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How to Get High-Speed Internet Connectivity Without Cable or Phone Line?

As the internet is turning into an essential part of our lives instead of just a commodity, people are finding new ways of using the internet without cable and phone lines. As a matter of fact, many households now use their smartphones as the primary source of the internet. This trend has led to a rise in Cord-cutting. With the help of the latest gadgets, it is now much easier to stream content on Your TV instead of a small smartphone screen. According to reports, 25.5 million households are expected to cut the cord by the end of 2020. So if you want to get Internet connectivity without being connected to a phone or cable wire, then we are ready to hand out some tips.

Best Ways to Get Internet Without Cable TV

  1. Dial-Up Internet
  2. DSL Internet
  3. Fiber Optic Internet
  4. Fixed Wireless Internet
  5. Naked DSL
  6. Satellite Internet

Finding the right alternatives to cable internet orgetting internet without a phoneline usually depends on where you live and what kind of internet services are available near you. Chances are that you will come across more than 2 options if you live in a populated area. 

Cheapest Internet Services Without Phone

These plans are compared based on price so you can pick the cheapest plan for yourself with ease. Here’s our pick for Cheap internet-only plans:

  • Buckeye Broadband Internet: USD 9.99/mo for 10 MBPS download speed
  • Frontier Simply Broadband: USD 27.99/mo for 6 MBPS download speed
  • Cox Internet Starter: USD 29.99/mo for 10 MBPS download speed
  • Xfinity Performance Starter: USD 29.99/mo for 15 MBPS download speed

Some of the internet service providers in the USA run promotions on internet plans which may allow users to get internet plans for even less prices. Follow the Steps for cheap internet service without a phone line.

Traditional Internet Options Without Phone Line

Almost all the internet service providers out there offer bundle services with their internet connections. If you are just looking for home internet services, and don’t want to pay extra for TV or Phone, internet-only plans are better for you. 

All the huge names like AT&T, Xfinity Internet, and Verizon offer standalone internet plans, they may be not as cheap as local internet providers but they are capable of fulfilling your appetite for “high-speed internet connectivity without cable” or Phone lines. 

If you consume the internet for hours regularly then we suggest you contact your local internet service provider and ask for all the standalone internet options available. 

Cheapest Cable Internet Without TV

The cable internet plans mentioned below are rated based on price so you can choose your ideal plan based on cost.

  • Buckeye Broadband Internet: USD 9.99/mo starting from 10 MBPS
  • Shentel Internet: USD 19.99/mo starting from 3 MBPS
  • Cox Internet Starter: USD 29.99/mo Starting from 10 MBPS
  • Mediacom Internet 60: USD 29.99/mo starting from 60 MBPS
  • Xfinity Internet: USD 29.99/mo starting from 15 MBPS
  • Optimum 20: USD 29.99/mo starting from 20 MBPS

How to Use Cable Internet Without Cable TV?

Most people incorporate the word “Cable” with cable TV service, but cable TV service providers offer more than just TV services. Cable companies also deliver digital phone services and even high-speed internet for your home and business. Cable providers use the same coaxial cable to deliver internet to your home, for most providers, it offers the same speeds as the advertised ones. 

If a cable line is going through your neighborhood then you can easily get cable internet connectivity without a cable TV connection. You can get incredible speeds and the best part is you don’t have to sign up for a cable TV plan to enjoy internet services.

Conclusion: Using the Internet Without Cable and Phone Services

Now that you know that you don’t have to pay for phone services or cable TV services to enjoy internet connectivity, you can go ahead and choose your ideal internet provider. You should choose a cable or DSL internet connection that can keep up with your internet usage and fits your budget.

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