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What can you possibly forget while moving a house?

There are so many things on which you have to focus simultaneously during the relocation process. After all, there is a lot to think about and handle. You don’t just have to pack your entire home into boxes but have to plan a lot of other things for a successful move. The countless number of moving tasks to do along with your daily life responsibilities makes it very easy to forget about some things. Here you will find out the common things that people usually forget. 

1. Notifying the relevant people 

Notifying the relevant people about your relocation is important. People usually talk about their moving decision with only the people they see frequently but forget about those who live further away from them. Though here you will find out the things that are mostly forgotten by the people still there are chances that you will forget about some others. The only way to keep everything organized is by making a moving checklist or downloading one from iMoving, a reliable moving service marketplace. Create a proper timeline of all the tasks that you have to do and then follow this checklist. This will ensure that you don’t forget anything and can have a successful relocation. 

2. Preparing documents at the right time 

Preparing and gathering documents is necessary for a successful move. Did you know the arrangement of the documents requires time, therefore, you should not leave the job at the last moment? Prepare all the documents well and place them in a folder and make sure that you have all these documents along with you on a moving day. 

3. Forgetting the keys 

One of the weirdest things that people somehow always forget while moving is the keys. Just imagine the scenario when you reach your destination and you don’t have keys. Nothing could be a worse situation than this. Though there is not really any bulletproof way to remember your keys, adding this to your checklist ensures that you take these along with you. 

4. Change the locks of your new home 

Good if you remember the house keys of your new home but you should not plan on holding the same locks for a longer time. If possible then change the locks before moving. The very smart step you have to take is to change the locks because there are chances that the old homeowners have the keys to the home and anyone can access your home with those keys. So, be sure you don’t forget to change the keys. 

5. Don’t forget to take your plants 

When moving, people usually forget about plants and garden tools. They might be very focused on not forgetting anything present inside the house but end up ignoring what is outside. All household plants become a victim of this trend. But you should never forget plants because plants require consistent care and water and if you leave them then they will die in a short time span. 

6. Arranging a parking space for moving truck 

There should be enough space for the moving truck to fit down the driveway to load the packed bags. If you don’t have a driveway or have a small driveway space then make sure you make the parking space arrangements at the right time. If you forget it before then at the end moment, you will find yourself in a big problem. Also you can take packers and movers service.

7. To update address 

Having an afterthought is important when moving. During all the other numerous tasks to do, it is quite common to forget about updating the address at certain places. You need to change your address at some important documents such as bank accounts, employer, schools, credit card accounts, insurance policies, and so on. Like if you forget to update your address at the mail post office then you will miss important documents and emails because they will reach your old address. So, to not miss your important documents, you should update your address first. 

8. Plan for pets and kids 

Moving is such a stressful event and it is not only stressful for you only but also for all the family members including your pets. You should plan everything for them for the moving day as well. Also, make sure that they don’t come in the pathway of the movers when they are loading the items. For moving days, you can reserve one room for them and you should prepare plenty of food, water, bedding, a litter box and toys.  

In the same way, you should plan for your kids. Try to keep them entertained and busy when you are doing the moving tasks. Hire a baby keeper if you require it especially for a moving day. 

Bottom Line

Moving is a physical and mental challenge and it is a disrupting process and in the midst of packing, preparing, and loading items, it is common to forget some important things. Now the above list will keep you remembering the most forgotten things. 

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