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6 Health & Safety Hacks for Modern Homeowners

If there’s any place where a person should feel safe and healthy, it’s in their private home. The good news is that there are dozens of excellent ways for owners to boost the wellness and safety factors of their houses, and the size and age of the home do not matter. What does make a difference is the homeowner’s goals and their ability to see a project through to the end. What kinds of hacks can property owners use to get the most out of their personal sanctuaries?

In addition to professional mold inspections, many decide to install a home elevator, place radon detectors in strategic locations, create fire safety plans, add smart security systems, childproof the entire house, or add water and air filters where needed. The first step is to review the options and choose one or more that are suitable for your situation, budget, and long-term living arrangement.

Health and Safety Points to be Consider

Mold Inspections

For homeowners, mold buildup is an age-old problem. The smelly, unhealthy stuff tends to accumulate in wet, hidden spaces that are usually hidden from view. In addition to posing substantial health risks, mold has the potential to eat away at your home’s structural integrity. The situation is especially problematic for individuals who already have respiratory challenges, but it can affect even the healthiest of adults. The first step to remedying the problem is to hire a licensed mold inspector. It’s imperative to find and eliminate mold buildup as soon as possible. That way, you can minimize structural damage and health problems at the same time. Most contractors recommend annual mold inspections to maintain a healthful living environment.

Home Elevator Installation

In the past few years, large numbers of homeowners have been choosing to install private elevators to make their living spaces safer, more attractive, and more convenient. While home elevator costs vary, the latest offerings from major sellers include something for every budget. It’s worth noting that elevators come with multiple practical advantages, particularly for those who have trouble with mobility or who live in multi-story houses. Not only are the units extremely convenient for residents, but they are also a totally safe way to move from level to level. Owners can eliminate the risk of falls on stairs, which gives them peace of mind as well as a gorgeous home addition.

Radon Detector

Radon creeps silently into many homes directly from the ground. Not only is the gas a serious health problem for people of all ages, but it’s also 100% odorless and colorless, making it impossible to detect without specialized equipment. It’s essential for owners to take action if they want to minimize the buildup of radon and detect it as soon as it appears inside their living space. Luckily, low-cost detectors are available in most hardware stores, and they do a good job of alerting to the presence of the dangerous gas. If you have one or more devices installed, be sure to use ventilation to minimize your exposure to the gas.

Fire Safety Plan

Every year, many fall victim to fires. While fires are one of the worst tragedies that can befall a property owner, the good news is that there are several easy techniques for preventing. The first is to place several smoke detectors all around your living space. Remember to test them and change their batteries at least once per year. The second is another low-cost method for boosting your home’s safety factor: purchase a high-quality extinguisher. Read the owner’s manuals carefully and learn how to use the device in an emergency. Making an escape plan is another worthwhile way to keep your risk of fire as low as possible.


For parents, childproofing is a necessity. Step one is to put safety gates on all stairway entrances and near other danger zones. Use special bolts to attach major appliances and large pieces of furniture to walls so children can’t tip them over. Purchase covers for electrical outlets so curious youngsters won’t face the risk of being shocked. Keep hazardous chemicals in locked storage cabinets or otherwise well out of reach of little hands that can find their way.

Filters for Water and Air

It’s easy to forget one of the most important methods for making homes clean and hygienic: installing air and water filters. To keep your indoor environment as clean as possible, invest in brand-name air filters and change them or clean them according to product instructions. Buy one or more air purifier units and remember to keep rooms well-ventilated whenever possible. To promote the cleanliness of drinking water, purchase an all-in-one filtration system or individual units that attach to faucets. Prices vary but invest in a high-quality system and clean or replace it regularly. Water and air enter our bodies directly and can have a significant impact on physical well-being.

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