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15 Tips to Effectively Market Your Brand- Plus! Beginner Marketers’ Guide & Tools

The internet tops the list of valuable marketing resources and technologies. It is necessary that you understand why modern marketing benefits businesses and that the only way to thrive when bringing your business online is by beefing up all existing marketing efforts using various digital marketing strategies.

Modern technologies have evolved so much that businesses have no choice but to keep up. According to a Global Overview Report, about 4.6 billion people use the internet. Major companies are shifting into online business models to capture this very lucrative online marketplace that is continuously growing.

The online marketplace is very competitive, and digital marketing provides endless possibilities to promote businesses globally. Shifting to digital marketing should be considered cost-effective, scalable, and measurable.

Excited to learn more about how digital marketing can help you? Let us first show you its basics:

What is Digital Marketing?

To simply put it, digital marketing uses modern and digital means to introduce a business to customers. It can be done through the internet, social media, websites, emails, or with some electronic devices. Digital marketing is a more effective method of conveying promotional messaging to encourage a more profound impact on the customer journey.

It takes many forms, such as online display ads, social media ads, search engine marketing, and more. It encompasses all electronic devices to connect businesses with current and prospective customers. Digital marketing takes into many forms, such as online display ads, social media ads.

Why Is It Important?

Because it uses the internet, digital marketing will allow you to reach a much larger audience than traditional marketing methods can. Among its many benefits, it is notable how digital marketing can let you specifically target prospects that are most likely to buy your products. This means that you must focus all your efforts on personalizing marketing materials that will be more valuable to a particular audience.

Another outstanding quality of digital marketing is that it gives you complete control over where to put your money for marketing. You can use many tools to measure how your efforts are doing. This would allow you to monitor and evaluate whether to continue your strategy or start with another one if the results do not meet your expectations.

Both factors matter a lot, especially if you are just starting and working on a limited marketing budget. They make digital marketing a cost-effective solution that provides unique opportunities to showcase your brand and ensure that you get the most out of your money.

Top Tips To Elevate Your Marketing Strategy

Now more than ever, you should make an effort to successfully grow your online presence and reach a much wider audience. Every aspect of your digital marketing efforts should work in your favor to get the results that you are looking for.

As a significant component of modern-day marketing strategies, it is a must that you are armed with these 15 tips to elevate your marketing strategy:

1. Spend Wisely. You must first learn that not every strategy works the same as digital marketing. Those that work really well for other businesses may not yield the same favorable results for you. It is essential to determine which platforms are compatible with your business. Consider your audience, the nature of your business, the campaign itself, and other elements so that you can plan on your budget accordingly and not waste your resources.

2. Know Your Target Audience. It is critical to identify whom your efforts are directed. Know who your audience is and which digital platforms do they use. Make a profile of your target customers so that you have something to refer to in refining the details of your marketing strategy.

3. Research Thoroughly. It is not enough to know the different channels and your target audience. You have to conduct proper research to have reliable data to lead your next moves. You can use the information you will collect to create an effective marketing strategy backed with facts.

4. Use Relevant Social Media Platforms. Being seen online is crucial, so you need to build your presence on platforms your audience uses. Identify where they spend their time online and tailor your marketing plan according to your research. Remember that social media is for sharing content and engaging the audience. You must create content that will help you realize these purposes.

5. Optimize Product Listings. Enhancing product listings is very important to add visual appeal to your posts. You have to make sure that product photos are well-prepped before posting them online. You can use a graphic maker or an all-in-one tool, like Removal.AI, to prepare product photos for your listings. Aside from improving product photos, add detailed descriptions and captivating captions to make the listings stand out.

6. Lengthen Blog Posts. Longer, in-depth blog posts can generate up to 9x higher success rates in converting new customers. Google’s top-ranked contents have between 1,140 to 1,285 words. Just make sure that your content should add value to your visitor’s experience for this tip to work.

7. Create Stunning Visuals. Humans are highly visual creatures. One of the most effective ways to catch attention is by adding awesome visuals to your campaigns. You can hire a professional to do this, but a simple online graphic maker is all that you really need. Pixelied, for example, is a handy tool to create eye-catching graphics. Its graphic maker feature requires very minimal technical knowledge about graphics and design, and yet you can have results that look professionally made.

8. Develop Email Campaigns. Bring in more returning customers by using the best email marketing practices. Automated responses that make customers feel appreciated, welcome emails, and abandoned cart recovery emails are not pushy but will encourage customers to check your website.

9. Optimize for Mobile-First Browsing. 53% of global website traffic in 2019 is accounted for smartphone users.  You have to acknowledge that most of your audience will be using their mobile devices to access your website. Optimizing for a mobile-friendly version will make the audience squint less and have time to click and buy more.

10. Pick the Right Tools. You have a wide array of tools that you can use for digital marketing, from a nifty graphic maker to social media post automation down to metrics. You have to pick the right ones that will be useful to your campaigns. It will be such a massive time-saver if you do not juggle between tools that can do the same things.

11. Get Personal. The beauty of digital marketing is personalizing it according to your audience’s preference. It is vital to make campaigns feel personal because it fosters a connection between the audience. Personalized emails, for example, can generate up to 6 times higher transaction rates than sending out emails with a generic tone. Personalizing your content will also elevate the customer experience because they can relate and enjoy their experience with your brand. Email marketing tools, like MailChimp, can help you personalize your email campaigns.

12. Partner with Micro-Influencers. Influencer marketing works, and choosing a micro-influencer does not require spending big. They are perceived to be relatable to consumers, so they are very effective when advertising niche products.

13. Use Infographics. Making infographics using a graphic maker is relatively simple yet will help engage the audience better. Infographics are handy at compressing lengthy information into attractive pictures that are also easier to share.

14. Monitor Analytics. The key to a successful digital marketing strategy is understanding the critical elements of your analytics. You should recognize its importance in giving you insights about your performance online. Google Analytics has several great tools to do this.

15. Be Flexible. Technology and customer preferences constantly change. Thus you need to remain flexible in your campaigns. You have to be always prepared to shift into different strategies to maintain relevance and keep your momentum going.


Your business needs to be where your customers are, and that is online. Customers expect companies to have a website and social media presence which you can only achieve through digital marketing. They consider these as proofs of a business’s legitimacy. So, in a way, you can use digital channels to generate leads or convert interests and establish trust and confidence.

Growing your online presence is the first step to fostering higher conversions and sales. The design, channel, and other elements of your digital marketing efforts all add up to make the campaigns work in your favor.  

Get on the right path of going digital and reap the benefits that await your business.

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