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Dedicated Server Hosting Reviews 2022

Starting a new website? There’s a lot of technical jargon that can leave you confused. In the end, you may end up making the wrong decision just because you don’t have enough knowledge. Similar to most users, you may have chosen shared hosting for your website. If you’re on a strict budget limit, then there’s nothing wrong with shared hosting. But, if you can shell out a little bit more money, then pick the best dedicated server hosting. Dedicated hosting is sometimes known as dedicated server hosting is perfect for growing websites. 

Shared hosting comes with a lot of limitations. So, as your website grows, you need something that can keep up with the needs. Dedicated servers plans offer you more power, flexibility, and control. If you’re thinking about what dedicated hosting is and why you need it, keep reading. 

If you’re already in the market looking for an upgrade in your web hosting, then your reason for upgrading is your primary reason. Most website owners buy dedicated server hosting because they see a sudden rise in traffic. Or experienced website owners start comparing dedicated servers plans because of their anticipated growth. 

When it comes to dedicated server price, it’s definitely higher than shared hosting but the benefits outweigh the costs in the long term. Fully managed dedicated servers offer incredible features, improved security levels, better control, and a positive impact on website SEO. 

In this guide, we’ll teach you everything about dedicated server hosting. Compare best dedicated server hosting to other types of hosting and so much more. Let’s get started. 

What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

Dedicated hosting offers endless benefits to the users. It provides lightning-fast website loading speeds even if your website is experiencing heavy visitor traffic. As your server resources aren’t shared with any other website or app, it gives your website 100% of the computing power. With 100% of computing power at your hand, you can get an incredible level of performance from your website and apps. A managed dedicated server offers benefits with Google rankings and SEO strategies. 

Dedicated hosting offers basically provide you access to a complete server without the cost of managing and maintaining a physical server. You also get root access, and with root access, you have complete control of your server. With this ideal level of control and flexibility, you can tinker and tweak to get the best possible performance. It is also possible to manage your server using root access through the command line. 

Opposite to shared server hosting, dedicated hosting offers better scalability, security, and reliability. If you’re concerned that you aren’t getting good enough resources for your website, then you can’t go wrong with any of the dedicated servers plans.

Another great thing about fully managed dedicated hosting is that all the servers are DDoS protected, thus making sure that the server is secure and your website stays operational no matter what. 

Pros and Cons of Using Dedicated Server Hosting

If you’re searching for high performance, security, reliability, and credibility, then, you can’t go wrong with dedicated server hosting. Fully managed dedicated hosting or just ordinary dedicated server hosting is a great option compared to VPS and shared hosting services.

If any of the below-mentioned conditions meet your website, then you should definitely pick dedicated server hosting:

  • High traffic websites
  • High traffic web apps
  • Sites deals with confidential data
  • Secure money transactions
  • Big data/machine learning
  • Dedicated game server hosting
  • Huge backup and storage
  • Online media streaming

Advantages of Using Dedicated Server Hosting:

1. Performance Reliability

Compared to shared server hosting, the uptime percentage is 99.995% and sudden bursts of traffic don’t impact your website loading speed and other performance. As you don’t share your resources with another website, you get better control and it also has a positive impact on your SEO rankings. 

2. Thorough Control

You’re paying for a server so you can control basically everything there is to control about the server. You can install any software or application as per your business needs or fulfill the current needs of the work. That’s not all, you can customize the server as per your requirement and have whatever configuration you want.

3. Robust Security

Security is the biggest concern if you have a shared hosting plan. If your website/app handles a lot of sensitive data, then you can’t rely on feeble security. Hackers are becoming sophisticated, and with enough time and dedication, they can break into potentially anything. This is why you need an exceptional level of security. The best part is that as you have complete control of your server, you can tinker with the security as per your needs.

