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USA Gold Review

Investors from all over the world are always keen to convert the money they earned into an amount that can save their life in the decades to come. Significantly, few investment options can provide the outcome that investors seek. The stock market is one of the many choices where it is possible.

On the other hand, the stock market is volatile. Suppose you are not impressed by its performance latterly or look for a better way of investing some of your money to defend against this volatility. In that case, it is highly advisable to purchase and invest in gold and silver coins, and other investment grade precious metals.

USAGold is the best company to choose when you invest in precious metals. This company has been selling coins and bullions for many decades now. If you are not familiar with the company or want to know if it is reliable, then reading this USAGold review is extremely helpful. This will help you a lot about USAGold products and USA Gold Bureau in general and how it can help you become successful in your endeavor.

Overview of USA Gold Company

USAGold Company has been in the world of selling and buying precious metals like silver coins and gold coins for many decades now. It is one of the best and most trustworthy precious metals investment companies for 2022. This family-owned business was established in 1973 and stayed a family-owned firm up to this point.

The company strives to offer high-quality service to a customer. Unlike other precious metals firms, USA Gold doesn’t believe in utilizing high-pressure sales methods. While it has grown in popularity since its start, the company stays small and has enough employees to provide clients with the required personal attention.

Over the decades, USAGold has developed contacts and connections in the precious metals industry.

Due to these relationships, the company was able to provide extremely competitive pricing on silver coins, gold coins, Canadian gold maple leaf, and other types of precious metals.

If you want to know the live pricing of the precious metals, you can use the Online Order Desk. You can access this by visiting the USAGold website. This allows clients to place an order with ease at times that are convenient for them. Also, you can keep in touch with one of their brokers if you want to support and assist in terms of putting an order. USAGold is composed of friendly and skilled brokers with decades of experience in the industry of precious metals.

How does USA Gold work?

The company has done everything to make the precious metals procurement as simple and stress-free as possible for their clients. To join this site, first, you need to decide on the amount of money you want to put in gold. Next is to determine how big a fraction you would like precious metals to hold in your portfolio. After this, you need to figure out which bars or coins you want to invest in.

By the way, this gold company provided both historical coins and bullion coins, and you might opt to invest in just one type of coin or buy each type.

After coming up with a decision, your next step is to contact the USA Gold representative. They can provide recommendations regarding the current pricing lock-in the live value as well as complete the process of ordering. If you choose to put an order over the net, the company also provides this choice via an online order desk. You can access this 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. After placing an order via the online order desk or over the phone, you can pay using a personal check or wire transfer.


Do you have a plan to add gold bars or gold coins to your portfolio? This is good news because the company provides extensive types of pieces for you to select from. These take account of the following:

Austrian Philharmonic Gold CoinsKilo gold bar and silver bar
American Buffalo Gold CoinsTen troy-ounce gold bars
South African Krugerrand Gold CoinsOne troy ounce gold bars
Canadian Maple Leaf
American Gold Eagle coin


If you want to add silver bars and silver coins to your investment portfolio, you can do so as there are many options available at USAGold, such as:

Canadian Maple Leaf Silver Coin100oz Silver Bars
American Eagle Silver Coin
Austrian Philharmonic Silver Coin
USA Pre-1965 Silver Coin Bag ( with a face value of $1,000)

IRA Rollovers

Silver IRAs and Gold IRAs enable you to hold precious metals in the retirement account. When you hold physical metals in the account, you can expand and branch out your investment portfolio and ensure you are ready for the retirement years.

Do you own IRA or 401(k)? Well, you may be entitled to an IRA rollover. If you are not certain whether your existing account is appropriate, a member of the team of US Gold bureau can assist you.

The company works with trust agencies that can help transfer the money from your account. You can work with a representative from them to pick the precious metals that are IRA-approved, and you like to include or put in your investment portfolio. IRS rules state that gold bars or gold coins should be 99.5 percent pure, and silver bars and silver coins should be 99.9 percent pure. Many silver and gold pieces mentioned above meet the criteria, and you can add or put them into your investment collection.

Gold News and Resources

It doesn’t matter if this is your first time in precious metals investing or if you’ve been following the markets for a few years now; you might find the Gold News page of the USAGold website helpful and functional. Gold News takes account of valuable resources, including live prices, daily market reports, opinion articles on investing, market updates, and the USAGold monthly newsletter.

Also, you can see the daily lice silver and gold prices and graphs and charts showing the significant values for these two precious metals.

