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Understanding Email Automation: How It Helps Your Business?

Reaching out to customers and promoting your business via emails. But, the truth is that you can build a huge customer base with email marketing automation. Some examples include when you automate welcome emails sent when a customer signs for a mailing list, and similar product recommendations after a user has purchased from your website. Relying on email automation takes repetitive tasks off your to-do list to free up time with other valuable tasks. The right type of email automation can help customers learn more about your brand, and encourage them to keep coming back. 

As a business, you need to stay in touch with your customers. Email automation is a robust marketing tool that helps you share your brand message to your target audience. This is essential for lead nurturing, and ultimately, driving sales from potential customers and the existing ones. 

What is Email Automation?

As the name suggests, email automation is the way to create and send emails that reach the right audience at the right time. You don’t have to spend time sending the same emails over and over again. You can leverage automation by sending automated emails. 

Moreover, some email automation tools offer the functionality of analytics linking. The best part is that you can target people based on their behavior, preferences, and past sales. You can also personalize each and every customer’s experience and boost the accuracy of your automated campaigns.

Benefits of Email Automation

Email automation helps your business achieve a lot of things. Here are all the benefits of email automation:

1. Personalize Customer Experiences

9 out of 10 customers love it when brands personalize their communications with the customers. 

  • 90% of consumers find personalized content incredibly appealing.
  • 91% of consumers are more than likely to patronize a business that offers individualized recommendations.
  • According to a 2019 study, 72% of customers respond positively to marketing messages that target their interests. 
  • The leading type of personalization experience that marketers use is email.

Email automation can create a series of automated emails to help you grow your relationships with your customers. This can help in improving email marketing efficiency as a marketing channel using the sales funnel.

2. Leverage Your Marketing Team

Automation is changing how businesses operate. According to a recent 2017, workers, respondents said that they believe automating email marketing to improve employee productivity:

  • 69% of employees state that automation can reduce time wasted on repetitive tasks
  • 59% of employees said that they can save at least 6 hours every week by automating emails and other parts of their workflow.
  • 72% said that they would use the time they saved to focus on more important work. 

For email marketing teams, this could mean less time spent on manually writing emails. Your employees can spend their saved time on other tasks such as building new email strategies and more. 

3. Improve Customer Retention

It’s easier and most cost-effective to sell to an existing customer than to convert a new one, and with the right type of automation, you can stay in touch better than ever before. Schedule your messages so that your customers don’t go too long without hearing from you. You need to make sure that the email marketing copy is relevant to your business. 

Some of the best email marketing tools offer email templates. You can use those templates and improve customer retention rates. 

4. Scalable Marketing Strategy

When you send your emails manually, the number of customers you can target is based on the number of employees you have. When your customer list keeps growing, you won’t be able to stay on schedule. 

With automated emails, you scale your email marketing efforts. Once you’ve set up your automated email marketing process, the tool will send a message every time someone signs you up for mailing. This way, you won’t have to worry if there’s a staff member available to send a message. 

How to Make Email Automation More Effective?

Here are some great tips to help your new automated email strategy go as smoothly as possible.

1. Track Customer Responses

Every automated email offers a chance to get vital information from each customer. Some of this information include:

  • If the person opens the email
  • If the person visits your site
  • If the person uses an offer
  • If the person purchased a product
  • Continues to browse products once they’re on the website

When you target automated emails, there’s a lot you can learn about your target audience. If your target audience isn’t opening your emails, then try a different email strategy.

2. Offer Discounts

The high costs of shipping are one of the largest reasons why people abandon their shopping carts. 

Via your emails, you can strategically offer discounts to customers when they abandon their carts. Offering discounts strategically is a great strategy, but make sure to not overuse it. If you offer too many discounts, your customers will wait to purchase only when you offer discounts. 

3. Create Informative Content

There are customers who’d want to learn a lot about a company before they make their first purchase. The right way to target these customers is by writing informative emails that contain content about a company, product, or industry.

These types of campaigns have to be relevant to your brand, and your business. These Email campaigns go out to prospective customers who have demonstrated interest.

Build Customer Relationships with Email Marketing Automation

Email automation allows you to find your target audience and engage with your existing customers. Unlike manual campaigns, automation runs in the background while you work on other more important tasks. 

With the right type of automation, you can send personalized emails to each individual, including new visitors to repeat buyers. If you combine email automation with customer analytics, you can track your strategy. 

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