Background Image ALT: Add ALT Tag in CSS on Background Images

Most of the Designer and Developer built a website but they didn’t know about SEO. When marketing team going to implement segment on that website then they found lots of issues. There are also one case of add “ALT Tag on background images” OR CSS background image alt text. Marketing tam always search on Google How to Add Background Image ALT Tag?

The final Answer is there is not any option in HTML to add Image ALT Tag on Background Image. The Image ALT Tag is working only in HTML Tag. If images are stored in CSS file then we can’t implement Image ALT Tag but we can implement Title Tag. So there are no option for Background Image ALT Tag.

As per SEO, Image Title is different from Image ALT Tag. As per SEO best practice ALT Tag is important for Image.

Add ALT Tag in Image (CSS Image ALT)

Firstly, we need to change code and change image in HTML code then its easy to implement ALT Tag in image.

E.g. <img src=”Image Path” alt=” Alt Tag”>