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AT&T vs Verizon Cell Service Comparison 2023

AT&T and Verizon are the two best wireless carriers in the US. Both of them are well known for their wide network coverage, fast data speed, and value-for-money plans. Comparing AT&T phone deals and Verizon phone deals can be a challenge. 

Verizon cell phone plans are known as one of the most expensive ones. But, they make up for the cost by offering reliable 4G and 5G services. 

Many people are facing dilemmas about selecting Verizon vs ATT plans. If you are one of them then you should read this guide. Today, we’ll be comparing AT&T phone plans and Verizon phone deals. 

Pros And Cons of Verizon Phone Deals

Even a provider as good as Verizon has some low points. Here are the upsides and downsides of having unblocked phone Verizon phone plans. 


  • It provides the best 4G LTE coverage in the US.
  • It also provides fast data speeds.
  • It offers top-class packs and premium features.


  • It provides 5G networks in limited areas in the US.
  • It charges a huge amount for its services.

Pros And Cons of AT&T Phone Deals

AT&T has built a reputation for itself as it offers one of the best service providers. Here are the pros and cons of using AT&T cell phone plans. Keep in mind, these apply to both AT&T Prepaid phones and postpaid phone plans. 


  • It provides high data caps as well as a good 4G coverage.
  • It charges slightly less than Verizon.
  • It provides 5G services in almost 18 % of the USA.


  • A common man can not afford its services.
  • It provides slower 4G and 5G services than other wireless providers.

Comparison of Verizon vs ATT Coverage

Let’s compare Verizon vs ATT coverage now. Today, both network providers provide 5G as well as 4G networks in the USA. At this stage, Verizon is the market leader because it provides nationwide coverage of the 4G LTE network. It also provides 5G network coverage as well but it covers only 11% of the USA. 

But, AT&T has a wider 5G network than Verizon and it provides 18% coverage in the USA. Verizon is a financially strong mobile network provider and shortly, it can become a 5G network leader as well. When it comes to Verizon vs ATT wireless coverage, AT&T takes the win. 

Verizon vs ATT Plans: Prices and Benefits

AT&T takes the cake if you just compare prices. ATT has cheaper prices than Verizon, and everyone knows this well. Verizon is considered expensive as the starting plans will cost you $55 per month. 

Basically, every single plan offered by Verizon is at least $10 more expensive than a similar plan offered by ATT. 

If price is the only thing that matters to you while comparing ATT vs Verizon, then go with ATT. It is much cheaper than Verizon, making it the clear winner. 

Here’s a breakdown of plans offered by both the providers so you can make a better decision. 

AT&T Phone DealsVerizon Phone Deals
AT&T-Unlimited starter for teachers
Unlimited DataNo mobile hotspot dataNo Contract$48.75/month 
Verizon-Welcome unlimited plan for Students
Unlimited DataNo mobile hotspot dataNo Contract$55/month( +35 Upfront)
AT&T- Value Plus
Unlimited DataNo mobile hotspot dataNo Contract$50/ month( +$30 upfront)
Verizon-Welcome Unlimited Plan For Teachers
Unlimited DataNo mobile hotspot dataNo Contract$55/ month( +35 Upfront)
AT&T -Unlimited Extra for Teachers
Unlimited Data15 GB mobile hotspot dataNo Contract$56.25/ month
Verizon-5G Plan For Students
Unlimited DataNo mobile hotspot dataNo Contract$60/ month( +35 Upfront)
AT&T- Unlimited Premium for Teachers
Unlimited data50GB mobile hotspot dataNo Contract$63.75 /month( +$30 upfront)
Verizon-5G Plan For Teachers
Unlimited DataNo mobile hotspot dataNo ContractPrice: $60/ month( +35 Upfront)
AT&T- Unlimited Starter
Unlimited Data3GB mobile hotspot dataNo contract$65/ month
Verizon-Welcome Unlimited Plan
Unlimited DataNo mobile hotspot dataNo ContractPrice: $65/ month( +35 Upfront)
AT&T- Unlimited Extra 
Unlimited Data15GB mobile hotspot dataNo contractPrice: $75/ month
Verizon-5G More Plan For Students
Unlimited DataUnlimited hotspot dataNo ContractPrice: $60/month( +35 Upfront)

AT&T starts getting a bit expensive than Verizon in the top-tier plans. Also, even in the top-tier plans, AT&T is offering a fixed amount of hotspot data, whereas Verizon is offering unlimited data. Go through all these plans one by one and compare which one suits your needs. 

ATT vs Verizon: Perks

While you’re comparing AT&T cell phone plans, and Verizon phone plans, you should know about the additional perks you’re getting. 

Verizon provides video streaming facilities as well as other perks. To get a streaming plan you can choose their bundle plan that provides internet as well as streaming services. 

If you buy a subscription to Verizon 5G then you can get additional benefits at $85/ month.

  • Disney, Hulu/ ESPN+ bundle, 
  • A full year of Discovery+
  • Apple Arcade
  • Whopping 600GB of cloud storage

On the other side ATT does not provide you any perks. It used to provide streaming services with some plans, but now it is only a wireless provider. The only perk with AT&T is the brilliant coverage.

ATT vs Verizon: Family Plans

Family plans are expensive but may be affordable and it allows your entire family to access the internet. Verizon provides Mix and Match family plans and ATT offers a plan that is known as the Unlimited Your Way family plan. And both services charge money according to the total number of lines on your account.

If you have 4 members in the family then you should take 4 line plan The family plans of AT&T and Verizon according to their lines are depicted below:

Carrier Plan 1 line4 lines
Verizon 5G Start$70/month$140/month ($35/line)
Verizon 5G Play More$80/ month$180 /month($45/line)
Verizon 5G Do More$80/month$180/ month ($45/line)
Verizon 5G Get More$90/month$220 / month($55/line)
AT&TUnlimited Starter$65/month$140/ month($35/line)
AT&TUnlimited Extra$75/month$160/ month ($40/line)
AT&TUnlimited Premium$85/month$200 / month($50/line)

ATT vs Verizon: Customer Support Services

Both AT&T and Verizon have highly knowledgeable, well trained and ready to help customer support associates. You can easily connect with AT&T associates through email, phone, or their official application.

If you have Verizon wireless network services then you can easily contact their support staff through online chat, Facebook, and Phone call. There’s no app you can use to contact Verizon customer support. 

Final Take- ATT vs Verizon

AT&T and Verizon are the top two wireless network providers in the US. Both Internet service providers have good coverage and reach in the US. But Verizon has coverage almost everywhere in the USA, especially its 4G LTE service. We’re expecting Verizon to grow its 5G networks as fast as 4G. 

When it comes to 5G coverage, AT&T covers a wider region of the USA. It also offers brilliant service, reliability, and good customer support. 

In the end, it all comes down to your needs. Regardless of how great plans Verizon can offer, if you want affordability you’ll go to AT&T. Similarly, if you want unlimited data plans, then Verizon is your best bet. 

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