USAGold Customer Reviews and Feedback

Now that you are familiar with USAGold and the services and products. Your next step is to know what previous and current customer says about this precious metal company. Prior to making a choice or making up a decision on whether

If you would like to work with a specific company, it is a smart idea to read reviews and feedback from those who have already used and worked with the company.

On the other hand, we researched feedback and reviews on the most reliable and trusted review sites online, including Better Business Bureau, TrustLink, TrustPilot, and Business Consumer Alliance; we discovered a rating listed on the BBB website.

Lack of Feedback

The lack of feedback and reviews from previous users leaves a lot of strangeness. You cannot get a good sense of the firm’s client service, the superiority of the products and services provided, or the way the company does and conducts business. In view of the fact that there are a lot of precious metals investment companies out there with many superb and exceptional ratings, we believe that going with an unknown or strange business is a bit risky.

Clearly, choosing which business or company to deal with will depend on you. We will share some of our hesitations about this company in the last part of this review to assist you in making a sound choice.

BBB rating: USAGold garnered an A+ rating, BBB accredited business

Trustpilot: The company is not rated

Trust Link: The company is not rated

Business Consumer Alliance: The company is not rated

Is USAGold Scam or Legit? The Truth Revealed

When choosing an investment company, it is vital to know its reliability and trustworthiness. Always keep in mind that you are not just investing a considerable amount of money but also time and effort. So, it is vital to know if the company is a scam or legit.

So, if you are asking if USAGold is a scam, well, the answer is no. USAGold was established in 1973, and you see, the company has been in the business for many decades. This is proof that the company is legit and not a scam. Also, it doesn’t seem likely that a fraud company can stay that long.

The company appears to provide the services and products advertised on the official website.

In general, USAGold isn’t a scam company. On the other hand, you need to be aware of your choice and make sure to do proper research. This company is the number one choice for those who would like to invest in precious metals or want to set up a silver IRA or Gold IRA. On the other hand, there are also some hesitations regarding the reliability of this company due to the many reasons below. First and foremost, USAGold reviews online are only limited. While limited reviews do not always show poor practices, they also do not provide you confidence that this firm provides superb services either.

What to Look Out For

In our opinion, it is too much of a risk and stake to deal with a company with only just any reviews if they are many other highly reviewed sites out there.

Another possible drawback or flaw we see in this company is that they’re not an IRA custodian company. While USAGold does provide IRA-eligible precious metals, you will need to work with another custodian firm to make the IRA and transfer money from a current retirement plan.

Many precious metals investment firms out there are IRA custodians as well. Dealing with a company that provides both services only makes the whole process simpler and easier and, at the same time, leaves fewer strange doubts. Also, it will be simpler to get a full image of the charges by knowing precisely who you will be dealing with. If you have a plan to diversify your investment portfolio by investing in palladium or platinum, USAGold might not be the best option. They just provide silver bullion and gold bullion.

Why Consider USAGold?

The company has been in this business for five decades

The connections they have made with others enable them to provide competitive pricing.

Put orders via Online Order Desk 24 hours a day and seven days a week and offers a daily market report

The company provides a good selection of gold coins and silver coins and bars too The company works with clients and a trusted firm to roll over a current retirement account as well as set up a new Precious Metals IRA.

The company provides Online Order Desk, which enables you to put an order anytime you want.Limited reviews from previous customers and clients
The company provides a wide selection of silver coins and gold coins and bars.Not an IRA custodian company; therefore, you will have to search and deal with another custodian business in setting up your precious metals IRA
Precious metals are stored at the Texas bullion depositoryThe company does not provide the choice of investing in palladium or platinum and has some negative reviews
USAGold has almost fifty years of experience.

To Sum Up

Are you ready to branch out your investment portfolio by including precious metals? If so, USAGold is here to help you. On the other hand, if you are considering using this company, it is highly advisable to do proper research. There are few USAGold reviews online; therefore, it is hard to get a smart idea of how this company functions as well as the quality of services and products the company offers.

This is not your typical IRA custodian company; therefore, you need to hire a separate custodian firm if you are planning to set up a precious metals IRA. This is not a scam, which is the most important thing in a company for us. They have been in the business for many years, and a fake company will not be able to last this long. The year of existence is good proof that this company is legit.

Contact the Company Now

You can search the company’s website for additional information, market analysis, and the fees involved. In general, doing your analysis prior to making any investment based on your own personal circumstances is important, and consulting with your financial, investment, tax, as well as legal advisers.

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