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Things to do in Moab with Kids

Moab is a charming city in eastern Utah. It is famous for family vacations and adventure sports. The availability of various outdoor activities all around the year and its beautiful natural habitat make it – one of Utah’s most well-known tourist sites.

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Let us check some of the things before you explore Moab with your own eyes.

Moab Utah Family Activities

Paleosafari Moab Giants

Paleosafari Moab giant is a worldwide popular dinosaur park. You can have a tour of the museum where you can glance at various rare fossils and get insights into the prehistoric era. Everyone gets stunned by the main attraction of the place – the 5-D aquarium, which takes you to face some of the most dangerous sea animals in the world.

After a great adventure at the place, you can enjoy some delightful snacks At Giants Café.

Wild West Challenge Course

It is a kid-friendly adventure sports park. You can take some sweat out of your body with some sporty adventure. Activities like rope climbing and rock climbing are some of the most popular family activities in the place. There are different courses you can choose from. You can even participate in the high rope challenge.

Moab Backyard Theatre

Enjoy a fun evening with your family at Backyard Theatre. The Backyard Theatre is a place for showcasing local artistic talent. They organize shows for music, magic, and comedy that you can attend at the Theatre.


Moab is famous for its great biking trails. You can have some fun bike riding with your family at Mill Creek Parkway or Potash Road. 

River Rafting

Red River Adventure, Paddle Moab, and Western River Expedition are the best some of the best choices for river rafting. River rafting is a relatively safe activity. As long as your kids weigh 40 lbs or more, they can try it out too.

Best time to visit Moab for mountain biking

For a good vacation, September and October are preferable months to visit Moab. The area is not very crowded, and the site’s temperature is perfect for your holiday visit. 

The best time to visit Moab for mountain biking is – spring and fall. The National Parks and biking trails are open years–round. If you are going during the winter, check if it is open though. Heavy snow can close down National Parks at times.

Top of the World Moab

The Top of the World Moab is a historical landmark of Moab that offers a seven-thousand-foot viewpoint. People often use the trail for hiking and mountain biking. That being said, do note that it is a challenging trail to tour and is not kid friendly. You should try this if and only if you love adventure sports. Otherwise, you may have to return halfway through. We recommend going in for beginner hikes before to see if you are up for this hike.

Moab Sunrise

The best thing you cannot miss when you visit Moab is the Sunrise scene from Delicate Arch, Arches National Park. The Delicate Arch is the best place to enjoy the sunset and sunrise in Moab. No wonder it is a tourist favorite.

It takes around two hours to hike Delicate Arch, and you need to wake up early. However, every effort you put into considering the morning will be worth more when you have gotten the view from the archway.


The article can work as a little guide for you before and even after visiting Moab.

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