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Why Is It Important to Consider Video for SEO?

The times when people uploaded only pictures were far away. Now, most entrepreneurs realize the importance of video content. This is a great way to boost the quality of the overall marketing campaign and present services and products better. The video makes the website less static and helps stand out in the crowd. As for SEO, it is also important as users often search and share videos. That’s why it is important to make videos searchable. This way, you will help users to reach a desirable target. If your Facebook posts contain such videos, overall engagement will be maximum organic despite your initial purpose.

For example, you aim to provide potential users with some new information, impress available customers, or generate new leads via a social channel. Anyway, you should make your video content searchable. Now, you understand that text plays a significant role. Keywords lie on the basis of every good SEO strategy. Professional human transcribers can help you reach your goal and finally enhance Google’s ranking.

How Do Transcripts Improve Video SEO?

While top businesses already use transcription tool for YouTubers and enjoy incredible results, others still hesitate whether SEO is important. If you are one of them, then look at how professional transcriptionists can boost your SEO and help your business occupy a leading position in the market.

Boost Keywords

As you already know, no good SEO strategy can work without the right keywords. Exactly transcripts play a vital role in incorporating the most searchable words. Of course, you may practice keyword stuffing or any other known tools, but in most cases, all your effort will be in vain. An efficient video SEO strategy works the opposite. Experts can include any type of keywords and reach the desired result. This way, you will not confuse the customers and allow them to get what they are looking for.

Decrease Bounce Rate

If you implement video transcription correctly, you will be able to track content metrics correctly. But mind that you should use a reliable transcription. Only in this case will you be able to avoid misleading the customers. You see, if people look for some video content, pick it up and then understand that it is not what they have been searching for, the bounce rate is increased. Therefore, you should do your best to make search queries and video content compatible. Otherwise, people will just leave your website. All in all, scripts should be efficient and accurate to diminish bounce rate.

Increase site SEO

Initially, SEO is used to improve the quantity and quality of site traffic. It is when brand exposure is increased via organic search engine results. Of course, keywords mean a lot. It is rather difficult to provide all necessary details in video tags or meta descriptions. Unlike them, a high-quality transcription may offer overall video-spoken content in a text format. It means that search engines will receive a better insight into video content. This way, you can also reach a required site keyword density.

Enhance time that users spend on a page

When people feel interested in your content, they are more engaged. Therefore, users are likely to spend more time on your website. This way, they improve such well-known metrics as “time on page.” Having at least one such page means that people can come across other content and pages that will appeal to them. All in all, the popularity of your website will increase.

Analyze keyword strategy

Transcripts will surely strengthen your overall keyword strategy. Let’s look at it closer. For example, you create a page with the main keyword phrase “advertising software”; however, the term “target advertisements in Google” is met in your video more frequently. This means you can tweak the current SEO elements of the page with this long-tail keyword that is more appropriate. Additionally, you can start definite pages for each video and add related keywords. Relevant on-page content will surely play into your hands and attract more users. Finally, you can easily customize other elements of page structure such as title, headings, and subheadings, anchor text, etc.

Work as a long search query

Perhaps you have already heard that long-form posts in blogs are very beneficial for overall site ranking. If your videos from webinars or any other meeting include transcripts, they will be ranked as high as long blog posts. In other words, you have a chance to occupy one of ten first Google search results. With video transcription services, you get detailed and clear transcripts that act like text posts. They include related keywords which people look for, hence matching their search queries. Even if the visitors do not read the text under the video, transcripts are analyzed by search engines, meaning that the chances that your content will be found by the audience are very high.

Why Are Human Transcriptionists More Accurate?

Today, you have a choice between human transcriptionists and automated software. Being more affordable, dedicated programs can’t deliver the same accurate result as human transcriptionists. In the worst cases, automatically-generated captions or transcripts may only be 50% accurate. You should remember that any content that involves aggressive spam techniques risks being recognized as spam by Google. In other words, such transcripts may negatively impact SEO on your website.

Video recordings aim to add some human touch to the content. Therefore, they cannot be replicated by AI software. Search engines are positive toward diverse content. So, you are highly recommended to cooperate with specialists of a reliable transcription company. They can deliver accurate results and help you take advantage of all the above-mentioned points. As a result, you will engage the target audience longer and reach all your planned goals.

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