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Why a High-Speed Internet Became Necessary During the Pandemic and the Companies that Offered Highest Speeds

The Internet has taken the significance of an elixir of life, the holy grail of technology for humanity. The reason behind this is the immense usage, the wide areas of applications, and the versatility of this technology.

Apart from all these benefits, the current situation that the world has been going through has also played a significant role in skyrocketing the popularity of the internet. And by the current situation, we explicitly mean the pandemic. As we all know how devastating the pandemic has been for humanity in general, and not only in a medical sense but also in economic means and our interpersonal social interactions. The pandemic had toppled all this on its head. This situation forced us to look for alternatives in order to continue the regular flow of life. This obvious alternative was the internet due to its widespread applications.

Internet was already a technology that the world was familiar with, people already knew the widespread area of applications in which it can prove to be useful. Although before this, there never was a need to employ the internet as the sole bearer of most of our activities.

Remote working was already a familiar thing, online education was rampant, and e-commerce already changed the foundations of how a business operated. But these things were working in parallel with their physical counterparts, and these online activities only acted as support where the major heavy lifting was still being done by the physical aspects of these activities.

But the pandemic changed everything, the ban on any physical movement and interaction meant that the complete burden of all these activities was shifted to the internet so the existing speed and data packages that the users had of the internet quickly fell short.

Excessive Burden on the Internet

Since every household in the United States and the rest of the world was put under lockdown, this meant that all the family members of the house were present in one place at the same time doing data-intensive activities like working from home and taking online classes simultaneously. This led to the scarcity of the internet and the existing connections unable to fulfill all these requirements. This change in user behavior demanded an upgrade in the speed of the existing internet plans.

Thus governments all over the world enlisted the internet as an essential service and started offering grants and financial aid to users to clear existing bills and upgrade their internet plans. Many internet service providers also stepped up and reduce their prices and offered discounts to make it easier for the customers to afford these high-speed internet tiers. One such company was Cox Communications, which garnered a customer base of 3.5 million internet subscribers. Cox plans have the capacity to supply users with high-speed internet as their highest internet package the Gigabit Blast provided speeds up to 940Mbps.

How a Slow Internet Can be Dangerous?

But it wasn’t like the internet was going to stop, it was just a bit slow. So now another question which arises that why there was a need to upgrade the internet as a slow one would also do the job, even if a bit slower. This was a fact that with the increased load the internet speed only became slower but in order to get the actual answer to this question we had to observe the activities in which the internet was being used. During the pandemic the internet was being used for things like work from home and online education, this meant that a user’s livelihood or educational career was dependent on the internet.

And what if slow internet caused problems during an important meeting or while taking an exam, was it worth the risk, obviously not. As internet problems meant that someone could lose his bread and butter or even fail the exam that’s why upgrading to a high-speed internet package was the only plausible solution to avoid such mishaps.

Internet Providers with Highest Speeds  

By now everyone was clear that high-speed internet was the need of the hour but now the next part was to choose which provider to go with in order to get the fastest speed. There is no hard and fast rule to selecting the provider as different companies are working in different areas with various degrees of quality. For that reason, we made a list of distinct providers that were available in most parts of the countries and offered the highest internet speeds to the customer.


Xfinity is the biggest service provider in the US as per subscribers count and recently it became the fastest as well. Xfinity now claims to offer up to 3000Mbps internet connections to their residential customers, which is miles ahead of its competition. This connection is limited to certain areas due to the complexity of infrastructure and fiber connectivity, nonetheless, it is available. Apart from that Xfinity has packages for 2000Mbps and 1000Mbps respectively as well as many mid-range bundles for all types of customers.


Spectrum comes second both in subscriber count and the offered speeds. The Spectrum Gigabit plan claims to offer 1000Mbps of the internet to their customers, upgrading from their previous 940Mbps of speed. The best part about going with Spectrum is that the company offers unlimited data without any contract or terms of commitment, freeing the consumer of any shackles to stick with the provider in case of bad quality of service, add a 30-day money-back guarantee in that and Spectrum emerges as the top contender in customer’s choice.

Cox Communications

Although not as fast as compared to its competitors still Cox’s internet plans packs a punch. As we discussed earlier, their highest speed plan the Gigabit Blast promises 940Mbps speeds to the customers. Although Cox lacks in the highest speed departments, it makes up for that with a wide variety of plans. Cox’s internet speed ranges from 25Mbps to 940 Mbps having in-store every type of speed optimal for every type of user because not every customer is looking for the fastest speed, some want a decent speed that can come within their budget as well. Cox comes with good customer support for Conx wifi connectivity and internet speed issues.


There is no doubt in the fact that high-speed internet has become the need of the hour after the pandemic. However, when selecting the said internet users should also consider the quality of the provider that they are going with as only the speed will do nothing if the efficiency and reliability of the provider are compromised.

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