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Best Music Streaming Apps That Work Offline

It can be a little frustrating when your music streaming app cannot play your favorite music without any internet. Whether you are in a remote area or you simply need good music for your daily car rides to and from work, these amazing music streaming apps will be your best friends. 

Music Streaming Apps Without Internet

1. Spotify – Music Streaming Apps

Spotify is the first name that pops up in everyone’s mind when it comes to streaming music apps. The app has a free version where you get bombarded with Spotify promotion service ads and a paid subscription that you can use to enjoy all the features across the platform. 

The app has some incredible features such as its podcast feature that users can utilize to enjoy more than just songs. Users who are using the free version of the app can only enjoy podcasts offline. It also lets you create playlists, follow your favorite artist, and even upload your own creations. 

It has an excellently user-friendly interface that makes it the best choice overall. The offline feature is available for paying subscribers only. Make sure you have downloaded your favorite songs and playlists if you want to listen to them when offline. You simply have to switch on the offline mode and the app disconnects itself from Wi-Fi instantly. 

2. Pandora

The best part about the Pandora music app is that it gives you access to a huge library of music, podcasts, and also radio transmissions. Another great thing about the app is its advanced and accurate recommendations system. You get smart suggestions of songs and other content that you are most likely to enjoy, based on your listening history. 

To be able to use the offline version, you need to get subscribed to the Pandora Plus or the Pandora Premium plan. You will also need to download the content in your playlists or library before you can enjoy it when offline. To accommodate your usage and not let downloads and streaming exceed your data, make sure you are subscribed to a good internet plan. AT&T Internet prices are much lower than the competition and come with unlimited data plans. And therefore, an AT&T internet plan is better suited for this type of usage. 

3. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is a popular app with more than 30 million users. It has a huge library of songs and is one of the best platforms for creators to share their work too. While SoundCloud is mostly packed with song covers and remakes of original songs, it is still a decent place to find your favorite singer’s music. 

It also has easy-to-use features like playlists and lets you follow people so you can see them on your newsfeed. It works smoothly on iOS as well as Android devices. Just like Spotify, this app also has a free and paid version. 

The difference, however, is that it doesn’t let free version users download content for offline use. This also depends on the owner of the music and whether or not they make it available for offline use. Many creators do prefer making their work available for offline use so that they get more followers and appreciation from listeners. 

4. Deezer – Music Streaming App

If you are looking for a music streaming app that also has a wide library, then Deezer is the best choice. The app has more than 70 million songs, all the while being readily available for both iOS and Android devices. It also provides you with pre-set playlists, so you can take a head start from there or customize more of your own. However, the offline version is only available to users who are subscribed to the app. While the app offers a 30-day free trial, it also offers subscription plans that range from Deezer Premium to Deezer Family. 

Wrapping It Up

All these apps come with audio-only music that you can enjoy anywhere and everywhere as long as you have downloaded the content. If you want to enjoy music videos, then the DirecTV Stream Packages will meet your needs the best. The packages include a range of music channels, allowing users to get unlimited entertainment at home. You can bundle up the DirecTV Streaming service with a generous internet plan, so you can also prep yourself with downloaded music for offline use.

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