4. Dedicated Support

Most “fully managed dedicated server hosting” providers offer dedicated support for the users. If your team is small and you’re not technically proficient, then you can get dedicated customer support for all your needs. Want to pay extra for a dedicated server, then you should also get a premium experience. If you have an important website, then you can’t afford to face any problems. 

Disadvantage of Dedicated Web Hosting 2022

1. Not for Everyone

Dedicated servers are expensive and they’re dedicated just to you. If you don’t need too many resources for your website/app, then you don’t need to spend as much. If you can’t buy a dedicated server, then you should go just one step lower which is a shared hosting plan. Shared hosting plans are perfect for beginners and start-ups, however, it’s not ideal if you want high performance.

2. Requires Technical Knowledge

If you’re using a shared hosting plan, or a VPS hosting you don’t really need too much technical knowledge. A managed dedicated server requires you to have significant technical knowledge. A dedicated server requires you to set up, run, install, remove and manage every aspect of the server. Granted, you can hire an external resource with enough technical expertise but if you don’t have the budget, managing a dedicated hosting is tough. 

3. Difficult to Scale

It’s tough to scale a dedicated server as it’s already a huge physical server that’s handling your needs. If your business grows big enough, it may require you to move into a bigger server, instead of extending the resources you already have. Upgrading may cause your website to shut down you may end up losing a lot of customers. 

Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting

Both shared and dedicated server hosting offer the same kind of features. They hold data for your website which in turn runs your website. Whenever anyone tries accessing your website, these servers feed data to those users to display the website.

The only major difference between shared hosting and dedicated hosting is how the type of server in which your website’s data is stored. With shared hosting, your website shares a server with several other websites, all of them sharing the resources of the same server. With a Windows dedicated server, your website has a single server all to itself. There are advantages and disadvantages to using both types of servers. Let’s break down both servers:

1. Shared Hosting

Shared hosting provides a home to multiple websites on a single server. You can’t choose what kind of websites you share a server with, and as this type of hosting is cheap it asks you to share users with other users. Hundreds or even thousands of websites can share resources on a single server, which comes with its fair share of advantages and problems. 

Most users pick shared hosting plans simply because of how cheap they come. Several hundred and thousands of websites share the maintenance cost of the server. That’s why it’s cheaper to buy dedicated server. 

The advantages of shared hosting are:

  • Cheaper to use than dedicated hosting plans
  • Low technical skills needed to run a server

Startups and websites that need little to no resources choose a shared hosting server. But as you’re sharing resources with other websites, you’re bound to run into some limitations every now and then. 

The biggest problem of using a shared hosting server is commonly known as the “bad neighbor effect”. This is when one website on a particular server takes up all the resources, which hurts the uptime and performance of another website. You can conceptualize this as a tug of war for server resources between several websites. 

Here are the disadvantages of using shared server hosting:

  • Shared server resources can cause poor website performance
  • Higher risks of security

2. Dedicated Hosting

As we’ve explained above, dedicated hosting is perfect for websites that expect tons of traffic. Moreover, you don’t have to play tug of war with other websites for resources. If you need optimal performance throughout the day then dedicated hosting is the best option. 

With a dedicated hosting solution, you don’t have to share the server so you don’t have to suffer from the bad neighbor effect. All the computing power you have on your hand is all yours to utilize. Additionally, no other website on your server can become the medium that hackers can use to reach your website. 

Advantages of shared server hosting:

  • Total utilization of server resources
  • Ability to utilize server resources as per their needs. 

As you’re getting better resources and control over your server, it makes sense that you’re paying more. If you’re planning to buy dedicated server then the average costs can range between $60 – $350 or even more per month. Any website that has tons of traffic and needs complete control over its environment needs dedicated server hosting plans. 

Common disadvantages of dedicated hosting plans are:

  • Extremely high costs
  • The user should have enough technical knowledge
  • More labored maintenance

Who Uses Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting is best for businesses with huge bandwidth and custom needs. Large companies with sensitive data or just a lot of ordinary data would want to invest in much more sophisticated security. This level of security comes with dedicated hosting plans. It also provides the most benefit to users with customization needs.

