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Best Streaming Service 2022, Video Streaming Service

There are tons of best streaming services available in the market but choosing the best streaming service is complicated. The rise of streaming services have changed the TV landscape forever, more and more users are dropping their Cable contracts and switching to streaming services. Picking your ideal streaming relies on how much shows and Movies an app carries, what kind of experience a streaming service provides. The most important factor in choosing the “best streaming service” is the price.

Viewers all over the world have signed up for streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime. The reason users switched to streaming service is that they get a lot more choices on what they want to watch in comparison to TV. To help you out of this situation we have compiled a list of best streaming services 2022.

Top 5 Video Streaming Services 2022

1. Netflix: Streaming Service Market Leader

If you love spending your free time binging shows and movies then your first pick should be Netflix. It is without a doubt the biggest and best streaming platform, even though Netflix doesn’t often add new shows and movies. But that has changed in recent years. Netflix has started adding great movies, web series, and documentaries.

You can use Netflix on most smart TVs and smart devices. If you wish to cut the cord and still watch TV shows and movies then Netflix offers you impeccable quality across all devices. You can stream up to UHD quality on TVs. Netflix grew exponentially after 2013 when they started launching their original content. Since then Netflix’s original content library has grown huge and it includes tons of award-winning shows like Stranger Things, Orange Is the New Black, The Crown, House of Cards, etc. If you want a full list of binge-worthy content on Netflix then there are multiple sites you can check out.

Over time Netflix Subscription cost has gone up by $1-2 per month. The basic plan now costs $9, HD plan comes at $13 and the 4K premium plan stands at $16 per month. What’s even better is that you get a 1-month free trial, so you can check if the service is worth your money.


  • Award-winning original shows and movies
  • Multi-Device support
  • Affordable pricing
  • Vast content library


  • Requires high-speed internet service
  • You may have to pay extra cost for 4K content

2. Amazon Prime Video: Known For Wide Content Library

Amazon Prime Video and Netflix are pretty much the same. Both services have their similarities and differences. Amazon Prime videos and Netflix have been in battle for a long time. Prime Video has its own set of award-winning original shows like Upload, Hunters & The Boys are few of the top names. To be honest, Amazon Prime Video doesn’t get the same hype as Netflix. Check out the list of Binge-worthy shows that are available on Prime Video.

The biggest factor that differentiates Amazon Prime Video from Netflix is that you get all Amazon-exclusive services under one subscription. That means you will get access to Amazon Music & One-day premium delivery services. About the cost, Amazon Prime Video’s monthly subscription costs $12.99 per month. You also get a 30-days free trial, so you can try the service before paying the money.

Play Video is available on several devices like PC, Mac, Kindle Fire HD, iPad, Xbox One, PS4, Smart TVs, and Blu-ray players. The best part about Amazon Video is that you get UHD Video quality across all the devices.


  • Wide variety of Originals
  • Brilliant selection of movies
  • Kid-friendly platform


  • The interface is not as impressive as Netflix

3. Hulu: Best for Popular Shows & Movies

Hulu is one of the best video streaming platforms as it offers huge names like The Simpsons, Saturday Night Live & South Park. It also contains shows from giants like NBC, FOX and Comedy Central. Plus Hulu is the only streaming service available on “Nintendo Switch”.

Hulu comes in two packages, the standard streaming service and the brand new Hulu with Live TV. Hulu with Live TV offers users with live TV streaming services across multiple devices at an affordable price and you still get a wide range of shows and movies.

Activate Hulu Account

Hulu Streaming service is just like any other ordinary streaming service. Hulu price cut brought the monthly subscription down to just $5.99, if you combine it with Disney Plus and ESPN then the price will go up to $12.99 per month. Hulu basic streaming service comes with a few ads but you can pay extra to get those ads removed. Our suggestion? Ads are bearable and not worth the money you’ll pay to have them removed.

The second option is Hulu with Live TV, a cable connection often costs you around $50 per month, whereas Hulu with Live TV is just $40 per month. You get 50 channels to watch live TV streaming service and basic streaming service.


  • Low price for a base plan
  • Strong selection of TV shows
  • Brilliant Original shows


  • Paid service comes with Advertisements
  • Limited to one stream

4. Disney Plus: Family Friendly Content

Disney Plus isn’t trying to be the main streaming service in the market. Instead, it’s a family-friendly TV streaming service. It has a very well-curated selection for content, it has all the Disney Animated movies, Star Wars, Pixar Movies, National Geographic, and the whole Marvel collection. If Disney owns the content, you can watch it.

The UI is pretty simple and 4K is included in the same basic package. You can subscribe to the service at just $6.99 per month, plus you can bundle the services with ESPN and HULU for just $12.99 per month. Which is a pretty cheap deal considering the fact Hulu streaming service itself causes around $6.

One of the best parts about the service is that you can check what content will be available on what date. Which makes the user experience even better. The content library isn’t as vast as Netflix and Amazon Prime but it’s still growing over time. Plus, you’ll get all the Marvel shows as they will be launched on the streaming platform.


  • Full Disney content library
  • 4K video streaming included in the base price


  • Best original content still to come
  • Some movies are missing
  • Family-friendly content

5. HBO Max: Complete HBO Library

In addition to HBO Go, which is included in the HBO Cable subscription. HBO Now is also an On-Demand video streaming service. Now the HBO Max is on the market and having 3 streaming services is confusing. All you should know is that HBO Max is the main focus it’s where you will find most of the content.

For $14.99/mo you get complete HBO content libraries like The Sopranos, Game of Thrones & the Wire, and a lot of other stuff from Warner Bros content archives like Friends, The Big Bang Theory and DC superheroes movies. The best part is you also get Warner’s full content library on the streaming service.

The price is a roadblock for HBO Max as it is just one dollar cheaper than Netflix’s premium plans. Plus you don’t get HDR quality, 4K, but it is expected to come out soon. Plus HBO Max isn’t supported on too many devices which we expect will be fixed soon.

Another downside of the streaming service is it lacks original content. Although the situation is expected to get better soon. HBO Max isn’t the best streaming platform on the list but it has great potential to grow.


  • Complete HBO TV show library
  • Great selection of channels
  • Wide content library


  • Lacks original content
  • No HDR or 4K content
  • Isn’t supported on Roku or Amazon Devices

Conclusion: Top Video Streaming Service 2022

This concludes our list of “Best Video streaming services 2022“. We hope you find your ideal streaming service based on price, content library. Streaming services are best as users all over the world are living hectic lives and they like to watch content while on the move. A cable TV subscription doesn’t allow users to watch whatever they want and whenever they want. Let us know in the comment box if we missed any of the top streaming service 2022.

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