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Best Cleaning Services in the USA: Keep Everything Clean and Tidy

All of us hate mess. With all of us leading extremely hectic lifestyles, it can get tough to get rid of the mess. However, there are some services that individuals, businesses, or startups can rely on to get rid of the mess. We compiled a list of the best cleaning services that can help you keep everything clean and tidy.

Best Cleaning Services USA 2022

1. Tidy – Cleaning Services in USA

Tidy is Tidy. What we mean is that using Tidy is very clean and simple. All you have to do is create a to-do checklist for the cleaners, or you can use a pre-made list on their website. The next step is to pick a duration, (how many hours you want the cleaners for). Once you choose all the available options, they’ll get to work. 

Just pick a time and date for your cleaning and fill out a form that’ll include some basic questions like the number of bedrooms and how they’ll get in your home. This way, Tidy can automatically estimate the time it’ll take to clean your home. 

Tidy is available for users in most major cities in the United States and it is particularly famous among Airbnbs. It is easy to schedule and you can hire cleaners using their website and apps. While they offer almost impeccable service, there have been some complaints from users about getting in touch with a customer service rep. 

2. MaidPro – Best Cleaning Service

If you’re budget conscious, MaidPro is the best cleaning service you can find in the market. The company has a comprehensive checklist that employees have to go through before they finish their work and leave your home. One of the best things is that all the products they use are eco-friendly. 

They also offer a repeat cleaning option. Choose between a one-time clean, weekly clean, or monthly cleaning service, they’ll fit the services into their budget to get the work done. Let’s say that they have a small budget and you want bedrooms and kitchen cleaned, they can find a way to work. MaidPro’s employees come in pairs of 1 or 2 and they aren’t bound to a contract so you can skip days or cancel whenever you want. 

One of the last things that makes them one of the best cleaning services in the USA, is that they’ll clean your home again if you aren’t satisfied with the service. Although, you’ll have to inform them about it within 24 hours.

3. Maid Bridge

Maid Bridge is the third option in our list of “best cleaning services in the USA” and their services are available throughout the country. It is their motto to push the green initiative throughout their cleanings. All of their products were certified by Green Seal, and their equipment has also been recognized by the American Lung Association to improve air quality. They also reduce unnecessary waste by cleaning using microfiber cloth instead of paper towels and cleaning solutions. 

Similar to MaidPro, they offer regular cleaning sessions to their clients and they offer an additional service named “Deep Cleanings.” Deep Cleanings are done at additional cost and they include polishing silver, tidying rugs, spot cleaning the walls, and cleaning all the woodwork in your home. 

Although, most of their services are reliant on location, and some customers praise their services while others don’t. You may want to do some independent research before picking them.

4. The Cleaning Authority

If you want an eco-friendly cleaning more than anything, then choose “The Cleaning Authority”, as they use only eco-friendly products. The Cleaning Authority offers deep cleaning of your bedrooms, kitchen, and bathrooms on a bi-weekly basis. And they will do a normal cleaning every week. They also make their employees check a checklist of what they expect to be cleaned on bi-weekly cleaning. By the end of the month, every single thing in your home will be cleaned thoroughly. 

Their services are available in the USA and in Canada. Most people are happy with The Cleaning Authority but some have had some problems with their services. 

5. Molly Maid

Molly Maid is similar to Merry Maids, and they have been in the business for more than 30 years. Molly Maids have different packages based on where you live, which can help you guess their total fees. One of the best parts about using Molly Maid is that they don’t have any contracts, and if you aren’t satisfied, you can stop using them any time you want without having to pay any additional fee. 

You can even do a complete survey of your home to verify what was cleaned and what was left, if you’re unsatisfied with any service then they’ll help you fix any issues. 

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