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The Best Gifts for a Newborn

If someone you know is expecting a little bundle of joy, you may be left wondering what the best gifts for a newborn are. Naturally, everyone’s attention turns to clothes; however, the baby is sure to grow out of them within a matter of months. Therefore, listed below are some of the best gifts for a newborn, most of which they’ll still be able to use even when they grow. 

Best Gift Ideas for a Newborn

1. A Cuddly Toy

Firstly, you can’t go wrong with cuddly toys, such as Maileg teddies. Cuddly toys act as a piece of comfort for newborns, helping them get to sleep, which the new parents will thank you for. When it comes to finding cuddly toys for newborns, make sure they’re suitable for little ones of this age. For instance, some teddies will contain small parts that act as choking hazards. Meanwhile, others might have hard pieces of plastic attached to them that might scratch delicate skin. Toys that are suitable for newborns will say something along the lines of “suitable from birth” on their tag. 

2. A Basic Sleepsuit

While newborns will grow out of clothing in a matter of months, any parent will tell you that you can’t have enough sleepsuits. Quite frankly, newborns are messy. They spit up, they dribble, their diapers leak… In all these instances, the parent is going to want to whip them out of the sleepsuit they’re wearing and get them straight into another. Babies will go through far more than one sleepsuit daily, so basic sleepsuits will always be a welcomed gift to expecting parents. Make sure to give them a feel ahead of purchase to guarantee softness and comfort. 

3. Baby Moisturizing Cream

Babies have the most delicate skin, meaning expecting parents can never have enough baby moisturizing cream. Speaking of their delicate skin, you must ensure that the moisturizing cream you buy is specifically for babies and is completely free of chemicals and perfumes. The role of baby moisturizing cream is to soothe sore patches, which will, unfortunately, be common for newborns.  Their skin is so sensitive that it generally needs to adjust to the new world the baby finds themselves in. During this adjustment period, though, irritation will take place, and a solution will be required.

4. A Classic Baby Blanket

Like a cuddly toy, a classic baby blanket provides a baby with comfort and helps soothe them to sleep. For many babies, they love the feel of the soft material against their skin, which slowly sends them to the land of nod. Therefore, when choosing a baby blanket, you might opt for one with ribbons attached. The silky feel of these will be very soothing to babies, and the parents will thank you for the way they seemingly send them to sleep. One thing to make sure of, though, is that the blanket is machine washable. It has been mentioned how messy babies can be, and new parents want to be able to wash things as easily as possible.

5. A Soft Towel

Bath-time is a polarizing activity for babies; some love it, but others hate it. For those who love it, though, the bath is the ideal place to get a baby to wind down for bedtime. As part of this winding down, babies need a soft towel that’s kind to their skin. We all know how towels can lose their softness after being washed, and this isn’t good enough for the delicate skin of a newborn. A soft towel is a must for any little bundle of joy and will help make bath-time a pleasant experience. 

6. A Stroller Suit 

A stroller suit is essentially an all-in-one coat that keeps babies warm even during the wintriest of walks. Stroller suits are far more comfortable than coats, making it easier for newborns to drift off to sleep when they’re in the stroller or car seat. Make sure you choose a waterproof and thermal solution to help keep the baby dry and aid them in regulating their body heat. These suits are available in a multitude of colors, allowing you to choose the one that best reflects the personality of the baby you’re gifting. 

7. A Set of Muslins 

Last but certainly not least is a set of muslins. A new parent can never have too many 100% cotton muslins. It can’t be stressed enough just how messy babies are, and muslins allow you to clean them of their mess, all while ensuring their skin isn’t being subjected to abrasive materials.

Conclusion – Best Gifts for a Newborn

This concludes our guide on the best gifts for a newborn. Hopefully, this guide will help you choose the best gifts. In case you’re also looking for gift tips for your girlfriend, this guide may be able to help you out.

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