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Top 5 Smartphone Cleaner Apps: Boost Your Android Device’s Performance

Our android devices go through all kinds of messes and not keeping track of the mess and not keeping the device clean can hinder the performance drastically. Internal factors make your devices subject to junk like cache and other files that add up over time and can screw the performance of your device. If these aren’t cleaned, they end up choking your smartphone and killing the battery. Smartphone cleaner apps can help you get out of this fix. 

Most people don’t know the answer to how to boost their device’s performance or bring it back to its optimal state. Well, the answer is simple, by using smartphone cleaner apps, you can get rid of junk and performance-eating files. Here’s our pick for the best smartphone cleaner apps for 2021. 

Top 5 Smartphone Cleaner Apps

1. All-In-One Toolbox

This is one of the best-rated apps on the Google Play Store when it comes to smartphone cleaner apps. With over 500,000 downloads on the platform, some of these apps have called this app the perfect multitasking app. What makes it the top-rated smartphone cleaner is:

  • Hunting the junk files and removing them from the system. 
  • Cleaning accumulated cache residue. 
  • Optimizing system heating apps to reduce device temperature. 
  • Disabling the battery drainer applications to conserve battery and optimize battery health.
  • Removing bloatware (Unused system apps)
  • Closing background apps to keep phone memory at an optimal level.
  • Managing files, compressing images, and allowing internal storage to external storage data transfer. 
  • App lock (pattern or password)

Users love this app solely because all of the work is done with a single tap. 

2. Clean Master

Clean Master is a well-known application all over the world with over 43 million user ratings. When it comes to optimizing your smartphone, Clean Master is one of the best solutions. It is secure and it also offers family-fun features such as: 

  • Detect fake and unauthorized networks, also offers WiFi security. 
  • Boosts RAM, improves battery life, prevents device overcharging, and cleans the device.
  • Activates a brilliant antivirus protection program that prevents malware, virus, and other threats. 
  • Encrypts private photos in a vault and hides them. 
  • Allows users to track family and loved ones using GPS tracking. 

3. Power Clean

With more than 2 million user ratings on the Google Play Store, Power Clean is one of the best android cleaner apps on the platform. If you wish to boost the performance of your smartphone, it is one of the best smartphone cleaners. The best features of the app are:

  • App manager and app locker
  • System monitoring, CPU optimization, RAM optimization
  • Storage optimization, cache build-up removal, duplicate file removal, junk file cleaning, etc.

Another thing that makes the app great is that it offers 24/7 protection. The proper antivirus keeps your phone secure from viruses and malware. 

4. Go Speed

The app name should make it clear enough, it prioritizes speed. It is the least resource-consuming smartphone cleaner app in the industry that offers great functionality. This is one of the primary reasons why Go Speed has over 800,000 downloads on the Google Play Store. Here are the best features of the app:

  • Optimizes some of the most stubborn background apps, apps that eat up the phone’s battery. 
  • Allows you to manage bloatware by disabling pre-installed system apps. 
  • Comes with a smart widget, ready access, and on-time cleaning. 
  • Cleans junk, cache, and resource-consuming apps. 

5. Norton Clean

This smartphone cleaner app is developed by Norton, which is well-known for developing antivirus solutions. It is one of the best android cleaner apps and has no ads. What makes it one of the best smartphone cleaner apps is:

  • Cleans junk, cache, and other files
  • Hunts for residual files by deleted apps and files and more
  • Helps in managing bloatware and tedious pre-installed app
  • Recommends to delete apps that are rarely used
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