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10 Best Sports in the USA in 2022: Viewership and TV Rating

Sports are a huge part of the American lifestyle. Sports are more than just games for some people, and there are millions out there who make their living via sports. It’s hard to choose which one can be considered the best sport in the USA. We’ve created a list of top USA sports based on viewership and TV rating that’s enough to provide you insight. 

We’ve compiled our list of best sports in the USA based on data collected from various sources. Let’s dive into the guide of most browsed sports in America.

Best Sports in USA 2022

We have calculated the viewership and the level of participation in specific sports that we’ve picked for our list. Here’s our list of best sports in the USA in 2022

1. American Football (NFL) – Most Popular Sport

It makes sense that American Football is the most popular sport in America. According to viewership stats, the NFL is also the 9th most popular sport throughout the world. It’s the biggest competition organized under the guidelines of the National Football League (NFL). Football is incredibly popular in the Southern borders of America, including Texas, Florida, and California. 

Almost every game has a live stadium audience of around thousands per game. In 2012, the league had an average attendance of 67,604 fans at every game. That’s more than any other sports league in the world.

The whole sport is built on the foundation of money and fame and that’s why it’s the most popular sport in America. The NFL is also trying to increase the viewership outside of America, and now fans all over the globe can catch the Thursday Night Football game from anywhere using a streaming service. 

2. Baseball (MLB) – Most Popular Sport in America

Baseball is the second most popular sport in America it’s also the 7th most popular sport in the world. In the USA, Baseball is known as the Nation’s pastime. In America, there are two levels of baseball competition, minor and major league baseball (MLB).

The popularity of baseball is growing in both America and the world. There are a huge number of audiences from all over the globe following the sport. 

3. Basketball (NBA) – Most Watched Sport in USA

Basketball, baseball, and NFL are kind of like the holy trinity for the sports fan in the USA. It’s the 10th most followed sport in the world. All the Basketball tournaments in the USA are organized by the National Basketball Association (NBA).

The NBA has provided America with some of the greatest basketball players such as Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and more. According to records, there are 14,000 fans present in every match. 

4. Ice Hockey (NHL) – Most Played Sport in America

Ice Hockey, also known as “Hockey” in the US, is the 4th best sport in the USA. Hockey is more famous in North America (especially Canada and northern parts of the United States) and Europe. 

In North America, the National Hockey League (NHL) is the greatest platform for hockey lovers all over the gold. Ice Hockey is so famous in America, that you can find an artificial ice skating rink in almost all parts of the country. 

5. Soccer/Football/Association Football (MLS)

Soccer is the 5th top USA sport and it has definitely earned its place. While Soccer isn’t as popular as American Football, Baseball, Basketball, and Ice-Hockey in America, it still has its value. 

Soccer has a huge viewership in the country. According to ESPN’s data, over 9 million users watch Soccer in America. The USA has also produced some great players such as David Beckham and Wayne Rooney. Over time, MLS has witnessed a huge increase in viewership.

6. Tennis

Tennis ranks number 6 on our list of best sports in the USA. It is equally famous among men and women players in the country. America has produced some incredibly talented players such as Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Andy Roddick, and others. They can be credited to the success of Tennis in the USA. 

The United States has had an incredible record in Tennis ever since American players started participating in the sport. 

7. Golf – Most Expensive Sport in America

When you read Golf, did you think about Tiger Woods? Tiger Woods is probably the biggest player associated with the world of Golf. Golf is considered to be the sport of rich people. There are some great American players when it comes to Golf. According to viewership and popularity, Golf ranks number 8th on the top USA Sports list. 

8. Pro Wrestling (WWE) – Most Highly Participated Sport

In the last couple of years, the viewership numbers have dwindled, but pro wrestling is without a doubt one of the best sports in the USA. There are several pro wrestling organizations, but the most famous one in America is WWE. Almost every kid who grew up in the 90s in America saw WWE and has several good memories related to it.

Some of the biggest names related to WWE are John Cena, Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, and several others. 

9. Motor Sports – Favorite Sport for Gearheads

Motor Sports is the perfect sport for all car and bike lovers. The sport ranks in 9th position on our list of top USA sports. NASCAR is the biggest organization in the USA, and they organize all the races in America.

When it comes to viewership numbers, Motor Sports is the 2nd most-watched sport after Football in the American continent. 

10. Badminton

Badminton ranks 10th on our list of best sports in the USA. It’s fair to say that Badminton is the least favorite sport in the country, but there’s little to no scope at a competitive level. 

Badminton is an easy game that people can play almost anywhere. Most of the players of Badminton are found in Universities, Colleges, and Schools. It’s not a very famous sport in the United States, but there’s a lot of fondness in China, Malaysia, Denmark, and Indonesia. 

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