Best Knowledge Management Software Tools for Business in 2022

A Best Knowledge Management Software Solution will solve customer queries with self-service customer support and employee knowledge empowerment. A Knowledge Base (KB) is technology to used store and collect information about any service, products, topic and business. When we need any information then we can used Knowledge Base Tools to share that information. Most of the Knowledge Base based on Artificial Intelligence. It’s also very helpful to find the solutions of any problems. “Knowledge Management Software Tools” helps customers to provide solutions.

Significance of Knowledge Management Software Tools

It’s all about to gathering the information, collect the data, information and recognizing in an organised ways. Its collect too much data and used or handled in very easy way.

Top 7 Best Knowledge Management Software for Business 2022

1. Zendesk – Knowledge Base Software

Zendesk is one of the most used and known knowledge base software tools. It provides an open, flexible, and easy to use platform for the users. If you are a small business model it then Zendesk is one of the best platforms out there.

Zendesk is a knowledge base software that is one of the best help desk software. It can help to reduce no of tickets and provide Artificial Intelligence answers to customers. Zendesk software is available in 60 different languages and many channels. It’s one of the best knowledge management software because of 200,000 teams of all sizes such as Ola, Shaadi, and OLX. Zendesk is helping to lower their support costs, raise productivity, and increase customer satisfaction.


  • Allows you to interact with customers through phone and Email
  • Easy to Use
  • Can be implemented by almost anyone
  • It has a brilliant Ticketing system

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2. Document360 – Knowledge Base Management Software

Document 360 is a knowledge management software that is extremely simple and it is a platform that is designed for doing nothing but creating well-organized knowledge base platforms. The software is used and trusted by a lot of huge brands such as Microsoft and Harvard University as well.

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Document360 is popular knowledge base management software for create, collaborate, and publish a self-service knowledge. With the help of Document360 Knowledge base its very easy to use document management SaaS platform. You can easily maintain multiple versions & advanced analytic that can match with your brand identity.


  • Easy to use
  • Intelligent search system
  • Detailed analytic of every action

3. Zoho Desk – Knowledge Management Tools

Zoho Desk is not one of your ordinary Knowledge management tools. It is one of a kind context-awareness desk. If you use Zoho Desk, you can manage all the customer support activities with complete ease. It can be used on almost all platforms like Android and iOS. Just like Document 360, Zoho Desk is an ideal knowledge management solution for small to mid-term businesses. 

Zoho Desk is the best knowledge management software that is based on cloud server. Its very useful for your business that help to maintain strong relationship with your customers. Knowledge base of Zoho Desk have SEO Friendly knowledge base that instantly reply on customer tickets. This software is available in multiple languages.


  • Agent, Manager and customer Specific features
  • You can collaborate with big brands
  • SEO friendly software
  • Good ticketing system
  • Detailed reports of every action

4. HappyFox – Knowledge Management Tools

HappyFox is another big name in the world of Knowledge Management tools. It is a web-based knowledge management software that is hosted on the cloud. It provides a simple online software that is easy to use and it is social media ready and responsive for the mobile.

HappyFox is knowledge management tools that is hosted on cloud. Its very easy to use knowledge base software that’s responsive for the mobiles and small devices. HappyFox is very power full internal and external knowledge base that helps your customer to find solution of their problems.


  • Simple to use
  • Cloud-based server
  • Mobile responsive
  • Good for building customer relations
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5. Bitrix24 – CRM Knowledge Management Platforms

Bitrix24 is a great knowledge management platform as it includes several tools and they collect and distribute information. In Which includes a CRM tool and internal communications tools that your team can use to solve your troubles. All the tools that Bitrix24 has can be integrated into your knowledge management software for better operations.

Most of the company in worldwide using Bitrix24 because of their functionality. You can easily manage knowledge, discussion and projects with Bitrix24. Its collaboration platform and social knowledge management tools.


  • Simple Interface
  • Included CRM tool
  • Several tools included in the software

6. LiveAgent – Knowledge Base Software Tools

LiveAgent is one of the top knowledge base software that provides you with the option to create multitude of brilliant knowledge bases as a part of its service known as Self-service solution.

This Software is equipped with a state of the art editor that allows the users lets you create and fully customized articles, forums, suggestion boxes and FAQs. LiveAgent as an knowledge management tool is ideal for all kind of teams and industries.

Features of LiveAgent

  • The software is available in more than 40 languages.
  • LiveAgent offers you the option to create multiple and internal knowledge bases full of articles, forums and FAQs.
  • 24/7 customer support.

Features of Effective Knowledge Base Software Tools

In knowledge base software included many kind of features.

Search Function:

One of the most effective features is Search box in knowledge base software. An users can be easily search articles related to their problems and find solutions.

Types of Content

Another features of “Knowledge management software” is different types of content as per users. In this type of content included files, FAQ, Articles and guides for users query.


Multimedia is another features of Knowledge base tools in which have included rich text editor , content alignment and smooth editing features.