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Which Apple Watch Is the Best Apple Watch Right Now?

If you are part of the Apple Ecosystem then the Apple Watch is a must-have accessory. Apple released 2 different versions of the Watch, named the Series 6 and the SE. Apple is also continuing to sell the Apple Series 3, while all these watches look almost the same, which one should you buy? Which Apple Watch should be considered the best Apple Watch and which one should you buy according to your budget?

In this article, we will be discussing all the top-selling Apple watches. We’ll also go over the models that are still worth the price and the ones you should avoid buying. Here is our list of the best Apple watches.

Best 5 Apple Watch Recommendations:

1. Apple Watch Series 3: Basic Apple Watch

For years, we have recommended the Apple Watch Series 3 as it is one of the fairly priced models available in the market. If you want a basic fitness tracker that works ideally with an iPhone, Apple Watch Series 3 is your ideal choice and they are still selling it. It also regularly goes on sale with heavy discounts.

This version of the watch is older than it was released in 2017. The watch has lesser features than the newer models and it doesn’t have all the flashy models. Despite its lack of features, it is still one of the best Apple watches in the market. It works perfectly with your watch and delivers notifications, its waterproof, and has Apple’s addictive fitness features. If you want nothing more than a fitness tracker but don’t wish to step out of the Apple Ecosystem, Series 3 is the one to look for. It comes at Rs. 20,000

2. Apple Watch SE: A Better Apple Watch

The Apple Watch SE is the second number on our list of best Apple Watches for 2021. It looks the same as Series 5 or Series 6. Most users won’t even be able to tell the difference between the three. Apple did remove a few features like the always-on display and the ECG readings.

If you don’t have any problem spending a bit more money, then it is definitely better than Series 3. The Series SE has all the features that the Series 3 doesn’t, it comes with features like an upgraded Retina Display, a newer processor, a fall detector, more memory, and a louder speaker.

Thousands of fans have complained about the lack of Always-on-Display. If you need a watch for older people, then the lack of important health features makes this a less useful pick. If you can find the Series 5 for the same price as the SE, then we suggest you pick the Series 5.

3. Apple Watch Series 6: Best Apple Watch

This year, Apple launched the Apple Watch Series 6 and it’s without a doubt one of the best Apple watch. It came out with one feature at the center which is “Blood Oxygen Measuring”. This isn’t exactly a new feature, as you have been able to take optical wrist-based SpO2 measurements on fitness bands such as GarmIns.

The addition of this feature makes the Apple Watch Series 6 a more complete and capable fitness tracker. If you want, you can detect sleep apnea, keep track of early Covid-19 signs, or start altitude training for your sport.

If you already own the Apple Watch Series 5, then just one additional feature may not be worth upgrading, unless you have a lot of disposable income on your hand. And if you’re just getting into the Apple Watch Ecosystem then the series 6 is the best Apple watch till now. The watch monitors your SpO2 continuously while you sleep, and you can even take the measurement during the day. If you want the watch to track your sleep, then the faster charging time will help your battery be full. You can get the watch on Amazon or the official Apple website.

4. Apple Watch Series 5: Great Option at a Cheaper Price

We know that Apple isn’t selling the Series 5 watch anymore, doesn’t change the fact that it’s still one of the best Apple watches. If you can find a refurbished variant of the watch at a price similar to the brand-new SEs you should buy it. The SE is basically the Apple Watch Series 5 with a few reduced features like the crystal display, the electrical heart sensor, and the AOD (always on display).

If you’re planning to buy the SE, and you are able to get the Series 4 on sale, you should go for the Series 4. Currently, Series 4 is the earliest watch that will work with Apple’s latest family setup. It comes with fall detection and both electrical and optical heart sensors. The family setup won’t work with the series 3 which Apple is selling officially.

Apple Watches You Should Avoid

It’s been more than 3 years since any retailers carry either the series 1 or series 2. If you see them on some retail sites, either the refurbished versions or second-hand ones, don’t buy them. They aren’t worth the price and Apple’s latest family setup doesn’t work on them so both versions aren’t worth your money.

The series 1 isn’t waterproof, and neither watch has cellular capability. They’re also not compatible with the WatchOS7. There’s no point in throwing your hard-earned money on something that can’t offer you the latest features.

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