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Does Your Flower Business Need Automation Software?

Like many other businesses, the flower business involves many processes. To understand how successful a business is, many flower shops prefer to keep Excel sheets to mark important indicators, after which they can create reports, based on which they can make plans for the near future.

However, by using Excel, you complicate everything that could be simple if you use automation software. You have to do everything manually, which takes up your time. Plus, no one is immune to mistakes, so you could end up creating a mess that could negatively impact how your flower shop operates.

Also, the Excel spreadsheet won’t tell you whether you should continue to run digital ads so that users can find flowers near me as flower businesses in Dubai do. You will not be able to find out which flowers your customers buy most often, how many bouquets you need to prepare for international holidays, and so on.

All of this will stop your flower business from reaching new heights. Automation software will help you collect all the data so that you understand how to improve your flower sales, as well as develop new strategies to improve your flower business. We will tell you what benefits your flower business can receive.

Reasons for using automation software

Collect the most accurate business indicators for your flower business

Imagine that you have a flower shop in Dubai, but the number of employees is small, so you have to handle many processes yourself and at the same time collect data on the performance of your business. You need to be responsible for all issues and at the same time have time to count the sales figures of balloons Dubai, the number of bouquets sold, as well as how many flowers you need to prepare for sale next month.

It will be especially difficult for you to keep track of how much income your flower business is generating. Instead, you should start using automation software that will collect all business indicators for you.

You will be able to do the following:

  • Enter into the program the number of flowers and other products that you sell so that you know what assortment you have;
  • Track the number of items sold, including flowers, balloons, and gift sets, so you can keep track of your stock.

When you finish your workday, you can open the program to get information about how you worked today. You will see your revenue, the number of bouquets sold, as well as how much on average customers spent on the purchase and delivery of bouquets. You no longer have to calculate everything manually, since the program will automatically generate reports.


Keep your flower business running smoothly

When your business offers flower delivery, and online and offline flower sales, it can be easy to get confused, leaving your customers unhappy. The flower business suggests that customers can order flowers to be delivered on a specific day, but customers can place orders much earlier.

Whether you sell flowers online or only sell flowers in a physical shop, you can take the hassle out of ordering once and for all. Automation software will allow you to enter each client’s orders into the system, where you can mark which bouquet you need to make, what day and time it needs to be delivered, and much more.

When employees arrive for their shift, they can see all the orders of bouquets that they need to make and deliver to buyers. In addition, specialists can accept new orders for flowers throughout the day and enter them into the program.

A huge portion of the workload can be lifted off your shoulders. Depending on the number of orders and deliveries by day, you can make changes to your staff shifts. You will be able to see which days you need more staff on-site to efficiently handle all orders, and also see which days will be less busy, allowing you to give your employees time off. For example, on the eve of holidays, be it Women’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or other holidays, you receive a huge number of orders. Using an automation system, you can predict how many employees should be in the flower shop, how many flowers you need to order for bouquets, and much more.


It’s time to give up Excel for collecting sales data for your flower shop. This significantly slows down your business processes and does not help you maintain records. You should invest in automation software that contributes to collecting accurate sales metrics and revenue data. It allows you to manage employees and inventory more efficiently. Ultimately, you will be able to improve your sales as well as improve your customer experience.

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