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Top Sites to Download Web Series 2024: Latest Web Series Hindi, English

Today many web series streaming platforms are providing free web series as well as movies. By using these streaming platforms, you can easily download the latest movies and web series free of cost.

Do you want to see the latest web series and movies free of cost? If yes, then this blog post is only for you. Here I will provide the 16 free web series streaming sites so that you can easily download web series as well as movies.

Keep in mind that some of these websites can contain malware that can harm your computer devices. We suggest that you use the VPN while downloading your favorite content. Here are the best VPN Deals in 2024 according to us.

The 16 Best Free Downloading Sites for Streaming Web Series and Movies

There are thousands of websites out there, but not all of them are great. We’ve tried and tested these websites, so here’s our pick for the best free web series and movie downloading sites.

1. MkvCinemas

MkvCinemas is the best streaming platform that provides the latest web series as well as movies. In addition, you can easily download any type of content from this platform.

MkvCinemas updates its content regularly with the latest movies and web series, so you can get all the latest movies and shows. Moreover, you can stream content in different resolutions including 480P, 720P, and 1080P.

The best part about MkvCinemas is the ad-free interface. The platform doesn’t include any 3rd party pop-ups and makes sure that the platform is safe for users.

2. Movie Flix

Movie Flix is an amazing web series streaming site that provides up-to-date movies and web series of all genres including action, horror, drama, romance, western, and more. You can choose to either stream the content online or download the content to watch it later.

Do you like ad pop-ups while streaming and downloading content? Of course not, because ads affect the browsing experience and sometimes steal our personal information. Fortunately, Movie Flix doesn’t have any 3rd party ads.

Here, you can easily download your streaming content in different resolutions including 480P, 720P, and 1080P. Plus, you can download the content in dual audio.

It also provides you with a detailed description of the web series along with IMDb ratings. For web series lovers, there are 20,000+ free web series to watch online and download.

3. Mp4Moviez

Mp4Moviez is a fantastic web series streaming platform that offers lots of free video streaming content including web series and movies. You can use this website on mobile if you want. 

Mp4Movies is also a good option for people who have a slower internet connection. It can automatically change streaming resolutions to make sure the experience is interruption-free.

It offers a diverse library of  Hindi or English web series, you can easily download them. You should download the web series from Mp4Movies to watch web series fluctuation free.

4. DownloadHub 

DownloadHub is a wonderful streaming platform for those looking for the latest web series as well as movies. It provides more than 100,000 movies and web series and updates its content from time to time.

DownloadHub provides lots of video streaming content free of cost that is not available on other streaming platforms. You can easily download content from DownloadHub in either 480P or 720P.

If you want to watch the latest web series which are not available on other platforms then you can visit DownloadHub at once. I am sure you’ll be able to find it here.

5. Afilmywap (Filmywap)

If you are looking for a free web series downloading platform then you can visit Afilmywap. Afilmywap provides a wide variety of streaming content, but it is full of advertisements and pop-ups. If you are not bothered by these ads and pop-ups, then it is a good option for you.

It is an amazing downloading platform for those wanting to watch newly released web series as well as movies. It offers free content streaming as well as downloading facilities. 

Afilmywap is a good option for you if you’re on a limited data plan. There’s a “today’s updates” section that includes all video streaming content that has been updated today.

6. Watch Series

Do you like TV shows? If yes, then Watch Series is only for you because it provides you with the video streams of the latest web series.  Watch Series is a free web series streaming platform that provides streaming as well as downloading facilities.

Its intuitive search box enables you to find streaming content according to your wants and preference. Using Watch Series, you can easily share video links with your friends and relatives of the content you want to share.

7. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is another option to stream top-rated movies, TV shows as well as original web series without paying a single penny. In addition, it offers informative documentaries and western movies.

To enhance the comfort of the users, it organizes the content into simple categories. Additionally, it also provides old-time classic series like Sonic the Hedgehog, and Super Mario Bros for the kids of the old generation. If you are one of them then you can easily stream and download these old-time classic series.

If you want to stream top-rated movies and original shows, then you go by “Staff Picks” from the category. Popcornflix offers a mobile application for both Android as well as iOS, thus you can easily watch the latest movies from anywhere and anytime.

