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Reasons to Move to Philadelphia

Are you considering an interstate move? If you love the old scenic vibes, Philadelphia’s neighborhood may be the next home you seek. As the birthplace of American freedom, Philadelphia is fast becoming increasingly popular, with its hip lifestyle, historical structures, striking nightlife, and proximity to other metropolitan areas.

Movers from Boston to Philadelphia have named some reasons why a move to Philadelphia might just be right for you. We’ve narrowed down 10 reasons to move to Philadelphia.

1. Art, Music, Culture

Philadelphia houses some of the nation’s history in its museums and cultural institutes. A typical example is the Barnes Foundation, which holds more collections of early modernist artworks than any other museum. On the other hand, Philly’s Museum of Art has its architectural structure finely designed to place it among the top spectacles of artworks on the planet. Here, you find a large collection of antiques and other memorable art pieces from all corners of the world.

When it comes to music, Philadelphia’s Orchestra is among the finest leading orchestras of all time. The best part, you can’t get bored with the live music, theatrical performances, and music festivals that are held almost every day in the streets of the city. If you love learning about old art and the history behind them, then Philly is one city you want to consider.

2. Housing Affordability

Philadelphia’s houses hold the new trend in affordable housing. While rent is relatively more expensive in the east coast cities, you won’t have to rip off your account to pay rent in Philly! The best part, buying houses has never been cheaper than now. With real estate, noticing a dramatic devaluation due to the covid-19 pandemic, homebuyers can now buy houses with access to modern facilities at half the price.

3. Parks, Mountains, and Beaches

Boarding the city are diverse topographies that keep you relaxed on a cloudy and stress-filled day. From the stunning Pocono Mountains to the beaches with proximity to New Jersey and the extensive mass of greeneries in the west of Lancaster County, a move to the district will allow you to drink in the joy of nature. 

4. Higher Education

Higher learning seems to be in full bloom in Philly as some of the greatest minds choose to complete their education here. With schools in Southern Pennsylvania, such as the Temple University, Drexel University, and the ever-prestigious University of Pennsylvania that houses the notable Wharton School of Business, higher education could be a more fun process than ever. Why? You’ll probably fall in love with Philly’s serene educational environment.

5. Economy

Did you know that Philadelphia ranks seventh on the metropolis with the largest economy in the US? With the economy paving the way in sustainable market sectors like healthcare, information technology, biotechnology, manufacturing, and oil refining, Philadelphia continues to grow over the years. While past statistics revealed a high unemployment rate, a recent survey shows this number noticing a significant drop in the past few years. So, if you’re considering a city that would offer you loads of opportunities in the market sectors, Philadelphia holds much of your expectations as a strong powerhouse of the US economy.

6. Sport

The home of several sporting activities and professional sports teams like Philadelphia’s Eagles football team, the Flyers hockey team, 76ers basketball team, the Union soccer team, Phillies baseball team, and the Union soccer team, Philadelphia sure has some sport activity going on for every season. However, unlike many US states, like Los Angeles and New York City, Philly only has one major team for each sport. Moving to the district would mean you have the chance to watch live games like Philly’s Naked Bike Ride, the Army-Navy Football Game, US largest 10miles Broad Street Run, and of course, America’s long-standing athletic sporting event, the Penn Relay.

7. Food

Philly’s culinary dishes are definitely one of the reasons to move to Philadelphia. Even major cities in America cannot help but copy Philly’s hidden jewel, the cheesecakes. Well, though you might have eaten this quite a few times, the real deal will keep you coming for more. Can’t stomach the thought of a cheesecake? Then, Philly’s specialty pretzels might just be the carbs to make that mouth-watering breakfast you crave.

Whether you are looking for a celebrity chef experience or world-class Chinese, Mexican, Brazilian, Japanese, or Indian dishes, your expectations will be on point. In Philadelphia, the food scenes are lodged with top-tier dining options for everyone. For the finest pizza delicacies, you want to visit Beddia Pizzeria, while local dishes will still taste right in your mouth with top serving diners like Cadence, Wm. Mulherin’s Sons, and Suraya. That’s not to mention Philly’s delectable breweries and distilleries that will quench your taste in one gulp.

8. Weather

If you’re considering moving to Philadelphia, you want to pick a moving day without the extremities of the weather. Philly’s temperature is relatively mild during the seasons, as it is bordered by the Pocono Mountains and 50miles away from the sea.

Philly’s summers are moderately humid and can go as low as 90° in July. On the other hand, the winter season can be quite cold, with the temperature almost above the freezing point. During the rainy season, you want to come prepared as a heavy downpour is usually expected.

9. History

Philly is one location that packs a punch of America’s History. In 2015, the district was termed the ‘nation’s first world heritage site,’ a fact that is well-argued as it births American freedom. This city was also the site where the constitution was signed, and America declared an independent state. A move to this city would mean you get to see the old preserved colonial homes before America’s independence, especially the oldest residential street in America, Elfreth’s Alley.

10. Job Opportunities

Philly’s job market seems to be one of the most thriving industries in the country. With several cooperate offices, media firms, medical centers, tech hubs, and educational institutions, residents are never too short on employment opportunities that help boost their standard of living.

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