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What to do at the Weekend?

If you have ever sat in the office mid-week and thought to yourself, what to do at the weekend? Then we have some perfect solutions for you! It can be difficult to decide how to spend your weekends, especially if you have no certified plans lined up! However, it is important to make the most of your weekend as it is almost guaranteed to prepare you for the week ahead, and if you have had a fun and positive weekend, you are likely to be even more prepared and motivated for the working week in front of you. Let’s jump into some ideas on how to fill your weekend.  

Indoor Activities  

Weekends do not always have to be spent out and about and on the move. If you spend a lot of time traveling for work, or long hours out of the house, spending time at home can feel very rewarding. Spending time indoors at the weekend can also be an inexpensive way to fill your time! Pull out some board games to play with the family, watch some movies, and even buy a cake mix to bake! This can be a perfect alternative to spending money on activities outside the house and can be equally as fun. Time spent indoors will also benefit those who are on saving sprees, having big plans for the summer months will require a few weekends of saving money!


With the Summer period approaching, so are lighter nights and (somewhat, if you live in the UK) warmer weather. Spend a weekend in the garden improving your property’s external space. Take a trip down to your local garden store and select flowers, plants, and other garden features that will boost the appearance of your home’s exterior area. The weekend is also the perfect time to tackle any handy work that needs to be completed by professionals, such as installing a new fence, mono blocking, a wooden decking, or even tackling outdoor house improvements such as a paint refresh, or window cleaning, or gutter maintenance. Click here for gutter maintenance services. After all, it can be difficult to schedule in a professional company around weekly work hours so the weekend is a perfect time!  

Spend time with loved ones

The weekend is your time to unwind, and what better way to unwind than spending time with people who genuinely mean a lot to you? A working week can be tiring, and not just in terms of the workload! Pretending that you like customers, and even colleagues can be tedious, and quite often, the best way to balance this is by spending the weekend with and communicating with individuals that you get along with. Knowing that you had an enjoyable weekend and made memories with loved ones will make it much easier to walk into the office with a positive mindset on a Monday morning.  

Take a trip/vacation

What to do at the weekend? Well, what are work holidays for!? Who doesn’t love a long weekend? From time to time, it is nice to get away to a different country or city and spend some much-needed time away from home. You should always plan accordingly and give yourself a break every few months to take some time off. It’s not worthwhile taking work holidays to spend in your bed or sitting on your living room sofa binge-watching TV. Instead, use them wisely for long weekends and vacations. After all, we do work to reward ourselves from time to time, so why not make some memories and spend the weekend exploring Paris, sightseeing in Rome, or even heading to Manchester for a wild few days.


Ahh, the dreaded gym. Some individuals do prefer to get their workouts done throughout the week, either after or before work. However, the weekend may very well be your only time to exercise! Exercise is important, not only for physical health purposes but for mental health purposes. Did you know that exercise can reduce anxiety and depression, and boost a positive mood? Simply taking a walk or running around a park, participating in a team sport, or visiting the gym for an hour will fulfill your exercise needs. Top tip: getting active on a weekend morning will ultimately boost your productivity for the remainder of the day!

Dedicate some time to yourself  

It’s important to remember that weekends do not always need to be packed with plans. Your working week is bound to be tiring so it would be silly to have a routine to follow over the weekend too. Although you may have specific chores to complete, errands to run, or plans to attend, always ensure that you leave some time aside to dedicate specifically to yourself to relax. This could include reading a book, watching a few episodes of your favourite show, or listening to music. Although weekends should involve having fun, it is also important to dedicate a few hours to relaxation.  

Hopefully, we have managed to answer that sometimes tough question, “what to do at the weekend?” With our variety of ideas, there are no excuses to be lying in bed all weekend like a recluse. After all, a productive and fun-filled week.

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