If any of your needs match the below mentioned, then you should buy dedicated server:

1. Need for dedicated resources (Disk space, CPU Usage, Bandwidth, RAM)

2. Fast load speed (which can improve SEO rankings)

3. Complete control over the server 

4. Better runtime than a shared hosting server

5. More reliable uptime

6. Higher levels of scalability

7. Better security level compared to shared hosting plans

8. You can get fully managed dedicated hosting which allows you to use dedicated hosting without technical knowledge

9. Cost-effectiveness

10. Best possible hardware capabilities at your fingertips

What Are Fully Managed Dedicated Servers?

There’s not much difference between dedicated server hosting and fully managed dedicated server hosting. As the name suggests, managed hosting providers you with technical experts who can manage your server for you. So, even if you don’t have the technical expertise for a dedicated server, you can still enjoy all the benefits. 

Fully managed dedicated hosting is an isolated hosting environment where the hosting provider handles the setup, administration, management, and support for the website/app running on the server. 

In simple words, managed hosting means that your fully managed dedicated server hosting provider will do everything for you. The best part is that you don’t have to invest in a personal resource to manage your dedicated resource. 

While there are those who prefer to manage their hosting environment on their own. But there are more people out there who don’t have the technical expertise to manage the server by themselves. If you’ve got the money to spare, then there’s no harm in getting a fully managed dedicated hosting service. 

Benefits of Fully Managed Dedicated Hosting

The benefits of fully managed dedicated servers depend on individual business needs and the project you’re working on. The basic problem that every small or medium-sized business faces is getting access to a secured network with good enough storage capacity and bandwidth. 

Here are some other reasons why you should choose fully managed dedicated hosting:

1. Reliability

Reliability is one of the biggest reasons to choose a fully managed dedicated hosting. When you rely on shared servers, the business owners depend on hosting providers with enough uptime whereas in dedicated servers you don’t have to share data with anyone else. 

2. Experts at Your Fingertips

Another reason to choose fully managed dedicated servers is to have experts do the technical stuff for you. If you don’t have the technical skill, then there’s a huge learning curve that you need to go through before you can finally run the server as per your preference. 

When you pick a managed hosting service, you can get an experienced industry veteran to do your work for you. You can pay a little bit more money if you don’t have the bandwidth to teach yourself how to maintain and run the server. 

3. Improved Server Security

Hackers are becoming smart and almost every other day there’s a new business that’s attacked. If you start managing the dedicated server yourself, you may not be able to give the necessary shields to your business. A fully managed dedicated servers admin will be able to improve your site’s security. That’s not all, admins on managed accounts can handle pretty much everything, ranging from regular audits and installing security patches and also fending off security attacks. 

4. Enhance Speed and Performance

When you pick a managed dedicated server, the admin can run regular speed audits to ensure that your site’s running as seamlessly as possible. Improving user experience can enhance the user experience. 

The admin that manages your server has to maintain your server as ideally as possible. They have to check for duplicate or unnecessary files that can hamper your website’s performance. They have to take on responsibilities that ensure optimal speed and performance. 

5. Eliminate Errors

Another reason to get fully managed dedicated hosting is that you can minimize errors. It’s not new knowledge that websites are susceptible to downtime and they’re the enemy of a business. If your website faces too much downtime, you can end up losing a lot of your revenue.

When you choose a managed dedicated hosting plan, you’re getting a team of experts keeping an eye out for anything that can cause downtime. If there is any problem with your website, an experienced professional will be able to fix the problem. 

Conclusion: Dedicated Server Hosting

The success of your website and app is dependent on the type of web hosting plan you choose. If you don’t have a need for tremendous bandwidth, memory, computing power, or control, you can save your money by getting a shared hosting plan. However, if your website needs a lot of server resources, buy cheap dedicated server. 

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