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How do Proximity Cards help Increase Business Security?

Constant arrivals of deliveries, contractors, and visitors make workplace security more challenging. Concurrently, too many locks or security check-ins are time-consuming and may interfere with the company’s operation.

But thanks to technological advancements. Businesses of different sizes and sectors can better regulate physical access without worrying about work productivity. Implementing secure identity and access solutions like proximity cards enable employers to keep their entire workforce, visitors, and clients safe.

Find out how proximity cards help increase business security by reading below.

Minimize Unauthorized Access

Gaining unauthorized access to physical spaces is one of the tactics cybercriminals use. They may steal laptops or smart devices and break into them away from the building. With a proximity card system, businesses can lower their risks of encountering a data breach, theft, or other privacy violations.

Only those with a personalized proximity card can get into the premises. If the card is authorized, the control panel sends a signal back to the reader to unlock the door. This way, you can minimize unauthorized people from entering the building and create more secure spaces.

Automatically Keep Access Records

Keeping track of who enters and leaves the building is crucial for every company’s security. When something goes wrong, it can be helpful to know who was at the premises during that time.

Businesses can program their proximity cards to track their employees’ and visitors’ data based on the card numbers. They can automatically keep access records and determine who accessed the area and the precise time of their entry.

You can better achieve increased security with proximity cards by pairing them with a CCTV camera system. This is particularly helpful to verify if someone uses the proximity card belonging to someone else.

Enable Different Levels of Access

With proximity cards, companies don’t need to grant employees multiple keys to access different areas for their work. It’s easy to program the system, enabling access to particular people or restricting entry to protected zones.

Businesses can also remove or add cardholders and have more control over access privileges. This customizable and secure access management system ensures worker productivity and security at optimum levels.

Reduce the Risks of Duplication

Unauthorized key duplication is a typical security threat that businesses may face. Consequently, you might be wary of anyone with criminal intentions who would come into possession of proximity cards. However, proximity cards are almost impossible to duplicate, unlike traditional locks and keys. Each card comes with unique numbers, making it harder to reproduce.

Easy to Integrate With Other Technologies

No perfect security systems exist. But different tools in an integrated system provide an additional layer of security to businesses. Fortunately, a proximity card system is easy to integrate with other technologies. It’s compatible with most security measures already in place. With proximity cards, you can maintain secure access to your business premises.

Keep Your Company Secure at All Times

You cannot eliminate all the security threats in your business. But using the right security systems, like proximity cards, will minimize the chances of security problems occurring. Note that the best choice for your business security depends on its specific needs. Thus, determine the number of access points necessary for your premises.

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