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Difference Between Energy Conservation And Energy Efficiency

Nowadays, you must have heard these two terms rather frequently. People often talk about energy conservation and energy efficiency with regard to the modern power scenario. For the layman, these terms are pretty intriguing enough.

But, we should not confuse them as both have some stark differences. Here we tell you some significant differences between Energy conservation and energy efficiency.

What Is Energy Conservation?

When we use something in lesser quantities than before, we are trying to conserve it. For example, if you use a bicycle instead of a car to travel to work, you are conserving fuel. Similarly, conserving electricity is when you save electricity or power.

You close lights and fans when you do not want to use them. You stop the people around you from consuming more power than is required.

Or you increase your AC temperature from 21 to 24, and you are trying to conserve power usage. So Energy conservation is when you use power as per your requirement. You do not waste even a bit of it and save maximum.

It requires maximum effort from your side as you have to change your behavior completely. But, it may or may not need any kind of investment from your side. You can also consult a Utility bidder to know better ways to reduce your power bills.

What is Energy Efficiency?

On the other hand, energy efficiency is using less energy to do the same task. This is a combined effort. For example, when you buy a car that has high mileage, it will use less fuel. You are thus saving fuel.

When you buy a 5 star rated AC, it will use less power as opposed to a 3 star or 4 stars rated AC. For the same usage and in similar conditions, you will use less energy.

Energy efficiency will have a more significant impact on your finances. An energy-efficient appliance will cost more than a non-efficient one. But the benefits you get out of it will be more.

The additional cost you put in will be recovered in the form of power savings. Power saving means fewer expenses directly. Energy efficiency does not require any physical effort from the user’s side.

The only change here is the change in the buying pattern. It requires that the user has a vast knowledge of energy-efficient appliances. If people start buying more such energy-efficient appliances, the manufacturers will make more of them. The more use of energy-efficient appliances, the more power you conserve.

Last verdict

The purpose of both energy efficiency and energy conservation is the same. Both are used to reduce unnecessary power consumption. Unknowingly both of them help in reducing your power consumption. But Energy conservation does not require any kind of financial investment from your side. All you have to do is to stop the wastage of power around you.

On the other hand, Energy efficiency involves buying appliances that use less power. Here you are investing money. The returns you get out of the use of these appliances translate in the form of power savings.

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