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Best Lead Generation Tools That Can Help You Get More Targeted Leads

Using the best lead generation tools can help you bring in more leads than you have ever thought of. The whole process of lead generation is more than just getting visitors to your website, it’s also about collecting the visitor’s information which can help you convert visitors into sales.

Just like any kind of marketing, lead generation needs the right kind of tools. You need the help of the best lead generation tools that can help you get more leads out of your visitors. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best lead generation tools that will help you through every part of the lead generation process. Based on your needs, you can choose which tools are right for you and can help you convert visitors into leads. 

Best Lead Generation Tools 2022

1 . TrustPulse – Lead Generation Tools

TrustPulse is the best social notification plugin, including social proof notification is one of the best ways to get more leads. Finding and including a social proof notification tool is the top method of lead generation tactics. 

If you choose TrustPulse as your best lead generation tool, it will notify you every single time anyone performs any activity on your website. It will also help you display recent purchases made by people on your website, showcasing that is a great way to increase leads on your website. 

2. SeedProd

SeedProd is one of the best landing page builders you’ll come across, it allows users to create landing pages using simple drag and drop methods. If you don’t know how to do even a little bit of coding, then you should use this tool to improve your leads.

SeedProd allows users to create pages made specifically for sale, build squeeze pages, pages that are soon to be published, launch pages, and under construction pages. What makes SeedProd one of the best lead generation tools is the features:

  • Live previews and version control
  • Coming soon, 404 error pages, under maintenance mode pages features
  • WordPress theme compatibility

3. WPForms

WPForms is a brilliant form builder, using it you can use WPForms to build lead generation forms for your website. Other types of lead generation tools features include survey forms, quiz forms, and polls. 

Its is a paid tool and its price starts at $39.50 for the basic package, $99.50 for the Plus Package, $199.50 for the Pro Package at $299.50 for the Elite package.

4. Constant Contact

If you want to reach a wide range of people or if you just want an email marketing tool for lead generation. If you use constant contact, you’ll get a lot of features, the tool ranks highly because of the brilliant support it provides the users with incredible support, brilliant online training, and webinars so you can learn how to use the tool to help you get more leads. 

5. Sendinblue

Not a lot of people know about this, but spendiblue is a complete marketing automation tool that combines the benefit of email marketing and SMS marketing. The tool offers a drag and drop feature that you can use to create emails that impress your target audience, build automated workflows, and more. 

Spendiblue has a wide pricing range built for all kinds of users and businesses with different needs.

6. AeroLeads

AeroLeads is one of the best lead generation tools you can come across. It provides a Google Chrome extension that helps you search LinkedIn, AngelList, and other platforms for leads for your business. It is also considered to be one of the best LinkedIn automation tools

 You can add the leads you find to your AeroLeads account and this lead generation tool will help you find their business email addresses and other required contact details. Once you acquire these details, you can start converting leads into sales. 

7. Voila Norbert

The main goal of Voila Norbert is to help organizations find and verify email addresses. If you have compiled a list of email IDs then you can even upload a CSV file. You can even integrate the tool with several CRM software, combining it will make it easy for users to keep a track of lead generation efforts. 

Voila Norbert’s pricing ranges from $49 to $499 based and you can choose between the tools based on the needs of your organization. 

8. OutreachPlus

OutreachPlus is one of the rare multi-purpose lead generation tools in our list of best lead generation tools. Users can build and send personalized emails to potential customers while enjoying the features of automation. 

OutreachPlus also helps you find your best sales leads for the future, it uses an algorithm that analyzes the response to your current campaign. It is one of the best tools for all kinds of organizations looking to get better leads. 

9. Hoovers

Hoovers claim that they are the world’s largest commercial database, you can use Hoovers to build targeted lists of potential clients and customers. It provide users with company information so they can have more business-suited conversations with the leads. All this information allows users to turn visitors or just prospects into leads which then can be converted into sales. 

You can try Hoovers for free and once the trial period ends, you will have to reach out to their sales team for a pricing proposal for your business. 

10. Lead Forensics

A lot of businesses end up missing out on quality leads just because they can’t keep a track of who visited their site and what actions they took. If that’s the case with you, you should use Lead Forensics, they aim to solve this particular problem by getting as many contact details from anonymous visitors on your website. You can then convert these leads into sales if you have a good enough sales team. 

You can get a free trial of their services for one week. If you like their services and you wish to continue, then you’ll have to get in touch with their team so they can help you out with a custom pricing plan that suits your business.

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