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Best Antivirus in UK for 2022: Complete Guide

With more and more cyber-attacks becoming common, antivirus software is critical for every PC. If you don’t give attention to your personal information, your data, you can put everything at risk. To create this guide on the best antivirus in UK, we’ve tested over 40 software to help you choose the best antivirus.

Downloading antivirus software is the first step to staying protected online. Having antivirus software is the perfect solution against cybercriminals who want to access your confidential data. There are endless threats to your data online, but malware and ransomware are the biggest possible challenge. 

Let’s dive into our guide on the best antivirus software in UK for 2022.

Top Picks: Best Antivirus in UK 2022

1. Bitdefender

Bitdefender is an impressive antivirus with incredible lab results and a collection of features that ranks it higher than its competitors. All in all, Bitdefender is one of the best antivirus in UK for protecting data. 

Bitdefender is also user-friendly with a smooth and well-balanced interface that’s perfect for newbie antivirus users and experts. Bitdefender isn’t just antivirus software, it comes with a plethora of computer management software. Over the years, Bitdefender has continued to grow and the features they offer definitely make them one of the best antivirus in UK.

Pros of Bitdefender:

  • Outstanding scores in independent lab results
  • Enhanced ransomware protection
  • Do not track functionalities
  • Comes equipped with a VPN service
  • Security-centered bonus features

Cons of Bitdefender:

  • If you want unlimited VPN access, you’ll need to buy a separate subscription
  • Threat detection can be better

2. Norton Antivirus

It has been a part of the industry for a very long time. Norton Antivirus Plus comes from the security company known as NortonLifeLock. The hero factor of Norton is the plethora of features that it offers across all the plans. 

Users get a highly intelligent firewall, strong browser protection methods, and other security features to keep themselves protected online. The core antivirus features are incredibly strong as evidenced by several lab testing. But in some specific lab testing scenarios, Norton lacked the sophistication offered by Bitdefender. 

If you need security coverage for more than 1 device then you’ll need to get the Norton 360 Deluxe, which offers protection for 5 devices, and a 50GB backup space. The premium 360 plan offers protection for 10 devices with 75GB backup space. For users living in UK, Norton is one of our top picks for antivirus in UK.

Pros of Norton Antivirus:

  • Incredibly powerful antivirus software
  • Fast and seamless virus scans
  • Robust anti-ransomware functionalities

Cons of Norton Antivirus:

  • Less features compared to Bitdefender
  • Plans can be a bit expensive

3. Kaspersky Antivirus 

What makes Kaspersky stand out from the crowd is the no-nonsense software that provides complete protection. It doesn’t focus too much on additional features, but it focuses on what matters, which is security essentials.

Its core antivirus capabilities are incredibly powerful. Kaspersky antivirus ranks on top in several independent test labs. We also conducted our tests and found out that Kaspersky performs very well against ransomware, killing every known threat almost immediately. The antivirus software also benefits from great self-protection routines. 

Although, that doesn’t mean Kaspersky doesn’t have any additional features. Kaspersky internet security introduces an intelligent firewall (and the best part is it doesn’t give you random pop-ups). It also offers a secure browser, and security for Macs, along with Android and iOS mobile devices. 

Kaspersky Total Security offers even more features such as a fully-equipped password manager, and automated local (or Dropbox) backups. 

Pros of Kaspersky:

  • Incredibly powerful antivirus engine
  • Fast and configurable virus scans
  • Strong anti-ransomware capabilities
  • No-nonsense UI

Cons of Kaspersky:

  • Less additional features compared to competitors

4. Trend Micro Antivirus

Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security offers simple protection which is incredibly powerful. The user-friendly interface is like a cherry on top. All the features are mapped out simply and in plain English so everyone can use them. Trend Micro is especially loved by UK consumers which makes it one of the best antivirus in UK.

The app’s antivirus engine ranks very highly by independent labs and has achieved some excellent scores. There have been some reported problems as it raised a few more false positives than its competitors. Although most users won’t find this as a problem. 

As for weak points, system performance is more impacted than some rivals, and users don’t get as many features as some competitors. However, you do of course get more functionality on the high-end plans. 

Pros of Trend Micro:

  • Strong anti-virus functionality
  • Extremely intuitive user interface
  • Impressive anti-ransomware performance

Cons of Trend Micro:

  • Doesn’t offer as many features as the rivals

5. Avast One

Avast recently launched their new release known as Avast One, and let’s be fair it’s great software. Avast One is basically improving the existing antivirus “Avast One Essential” and adds on extra features. 

Whether you choose to use the free plan or upgrade, the software is great for protecting against cyber attacks. You also get the features of a simple firewall, data breach scanning to warn you if your online account is breached, and has apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

So if you’re getting all the features for free, why should you pay for Avast One? It adds a VPN from old head HideMyAss with a 5GB weekly allowance, system tune-up tools, ad blockers, webcam protection, malicious URL blocking, and more. We rank it last on our list of the best antivirus in UK as it offers all the features for free. 

Pros of Avast One:

Cons of Avast One:

  • Paid version isn’t worth paying for
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