, now it collects even less data on the users. It also removed the need of supplying a first name while signing up. All these features make it one of the best Free VPN for android and PC.


  • Extremely user friendly
  • Both mobile and desktop clients


  • Really low data limit
  • Not many customizable options

3. ProtonVPN Free

ProtonVPN is another great Free VPN service 2020 that offers great free VPN service. One of the best things about ProtonVPN is that it doesn’t impose any data restrictions. Which means you can use as much data as you want every month. That’s incredibly rare for a free VPN application, this feature itself makes it very appealing to various clients. 

As you are using a free VPN service, it will have some limitations. ProtonVPN Free’s restriction is that it limits you to one device per account and only 3 locations. Free users also get lower priority in terms of speed as compared to paying subscribers. There’s no customer support and free users will experience speed throttles during peak hours. If you can suffer through all that then ProtonVPN Free is a great free VPN software for Android. 


  • No monthly data limits
  • Great privacy policy


  • Speed throttling
  • Very limited customer support

4. Windscribe – Free VPN Software

When compared to the top two options, Winscribe’s free VPN software offers a very generous data allowance. You get 10GB bandwidth per month and you can choose from 10 remote servers. Windscribe Free VPN servers include locations like the UK, Hong Kong, Germany, Canada, and the US. All you have to do to sign up is to create a username and password. You can add an email address in case you forget your password, but it’s not compulsory.

Windscribe doesn’t store connection logs, IP stamps, or the sites visited by users. When you are connected to a server, it stores your Username, the server you’re connected to, and how much data you’ve transferred. All these records are erased three minutes after you end the session. 


  • 10 GB Per month
  • Very strong encryption
  • Brilliant privacy policy


  • Inconsistent speeds at times

5. Speedify – Free VPN Software

Speedify, as the name suggests makes sure that your internet connection remains as fast as possible even while maintaining great encryption. To make this happen, Speedify Free VPN software 2020 will make use of all available internet connections. If you have a fixed Ethernet connection and mobile internet, it will combine both of them to provide you the best possible speeds. 

There’s no restriction on how many servers you can access, both free and paid users can access all the remote VPN servers. The only restriction that you’ll find with Speedify is the 2GB monthly data limit. That’s almost nothing when you compare it with other free VPN software for Android and Desktop on this list. 

On the performance front, Speedify is definitely worth a look. During all our testing, it aced the performance during gaming and web browsing. 


  • Handy performance-boosting technology
  • Solid privacy policy


Free VPN vs Paid VPN Service

While there are some famous free VPN services, they do lack some major features. There are some top VPN deals that push your browsing experience one step beyond. If you have $3-$10 spare and you need excellent VPN service then some of the best options are:

• Surshark VPN
• Express VPN
• CyberGhost
• IPVanish

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