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What is Google Reverse Image Search and How to Use It?

Reverse image search, you might have heard this term but do you know what is it? Most people are not even aware of Google Reverse Image Search tools solely because of the lack of awareness. After reading this blog, you’ll know everything there is to know to about Google reverse image, its importance, and how to use it.

What do you Understand By Reverse Image Search?

Well, the name should clear a few things; it is an image search function. The concept of reverse image search is where you search your query that’s related to an image with keywords that describe the image. The function of the Google reverse image search has helped thousands of people find the specific images they were searching for. If you are thinking why is reverse image search necessary then think about all the times you wanted to find an image and couldn’t remember the exact keyword you used to search for it the last time.

These images can be related to anything on the internet. It could be a celebrity, a quotation, a recipe card, or a car you saw but can’t remember its name. Reverse image tools help you find that one exact picture you have been searching for hours.

Information You Can Get Through Reverse Image Search

Google Reverse image” doesn’t just give you the image you desire, it can also give you all the information there is about the image. For instance, you can also get the shape of the image, the format of the image, and where it has been used and it can also help you with an image plagiarism check. You can see where the image has been used illegally.

Reverse Image Search Engine by Google!

Google, the most popular search engine also has the feature of Reverse image search. The Google reverse image search tools can be accessed through all major browsers like Chrome, Firefox & Opera. When you will search Google reverse image search it will open a new tab that will have the same interface as Google. It will have a camera and a mic option. You can use the camera option to access your gallery or you can use the Mic to describe what the image looks like. You can also add the URL of the image directly and use it to find other images like it.

Reverse Image Lookup by Searchenginerepots.net

This is another essential tool if you are reverse image hunting. This tool is very simple to use, you can easily use the tool to navigate through the image you wish to find. Once you open the tool on any browser you will find an upload bar and a search bar through which you can type the keywords to describe the image or you can upload the image to find everything there is to know about the image. The tool is free to use and does not store any images you have searched for in the database.

You can upload images on the tool from your device or Dropbox. You can upload any image file, as the tool supports all formats. Users can also use the URL to find the photos, this function is important as it can help you find any original image from your website if it is being used without your permission. The search engine reports.net fetches results from three different browsers which include Google, Bing & Yandex. So instead of uploading three different images, you can upload just one and be done with it.

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