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Average Cost of Movers – How Much Do Movers Cost

Moving from one place to another can be both time and cost-consuming. Fortunately, you can save some of your money by knowing the average cost of movers.

In this guide, we’ll be breaking down the average cost of movers, how much it costs to move, and factors that affect your moving costs. 

Let’s begin. 

How Much Do Movers Cost?

The average cost of a local move is $1,250. The average cost of a long-distance move in the US is around $4,890 (with an average distance of around 1,000 miles). 

The average cost for this is based on a 2-3 bedroom move of approximately 7,500 pounds. 

Average Cost of Movers for Local Move

Just moving from one neighborhood to another can be very expensive. If you’re moving to a nearby town, that’s considered a local move. Local moves can range somewhere between $501 for a studio apartment to $2,988 and higher for a 4-5 bedroom house. The exact costs can depend on the size of your home and how many items you have to move. 

Studio-1 Bedroom2-3 Bedroom4-5 Bedroom
$501 – $985$966 – $1,733$1,941 – $2,988

Cost of Movers Per Hour

The price range for hiring a labor-only company usually falls somewhere between $38-$75 per mover. Let’s say you hire two movers working for 4 hours, which will cost you around $424. Here’s a complete breakdown of the average cost of movers per hour.

Home Size# of Movers# of HoursAverage Total Cost
1 – Bedroom24$424
2 – Bedroom36$954
3 – Bedroom47$1,484
4 – Bedroom49$1,908
5 – Bedroom512$3,180

Average Cost of Movers for Long Distance Move

Long-distance moves cost more as moving companies include gas prices, tools, and compensating drivers. The cost for a long-distance move can range from $1,123 to more than $14,107. The exact cost for the move varies based on the distance and the size of the move.

# of MilesStudio – 1 Bedroom2 – 3 Bedroom4 – 5 Bedroom
250$1,123 – $2,260$2,272 – $4,340$4,137 – $5,560
1,000+$1,442 – $3,020$3,145 – $5,950$6,378 – $10,010
2,500+$1,920 – $4,270$4,236 – $8,540$9,546 – $14,10

How to Calculate Moving Costs?

If you’re still not sure how much does it cost to move from one place to another, here’s a free moving cost calculator you can use. 

In the calculator, all you have to do is add the size of the move, the packing services you require, and the date you want to move on.

Factors that Affect Your Moving Costs

Several factors can severely affect your moving costs. Some of the most common factors include:

  • Travel Fees

If you’re moving long distances, then travel fees can add up quickly. Companies that ask for travel fees include fuel costs and labor costs, and they account for the time it takes for movers to get from the current house to the next one. 

  • Size of Your Move

If you’re moving a lot of stuff, it can also impact the final cost of your move. Not only will the move take longer to complete, but your shipment will also be heavier. It’s common sense that the more stuff you want to move, the more you’ll have to pay.

  • Packing Services

If you want the added convenience of getting your things packed by a professional, then it could cost you a couple hundred extra bucks. If you’re looking to save some time by hiring packers as well, be ready to pay a bit extra. 

  • Moving Add-Ons

The cost of your move will be affected by any add-on services you want to include. Add such as disassembling and assembling a piece of furniture, moving specialty items, and moving supplies provided by the service provider.

  • Storage

If your move requires you to store your stuff at a particular place for some time, some providers offer to store your items in their storage. This service will cost you extra.

  • Moving Supplies

Unless you have enough boxes lying around, you’ll need moving supplies from your mover. Not just boxes, you will need other moving supplies such as plastic bins, bubble wrap, packing paper, and much more. 

  • Moving Date

Another factor that can affect your moving cost is the moving date. When you move is just as important as how you move. That’s because the specific date will affect the price dramatically.

Steps to Save Money While Moving

Now that you know the average cost of movers and packers for local moves or longer moves, here are some ways you can save money on these costs. 

  1. Lose All Your Extra Belongings

The best and the easiest way to move is by getting rid of unnecessary junk in your home. Start cleaning your home days before you plan to move, this way you’ll be able to cut costs on moving. Donate unnecessary furniture, clothes, and knick-knacks. 

If you want to make a quick buck from this, try hosting a garage sale or listing them online on a marketplace such as Craigslist.

  1. Rent a Moving Truck

If you think you’ll be able to handle the stress of a DIY move, then you can save thousands of dollars by renting a truck and moving by yourself. If you’re planning to move a large household, consider renting the 26 ft truck from any truck rental company.

Large trucks will be enough for four-plus bedrooms.

  1. Ask Family & Friends for Help

The best way to cut costs while moving is by asking your friends and family for help. Make sure you inform them in advance a long time before you plan to move so everyone has a free schedule.

  1. Find Free Moving Boxes and Supplies

You can save a lot of money on moving by seeking out free moving boxes and supplies from local liquor stores, large chain stores, grocery stores, recycling drop-off points, office buildings, and schools. 

You may also be able to find free supplies on online marketplaces such as Craigslist, Freecycle, U-Haul Box Exchange, Nextdoor.com, and local Facebook groups.

  1. Rent a Portable Moving Container

If you want to avoid paying for a full-time mover service, then you can rent a portable moving container. The cost of renting a portable moving container is dependent on the length of time needed and the size of the container.

All you have to do is fill the container with your stuff and the container company will do the shipping and everything else. Some great container companies you can try out include:

  • PODS
  • ABF’s U-Pack ReloCubes
  • United Mayflower’s Container
  • Door-to-Door Storage Containers
  • U-Haul’s U-Boxes
  • 1-800-PACK-RAT
  1. Search for Moving Discounts

If you have any AAA memberships, you may be able to grab some discounts on moving and storage. For example, Atlas Van Lines offers free Full Value Protection to AAA members moving to a new state. 

Members of military members may receive some discounts on moving companies, truck rentals, storage, and more.

  1. Pack Your Stuff Yourself

This tip isn’t rocket science. If you want to save money, you should pack your things yourself. It can save you more money in the long run. While many professional movers offer some type of packing assistance during the move, these services are expensive. 

Packing rates are usually different for each service provider, but they can cost you hundreds of dollars. When you pack by yourself, you’ll be able to save hundreds of dollars. 

  1. Choose a Different Date

As we said, when you move also determines the exact cost. So, try out different dates on which you can move, and settle on the date where you’re getting the services for the cheapest. 

As a general rule, try to move mid-month or mid-week. This is the time when moving companies have the least work. Moving on a weekend may be more convenient, but that’s how most customers think. 

If possible, avoid moving during the peak moving season. 

  1. Compare Pricing Between Movers

Before hiring a moving company, make sure to talk to a number of companies and get their best price. Choose the company that you think offers the best price for the service.

Do keep in mind that the mover should conduct either in-person inspection or a video survey of the belongings before they give you a quote. Never trust the quotes that receive over the internet. 

Be as clear as you can with the specifications of the move with the service provider.

  1. Check Whether Moving Expneses are Tax-Deductible

A tip that you won’t find anywhere else is that you should save the receipts. If you donated some things to charity before moving, you may be able to deduct those donations from your taxes.

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