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Approaches Necessary to Turn Prospects into Customers on Social Platforms

People purchasing on social platforms have become common today since well-known platforms like Facebook and Instagram allow customers to buy within the application. Thus, social platforms have almost evolved into e-commerce applications in today’s scenario. The whooping user base of social platforms is the primary factor that has made them ideal for sales and marketing. Facebook alone has almost 2 billion users globally.

So, the platform is seen as an opportunity for brands to find new potential audiences and elevate their sales. The need for social platforms has increased further during these challenging times of the pandemic. Since the outside movement of people has reduced drastically, social sales have witnessed a steady rise. In this article, you will know the tactics that will work to turn prospects into customers on social platforms.

Give Importance To Ephemeral Content:

Ephemeral Content is the shorter-duration videos that will be available on a social application only for a temporary duration. The stories section of Facebook and Instagram are suitable examples of Ephemeral Content. This section has a better engagement across all the major social applications. According to a recent survey, the stories section of Instagram has a 2x more engagement rate than its standard videos. People are used to the habit of checking the stories section as soon as they log in to a social application.

Moreover, the section appears at the top of the home page of a social application. So, brands can utilize this feature to improve their brand awareness and make their followers remember their presence. Since the content on the stories section of most social platforms lasts only for 24 hours, you can come up with fresh content frequently and upload it to stories. Thus, having an active presence in the stories section can build a strong relationship between a brand and the prospect, resulting in the elevation of social sales.

Be Interactive With Your Prospects: 

Talking with your prospects is the best way to make them choose your brand. You must tailor your conversation in such a way that will build trust in your brand among your prospects. So, you have to develop a meaningful conversation with your prospect, and they should feel that the time spent with you is worthwhile. You can launch polls, and quizzes which will work as a tool for kick-starting an interaction with the prospect. You can start a conversation based on the reply from the prospect.

During these COVID times, the economic sustainability of people has changed drastically. Many have undergone pay cuts and job losses due to this pandemic outbreak. A person who had been your potential audience may not be the same now. Moreover, the spending of people on purchases has also changed dramatically. So, interacting with your customers and prospects will let you know where they stand in your sales funnel, and you can craft your strategy accordingly. 

Roll Out Offers And Give-Aways:

The purchasing power of people has been affected drastically due to the COVID outbreak. Hence, many will not purchase similarly as they did before the pandemic. This is the same for prospects. You can launch offers or giveaways which may drive a prospect to buy your product. You can add sanitizers and masks in giveaways, which have become the basic and necessary essentials in the present scenario. So, you have to craft your strategy according to the prevailing trends, which will help you have lasting growth. 

Hence, giving importance to this measure can improve the sales of your products to a considerable extent. Another major factor you have to consider while making such a move is that you should not incur a loss by giving giveaways. Since you cannot have assured sales due to the pandemic, make sure giveaways can fit you and don’t make you go bankrupt. So, evaluate all these before stepping into this tactic. 

Know The Potential of Micro-Influencers:

Hiring Micro-influencers is better and more cost-effective to improve your brand awareness. Owing to the growing demand for influencers, the macro, and mega influencers are making hefty charges for brand promotions. But, micro-influencers are no less efficient when compared to other categories of influencers. You can achieve higher sales and elevate your brand reach by promoting your brand through multiple influencers at a time. Hence, consider going with these influencers to convince your prospects to turn into your customer. Influencers on TikTok can hire services like Trollishly to make their videos reach a vast audience.

Wrapping Up: 

The social platform has evolved into an effective lead-generator tool for brands. Brands have to comply with the transformations the social platforms are undergoing and should frame marketing strategies accordingly.

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