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HotSchedules Review 2023: What is HotSchedules?

HotSchedule is a cloud-based solution that offers automation to reduce operational challenges. It can provide cloud-based mobile technology for businesses. Some of the targeting industry of HotSchedules is:

  • Hospitality industry
  • Retail industry
  • Restaurants 

Above mentioned are just a few examples of the range of industries that HotSchedules serves. It can automate day-to-day challenges for businesses such as

  • Labor
  • Inventory management 
  • Employee training
  • Recruiting
  • Scheduling
  • Shift communication and more. 

HotSchedules has an active user base of up to 1.2 million users all from the restaurant and hotel industries. Over the years, HotSchedules has made a name for itself as great labor management and employee management solution. Business owners from multiple industries are using HotSchedules to improve their day-to-day. 

HotSchedules Rating

  • Features: 8.7
  • Ease of Use: 8.8
  • Customer Support: 8.7
  • Value for Money: 8.7

Features of HotSchedules:

HotSchedules offers a wide range of features. The real reason behind the tool’s success is the features offered. Here are some of the best features offered:

  • Employee training
  • POS integration
  • PayControl
  • Activity-based forecasting
  • Floor maps
  • Mobile communication
  • Reporting
  • Above Store console
  • Online schedules
  • Affordable care advisor

Benefits of HotSchdules

HotSchedules offers a wide range of benefits to the users. But the primary benefits come from its capabilities of handling the schedules of employees. The tool is perfect if you want to train your employees, keep track of their ins and outs, and more. Moreover, you get a basic payroll functionality to reduce the burden on your shoulders. Here’s a breakdown of features offered by HotSchedules:

  1. Schedule Management

If you have a restaurant business, then HotSchedules can take care of your scheduling. Managers don’t need to spend half of their time and energy in managing employee schedules. HotSchedules allow for easy and simple employee-manager communication. 

The tool also includes advanced levels of reporting capabilities. This allows the users to build a schedule with specific times for their employees. If used correctly, this can help cut down labor costs. 

Users can integrate HotSchedules with a number of POS systems. These integrations help in increasing the potential of the tool and make sure that employees clock in and clock out at the right time. 

  1. Restaurant Training System

Training is a crucial part of running a restaurant. You need the right set of tools to provide training that lasts for a long time. So, HotSchedules help you with a training program that can be customized as per your needs. You can adjust the program according to your training style.

Your employees can also provide ideas of what should be added to the training modules for better future training. The best part is managers can keep track of their employee’s training progress and offer to coach for those who score low. 

  1. Payroll Management

Payroll is a major challenge for all kinds of businesses. HotSchedules offers PayControl tool that makes sure that there’s no error in the payroll records. PayControl makes all the reporting available at your fingertips whenever you need it. Both payroll history and time cards are available within the system. 

If you want, you can share the records with any other third-party payroll provider. This makes sure that you don’t limit yourself within HotSchedules

Other things that you can plan with payroll management include:

  • Meal period planning
  • Store reporting
  • Affordable Care Act management

Technical Information About HotSchedules App

Devices SupportedCustomer TypesCustomer Support
Web-based appSmall BusinessPhone support
iOSMedium BusinessOnline support

It would be better if HotSchedules had a desktop app, but unfortunately it doesn’t. If you want a desktop app, then you will have to search for some other options. But if you manage your business a lot on the go, then the Android and iOS version is perfect for you. 

The best thing we found about HotSchedules is that businesses of all kinds can rely on its specialization. The services and features are perfect for businesses of all scales. 

If you end up running into some problem with HotSchedules, then you can reach out to their customer service. We wish there were more options to reach out to HotSchedules, but currently, you can contact customer support only via phone or online. 

Integrations Supported by HotSchedules

  • ICG
  • Transight POS
  • pcAmerica
  • Microsoft RMS
  • Sage Payroll Services
  • CBS Northstar
  • NewPOS
  • Quest
  • Digital Dining
  • Focus POS
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Squirrel Systems
  • Revention
  • Shopify
  • Oracle Hospitality
  • iPOS
  • Brink POS
  • Toast POS
  • PAR
  • Quickbooks
  • Intouch POS
  • SilverWarePOS
  • Aloha
  • Pointsoft
  • Breeze Systems
  • Host Concepts
  • Compris POS
  • Retalix
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