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Best Free Coupon Sites: Guide to Save a Lot of Money

Coupon sites are amazing if you can find the real website from the sear of fake ones. You can get multiple discounts on anything you purchase online, and who doesn’t love getting discounts? Who said that you have to sacrifice the quality of the products to save your money? With the best coupon sites, it’s easy to get discounted prices on clothes, electronics, and possibly every other thing. Keep in mind, that these aren’t the coupons that you get from newspapers and magazines, they’re coupons from the best coupon sites. We have compiled a list of the best coupon sites so you can get discounts.

Why You Should Use a Coupon Site?

Before we dive into our collection of best websites for free coupons, let’s discuss why you should use a coupon site. Simply said, coupons offer a great and easy way to reduce your expenses without cutting back on the quality of the products you purchase. If you keep using the coupons for a long time, then you can end up saving a lot of money.

Even if you use coupons for groceries, you can end up saving money for something you’ve been waiting to buy for a long time. If you’re a student or working in a starter job then you’re sure to have a tight budget. By using the best websites for free coupons, you can save money for other things.

Types of Coupons

Before you get into coupon websites, you need to know about different types of coupons. No matter the type of coupon you’re working with, make sure you read the details. Reading the details for the coupons will allow you to get the best advantage of the deal, here are the types of coupons:

1. Manufacturer’s Coupons

The term itself is self-explanatory, a product’s manufacturer is the one who issues these coupons. These manufacturer’s coupons can be used at any store that accepts coupons and sells the products. 

2. Printable Manufacturer’s Coupons

Printable manufacturer’s coupons aren’t different from manufacturer’s coupons, the main difference is that they can be printed from a website. You can find them on most of the best coupon websites we will mention below.

Although you can find these coupons on various sites, that doesn’t mean that you can make copies of the same coupon and use it to your heart’s extent. Coupons contain a special code thus preventing them from multiple uses. 

3. Store Coupons

Store coupons are offered by specific retailers and the coupons can be used only at the store that issued them initially. Most of the time, you can identify a store coupon with a logo or wording that indicates the coupon can only be used at a particular store.

4. Coupon Code

Coupon codes are the most useful coupon, as online shopping has become the most common type of shopping recently. Many stores have common coupons that their users can use during checkout. Just make sure that you enter the coupon code before finalizing the sale. Our collection of the best websites for coupon codes can offer endless codes for all the common shopping sites. 

5. Cashback

Cashback coupons are different than traditional coupons, but they can still help in saving a lot of money. In some cases, cashback can be used to gain an additional discount on top of traditional coupon savings. 

If you’re shopping in person, then you’ll get the cashback there and then. If you’re shopping online, then the cashback will be credited to the account that you’ve used to shop. Most websites have a policy of releasing the cashback to the user’s account once they’ve reached a certain threshold. 

Best Websites for Coupons

That’s all there is to know about coupons and how to use them. Now we can start with our list of best coupon sites. Here are the best websites for free coupons:

Sr No.Coupon Site
6Amazon Coupons

1. Rakuten – Best Coupon Sites

Rakuten, previously known as Ebates, is one of the best coupon sites and as an added bonus they also offer cashback. Their service is free and if used right you can get cashback from 100s of sites. Rakuten offers free access to coupons apart from their cashback program.

They also offer a Chrome browser extension that you can install. This extension will let the users know if the site you’re using offers any cashback deals. You don’t have to waste any time researching deals online, and you can earn pt0o 12% cashback on each purchase. 

If you link your credit card, then you can earn cashback on select stores through Rakuten. You will receive your money in PayPal or via check, whatever suits you.

2. Ibotta- Cashback App

Ibotta is an incredible coupon and cashback app that can help you save money, especially when you’re shopping for groceries. With Ibotta, you can earn cashback on specific items by completing several tasks. These tasks may include purchasing the item, providing proof of purchase, commenting on the product, and watching a short video.

The type of task and the severity of the task will vary based on the item and the amount of cashback you get. In special cases, you can use Ibotta on top of other in-store purchases. With you can save even more money. 

3. Swagbucks – Best Coupon Sites

Swagbucks is one of the best coupon websites and it’s very well known. The site has a huge selection of coupons and offers. You can print the coupons for using them in-store or take advantage of cashback opportunities while doing online shopping. 

Whenever you print out a coupon, you earn a Swagbuck, you can redeem these points (Swagbucks) for gift cards which is another way to save money. If you’d like to earn more of those Swagbucks, then you can watch videos, take surveys, and use the Swagbucks search engine.

4. BeFrugal

BeFrugal is an exceptionally simple app that helps you save money while shopping. It offers brilliant cashback opportunities at over 5,000 stores. The reason why BeFrugal is considered to be one of the best websites for free coupons is that you don’t have to go through endless websites to find a coupon that works.

BeFrugal has an option that applies coupons and codes by simply pressing a button. If you’re a beginner in the world of couponing, then BeFrugal is a great option. You can receive cashback via PayPal, check, direct deposit, or gift cards. 

5. Groupon

Groupon is a niche coupon website, and according to some users, it is one of the best coupon sites for entertainment and restaurants. That’s not all, you can also find attractive travel coupons from Groupon. The site has thousands of coupons catering mainly to entertainment and restaurants.

A lot of these services and products like spa and car repairs. This can be fun if you wish to finish your to-do list on a budget and give a benefit to yourself in the process. 

6. Amazon Coupons

Most people are unaware of this but Amazon also offers coupons for many of their products on the site. If you like to shop on Amazon, then these coupons can help you save a lot of money. Go to the Amazon Coupons website and then you can go through all the offers and see if anything can save you money. 

Most coupons on the website are manufacturer’s coupons, but you can add them to your cart in just a few clicks. 

7. Coupons.com

Coupons.com is simple, it offers a wide variety of coupons and you can use whatever suits you. The website contains coupons for both physical and online retailers using coupon.com.

Coupons.com updates its coupon selection monthly, so make sure that you keep up to date on the site. If that’s not enough, you can also earn cashback on purchases that you make using your debit card that’s linked to the site. 

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