Top 5 Most Popular Help Desk Software Tools for IT Company

In this post, we compare the most popular help desk software for your business. The Internet is very useful to manage your business and business and all the activities that surround it. Choosing most popular help desk software tools is very difficult for your IT company.

A lot of factors are involved in picking the best help desk software as it can help elevate your business. In this article, we have come up with the list of “most popular help desk software tools” on the basis of the popularity, functionality, and reviews.

5 Best Help Desk Software Tools 2021

1. Zendesk – Help Desk Software

When you talk about popular help desk software, you can’t leave out Zendesk. Zendesk can help you transform your customer support into incredible consumer experience. it is one of the best “help desk software” for your business that allows users to manage all types of solutions, ticketing system and increases ease in multichannel communication.

Benefits of Zendesk

  • Free Trial with Full Functionality
  • Easily Integrate with Third party app
  • Best help desk software system

2. Jira Service Desk – Help Desk Software

Jira is one of the top help desk tool brought to you by “Atlassian”. A service desk software is the king for ticketing system. This is very useful for developers, managers, and employees because of their popularity. With Jira you can easily manage consumer queries, customers can raise their issues through an online portal, and your team can manage it and go through them easily one by one.

Benefits of Jira Software

  • Very Simple Design
  • Easy to Use
  • Fully Customized
  • Good knowledge base and solutions
  • Easily assign tickets

3. Salesforce Cloud Service – Help Desk Software

Salesforce is a customer relationship management tool (CRM). it is one of the best helpdesk tools as it helps you manage all the platforms of your business at once. You can manage, Marketing, Promotion, sales, and commerce. If you are looking for Help Desk Software Solutions or tools for a huge enterprise then Salesforce is the best option.

Benefits of Salesforce

  • Customer Satisfaction with Self Services
  • Better Customer Experience
  • Elevate your business efficiency
  • Helps in improved data analytics

Visit: Salesforce

4. FreshService – Service Desk Software

Freshservice is a cloud-based IT help desk software. It is also known as an Award-winning lead management tool that’s best in Customer Satisfaction. It’s very flexible for Ticketing System and arranging day to day tasks in an orderly manner to increase efficiency.

Benefits of FreshService

  • Knowledge Base is pretty extensive
  • Flexible Ticketing System
  • IT Support Tools
  • Award Winning Lead Management

5. SpiceWorks – Tools for IT Pros

SpiceWorks is a free could-based help desk software and network monitoring tool. It is designed specifically for administrators and IT professionals. SpiceWorks allows users customization ability that tracks everything that relates to your consumers. SpiceWorks is the best tracking software with full control of the dashboard. You can modify the dashboard like add pie chart with few clicks.

Benefits of SpiceWorks

  • Good Choice for New Users
  • Platform for IT community

Cons of SpiceWorks

  • Not have advanced features

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