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Can’t Decide What To Study? 5 Career Suggestions To Help You Out

Choosing what to study is one of the most important decisions a person will ever make. After all, your education is what determines your success in your professional life. However, selecting the right education path can be quite confusing. Students need to consider several different factors regarding their academic journey while making tough decisions, such as interests, budget, earning potential, etc.

On the other hand, education today offers several different paths to choose from. While this can be beneficial it can also make things tough for students as their options increase. As a result, many people end up selecting the wrong education paths, leading to an unsatisfactory professional life in the future.

However, a clear goal can help you pin down the right education course. To help you with this purpose, here are five career suggestions.

Join the publishing business

Publishing involves producing and publishing books, magazines, newspapers, and similar material. Over the past few years, this field has grown significantly, creating countless job opportunities. As a result, compared to several other fields, it’s quite easy for new graduates to land lucrative jobs in the publishing sector. So, if you’re looking to pursue your professional life as soon as you complete your education, pursuing a career in publishing might be a good choice. Alongside high demand, you will also benefit from the diverse career opportunities in this field. The publishing industry is not only about writing but offers several different careers regarding graphic design, modeling, advertising, and marketing.

However, each career in the publishing industry might require you to get a specific qualification. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand the publishing industry career you want to pursue to follow the right education path. Without doing so, you may not be able to land a successful job or compete against the rising competition in the job market. So, be sure to research different careers in publishing to plan your academic path for a successful professional life.


As the world’s population grows and new health-related issues continue to emerge, the healthcare sector also continues to evolve and advance. Hence healthcare is considered one of the most in-demand and rewarding fields to pursue a career. Incredibly high job demand is one of the biggest reasons for this. Increasing healthcare needs in the older generations of the population coupled with recent events such as the pandemic have resulted in a need for more healthcare professionals.

But more importantly, the job demand in healthcare is also less susceptible to sudden declines. As long as there are people in need of care, this niche will always be hiring new nurses, physicians, surgeons, and other medical professionals. Therefore, healthcare professionals enjoy job demand as well as job security. In addition to this, healthcare careers are also known for their high salaries. For instance, nurses usually earn salaries near or up to six figures, while top medical professionals such as surgeons earn more than $300,000 on average.

But what’s even more rewarding than the salary is the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives as a medical professional. So, if you want to reap the benefits of the healthcare sector, choose a medical education path that equips you with the right skills.


Over the past few years, the digital market has emerged as the most profitable platform for businesses. It’s not surprising to see countless companies shift to the digital business world, performing their operations using technology.

However, while this has resulted in business efficiency, accuracy, and high profits, it has also compromised business security. Digitalization presents the perfect opportunity for cybercriminals to steal valuable data and extort companies through ransomware. Consequently, to counter criminal activities such as data breaches, the field of cybersecurity has become incredibly important for businesses.

Companies are now hiring talented cybersecurity professionals who can protect their businesses from the devastating consequences of cyberattacks. As a result, companies are also willing to pay high salaries to cybersecurity professionals, which are often in the six-figure range. Along with high salaries, cybersecurity professionals have the opportunity to work in almost any industry. After all, cybercriminals are targeting every industry that’s linked to the internet, encompassing all kinds of different fields. So, whether you’re looking for rewarding salaries, high demand, diversity, or job satisfaction, cybersecurity careers have got it all. All you need to do is consider following an education path in cybersecurity.


One of the key aspects of the modern world is automation. To reduce human errors and improve efficiency, businesses are investing heavily in automating tasks through the use of robotic machines. For example, the healthcare sector is adopting new technologies that use robotics to help surgeons perform complex procedures. On the other hand, the civil development sector relies on several robotic machines for construction.

Businesses are also utilizing AI to carry out marketing operations. So, due to its rising popularity and promising prospects, the field of robotics is offering some of the best careers one can pursue.

From 2020 to 2030 around 146,000 jobs are expected to be created for those looking to work in the robotics sector. So, it’s safe to say you won’t have to face unemployment after completing your studies in robotics.

Alongside a high job demand, robotics professionals enjoy an exciting work lifestyle. For example, those working in the robotics sector get the opportunity to work in areas such as space and deep-sea exploration. If you want to experience such an exciting professional life, mechanical, electrical, or software engineering would be a good choice.

Data Analytics

One of the effects of the rise of business technology has been an increase in data collection. From customer traits to website traffic and sales, businesses now have access to an incredibly large amount of data. However, without data analytics professionals it won’t be possible for companies to utilize the data they’ve collected.

Data analytics professionals allow companies to identify hidden trends within data and use them to form business strategies for growth. As a result, data analytics has emerged as a great field to find a career. These analytics professionals not only have the opportunity to work in the business sector, but can also enjoy opportunities in research. Scientific data collected during research requires data analytics professionals for an effective analysis.

In addition to diverse career opportunities, the data analytics sector also offers high salaries and job growth potential. Students looking for careers in data analytics usually pursue courses in data science.


Selecting the right education path is no easy feat, especially considering today’s countless fields of education. However, failing to make the right decision will result in a professional life you won’t benefit from. Therefore, it’s crucial to determine the career you want to pursue to find out the best education path for yourself. So, consider the lucrative career paths mentioned above and prepare for a successful professional life.

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