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Traffic Collision – How Can We Prevent Accidents?

Getting into a car accident is obviously never expected when you first start driving. The whole situation just forms quickly, and then something slams into the vehicle or in front of you. Car accidents aren’t easy to process, especially when someone is injured because of you.

Moreover, it leads to a lot of major or minor injuries, as well as financial struggles and PTSD. To make sure you avoid such traumatic experiences, it is important to take preventative measures, and safety procedures should be followed for your sake and others as well.

Around 90% of car accidents can actually be prevented only if people start following the traffic rules and safety procedures and drive safely. Staying focused and practicing mindfulness of rash consequences leads to the prevention of such circumstances.

Safe driving practices should be followed, but a lot of drivers nowadays forget that safe driving should be done due to their hectic routines. It’s not easy to keep the roads safe unless people don’t understand the importance of safety measures and driving safely.

Hence, before you get behind the wheel and drive, make sure to follow the following tips in order to avoid traffic collisions and car accidents.

Following the traffic rules and regulations

Traffic rules and regulations have been made because of reasons, and those reasons include the safety of the streets and the prevention of traffic collisions. For e.g., traffic signals should be followed and shouldn’t be broken, or else one might get involved in a messy traffic car crash.

Putting the seat belt on before driving

This is another extremely important thing to do before driving. Every driver and person in the passenger seat should make it a habit to wear a seatbelt as soon as they’re in the car. This is so that, in case of an accident, they don’t hit their head on the dashboard due to something hitting the car. Without the belt, there are chances of extreme injuries.

Defensive driving

Avoiding car accidents can be easy if one goes for defensive driving. This means being a cautious driver and considering the other person driving the car an amateur. In this way, one can easily save himself from people who drive recklessly.

Moreover, defensive driving is always better than driving recklessly, and one can also foresee probable road crashes in this case. Moreover, it is important to be courteous when driving, as it holds you back from racing other vehicles.

Don’t drive if you’re drunk or under the influence

This is an extremely common rule and basic driving ethic. However, unfortunately, it isn’t adhered to. People shouldn’t drink or drive, as drinking can cause you to lose your train of thought and become unconscious at times as well. Driving under such influence can lead to imparity of the motor skills, which might lead to fatal accidents, and can be life-threatening to you or anyone around you.

No speeding

This is another basic driving rule which isn’t followed. Many people feel like it is okay to speed if they know how to drive properly. However, it isn’t. Speeding causes one to lose control of the car, and a sudden turn or brake can lead to a major car crash and numerous injuries.

Driving at a normal speed and checking your mirrors from time to time is the best way through which one can avoid car crashes. Moreover, a safe distance should be kept between your car and the other cars to avoid collisions in traffic.

If one gets into a car accident, it is important to take legal action in case of injury and consult a personal injury attorney in Harrisonburg, VA.

Always be careful with intersections

When driving, it is important to be careful during intersections. Intersections are considered the major cause of road accidents, due to which special care must be taken to make sure all preventative measures are taken, and it is ensured that the area is clear of any other vehicles.

Make sure you remain vigilant when driving

It is extremely important to be aware of your surroundings when you are driving. Eyes should be on the road, as well as on the sides and back of the car at the same time. Sounds impossible, but it takes to get used to it.

Make sure you don’t distract yourself by loud music or phone calls while you’re driving, as it will remove your focus from the road, which can result in dangerous consequences.

Don’t exceed the speed limit

Speed limits are set for a reason, which is why they should never be exceeded. An empty road will usually have a speed limit, which means that vehicles are usually speeding in that area. To avoid collisions and crashes, one should always keep a safe distance and follow the speed limit.

Select a Safe Car

To avoid car crashes, your car should be safe enough to help you through that. A car with excellent safety features and electronic stability control will help reduce the risk of major car crashes and fatal injuries.

Other safety features should also be explored within the car, and one should make sure that features like blind-spot monitoring, rear-cross traffic alert, and lane departure warning features are available as well. This is of great help to drivers who like being prepared and vigilant. A car should be safe and reliable.

Ignore crazy and reckless drivers

You’ll see and come across numerous drivers who drive like they have extra lives. It is best not to entertain such drivers and not to engage in competition with them. Their reckless driving can hurt you or anyone passing by.

Keep the car’s lights on due to weather conditions

You should make sure that your car’s lights are on, especially during the dusk and dawn as well as rainy seasons. Keeping the lights on helps improve visibility on the road and signals other drivers that a vehicle is in close proximity.

Avoid drinking a beverage or snacking

It has become a habit of many people today to snack and drive. It might sound normal, but it can be dangerous. Anything that diverts a person’s concentration and attention from the road and steering wheel can cause accidents and should be avoided while driving at all costs.

Other useful tips to avoid car accidents

  • Make sure you check your mobile phone before driving so that you’re not tempted to use it while driving.
  • Check your car at regular intervals, and monitor the tires, lights, and mirrors as well.
  • Keep your vehicle in good condition and keep getting it checked from the workshop.


Road accidents and car crashes have increased nowadays due to people being careless towards the road’s rules and regulations.

In order to avoid major crashes, it is important to follow the rules and drive carefully and vigilantly.

Traffic can cause accidents, due to which one should always be careful at intersections as well as keep distance from other cars as well.

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