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Best Free Horoscope Apps Reviews

Many find reading horoscopes a very interesting activity. It has been in existence for numerous ages and many enjoy reading them. Essentially, astrology experts use the position of the universe at the time of your birth for forecasting events in your life. You can find dozens of free horoscope applications online. Sometimes, it is very difficult to choose the best one out of these. If you attain some information on a daily basis, that looks to be satisfactory for lots of individuals.

Tips To Find the Right Astrology Expert

  1. You must speak to astrologer who is well familiar with how to co-relate the current horoscope with your previous life.
  2. The astrologer that you are looking to connect with must hold certain credentials with a mathematical background. A good, reliable result and a blend of perception, intention, hands-on experience, and some important credentials. Hands-on experience really helps, but at present, precision in mathematical calculation is more crucial.  
  3. A skilled and qualified astrology expert mustn’t concentrate just on D-1, the Lagna Chart, for any detailed examination. There are astrology experts who adopt smart tricks while offering solutions for any problem or concern. These smart tricks refer to offering solutions by just reading Lagna Chart, instead of going in-depth into the related divisional charts.
  4. The astrologer must not fright you just with the negative things in the horoscope. There are both positive and negative planetary combinations of every horoscope. A competent astrology expert must suggest how to keep the negative planetary combinations placated and neutralized. He must also suggest how to make the most of the positive ones. 

Below we have discussed some of the best free horoscope applications that you can download from the Play Store.

1. Astroyogi Astrologer

This is a very popular free horoscope provider that you can come across. You can find lots of features while using this app. Moreover, the app displays more than 2000 astrology experts you can have a chat with for free. The app has some offline features, as well, but it wants to place its expert online astrologer front and centre. Count on this app if you want live astrology people to perform various things, for example, tarot readings.  This app can help you to connect with the most experienced astrologers, tarot readers, Vastu experts, numerologists, and psychic readers of the country.

2. AstroMatrix

This app is among the most hardcore horoscope applications, including countless unique features. Your horoscope is also based on your birthplace, and birth time, and not just your birthday. Quotes of the day, famous birthdays on any particular day, moon phases, etc. are some extra features of the AstroMatrix app. This horoscope app is free. You can even remove ads but for that, you need to buy any of these subscription plans: 9 Dollars per 6 months, 14.99 Dollars per year, 19.99 Dollars once.

3. Daily Horoscope by Comitic

This is a basic straightforward mobile horoscope application. You can get tons of basic features, counting weekly, day-to-day, and monthly horoscopes. Chinese horoscopes, zodiac compatibility ratings, and a widget are some of its additional features. This astrology app also comes with a few light personalization components. It is indeed not the most advanced horoscope app on the list. Still, it can assist you well in the most straightforward manner. Also, you don’t have to spend a single penny to download and use this app.

4. Horoscope- Zodiac Signs

This is another free horoscope app on the list. To use this app, you just have to open it, select your zodiac sign, and read in-depth about your numerous horoscopes. You can even read your previous day’s horoscope, as well as the horoscope of this week and this month. The app also consists of ads, but they generally show at the bottom of a page that can be ignored easily. It is quite good for those who want to work with an easy and straightforward horoscope application.

5. Yodha Daily Horoscope

This astrology app is absolutely free with no ads. It features day-to-day horoscopes for free. You can also find lots of extra features such as easy controls, configurable push notifications, a clean user interface, and many more. Yodha, the mobile app developer, has 2 more astrology applications consisting of dozens of features, more detailed horoscopes, etc. If you wish, you can even try them, as well.

6. Co-star personalized astrology

This is a quite popular astrology application. It features astrology of the 21st Century with customized horoscopes for its users. The app not just asks about your birthday, year, and month but also down the minute. Thus, attain your birth certification arranged for this one unless you have that data learned. There are no ads or in-app purchases within the Co-Star Personalized Astrology app. 

Conclusion – Horoscope Astrologer App

Finding the right horoscope and astrologer app can be tough at times. Thus it is best to seek an astrologer app that has a user-friendly interface and is easy to navigate. Astroyogi astrologer app can be the best preference.

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