8. Yify Movies TV

Yify Movies TV is one of the best video streaming sites that offers newly released web series, TV shows, as well as movies free of cost. In addition, it also offers game streaming facilities.

It has a wide range of streaming content related to original web series and the latest TV shows. It provides both streaming and downloading facilities.

It has an attractive platform interface that enhances the browsing experience of users. Yify Movies TV offers top-rated streaming content that is only provided by paid streaming platforms including Hotstar, Amazon Prime Videos as well as Netflix.

Yify Movies TV has a big user and development community that regularly updates its content and torrents. To protect yourself from malware threats, you should use a VPN while streaming and downloading content from this platform.

9. Grab The Beast

Do you like to watch web series from top video streaming platforms? If yes, then Grab The Beast is only for you.  

Grab The Beast offers top-rated web series content from Netflix, Zee 5, and Amazon Prime Videos for free. By using Grab The Beast, you can easily download old or latest episodes of web series. 

Developers and active communities provide updated content. If you have missed watching any episode of your favorite web series, you can easily watch or download them from its comprehensive library.

It provides HD video streaming content from different big streaming platforms for free, thus this site is blocked in many countries. If the website isn’t available in your region, then you should connect to a VPN service. As an additional benefit, it will help you stay protected from malware.

10. Telegram( Honorary Mention) 

Telegram is an amazing chat messenger application. Although it is being used as a web series and movie-downloading platform as well. 

Telegram is not a streaming platform but it provides links to download the latest web series as well as movies for free. It is serving its amazing services to more than 300 million users.

By using telegram you can easily get download links to the latest web series from paid streaming platforms including Netflix HD, Zee 5, and Amazon prime for free. 

If you want to stream the latest movies and web series, you just download them from Google Play Store.

11. TV Shows

TV Shows is a fantastic web series downloading site that offers free TV series as well as movies of diverse genres including Action, Drama, Fictional, comedy, etc.

This website provides updated streaming content. You can easily download old and newly uploaded movies and TV shows. It has a channel section that contains a list of top channels. So, you can easily download the content these channels offer.

If you like to stream the content of premium channels, then you should try TV Shows at once.

12. Online TV Series

Online TV Series is one of the 5 best free downloading sites that have a comprehensive content library. Using its content library, you can easily download streaming content related to web series as well as movies. 

The whole content is also divided into categories, thus you can easily find streaming content according to your preference. It offers its streaming content in different streaming resolutions including 480P, 720P, and 1080P as well.

This website is specifically designed to provide the best streaming experience to web series lovers.

13. TellySeries

TellySeries enables you to download episodes of web series in different streaming resolutions including 480P, 720P, and 1080P as well.  It offers a wide range of web series as well as movies including Game of Thrones, The Flash, Arrow, FRIENDS, etc.

Additionally, you can find some of the latest Bollywood TV series as well as movies. This website has an attractive user interface. TellySeries is one of the best video content downloading platforms for web series lovers.

14. TVseriesPage

TVseriesPage has a wide free TV and movies collection so you can easily download any American, Canadian, British, and other western TV series from them. Thanks to its alphabetically arranged  TV series section, you can easily download streaming content according to your want. Additionally, it also has a wonderful search bar.

TVseriesPage also offers streaming content from famous cable and premium streaming platforms including BBC America, BBC one, Amazon Prime as well as Netflix HD. And you can easily download any of them according to your intention.

15. MydownloadTube

MydownloadTube is an amazing web series downloading platform that offers diverse web series content. It offers top-rated web series in different genres including Action, Romance, and Drama as well.

To download an episode of any TV series, you just search for it and click on the download option. It offers a downloading facility for both old and new TV series. It offers precise information about TV series under the name tag.

16. TopTVSeries

If you are looking for an amazing web series downloading site, then just try TopTVSeries once. It offers more than 20,000 TV series for free and you can easily download them for disturbance-free viewing.

Additionally, it offers a movie section so that you can easily download newly released movies. This site looks like a blog website but has an alphabetically arranged streaming content table. 

It provides all the information related to release dates, recent updates as well as other sections. Using TopTVSeries you can easily download content as per your intention. 


Many of the downloading sites are providing free video content downloading services. These sites enable users to download top-rated movies, original web series as well as latest TV shows.

A lot of free web series streaming platforms collect your personal information. So, you should be connected to a strong VPN service before visiting these streaming and downloading platforms.

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