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How to Add Page Numbers in Your PDF Files with PDFBear?

If you read books or documents like research papers and reports, there are chances that you have seen page numbers in them. Page numbers are universal in every document and other works such as books. In making documents, some situations require you to add page numbers in certain documents, especially if you are making essays, research papers, and other assignments. But you would also encounter scenarios where you would need to put page numbers in reports at the workplace.

Many document formats, such as Word, provide options for adding page numbers. PDF files are no exception to this as well. But adding page numbers could be more challenging with PDF since PDF files generally do not allow such modifications on the file. Luckily, there is still a way to add them to your PDF file if you ever need to do so.

Steps On How To Use PDFBear To Add Page Numbers

One of the ways to add page numbers to PDF is by using websites like PDFBear to perform this task. PDFBear is a website that lets you perform tasks such as this along with other actions such as converting PDF files to different file formats like Word. Using a website like PDFBear is still one of the most efficient and easiest ways to add page numbers to your PDF file. It’s true even if you can use other software like Adobe Acrobat to add page numbers to your PDF file. It only takes a few steps to add page numbers to your PDF files using PDFBear, and here are the steps that you can do to perform this task: 

  1. Upload the PDF you want to add page numbers to by either clicking the “Select A File” button or dragging and dropping the file to the website.
  2. You may wait while your device uploads your PDF to the website. After that, you may select the position where you would like the page numbers to appear. 
  3. Click “Number Pages” and then wait until you can download the numbered file to your computer or mobile device.

Advantages of Using PDFBear In Adding Page Numbers

Every method of adding page numbers to PDF files has its advantages and disadvantages. And websites like PDFBear are not exempted from this. After all, no technique is perfect, and there will be instances when it will not work as expected. Nevertheless, there are many advantages of using websites like PDFBear in adding page numbers compared to other methods for doing the job. Here are some of the benefits of using PDFBear in adding page numbers to PDF files. 

Simplicity and Ease of Use

One of the main advantages of using websites like the PDFBear in adding page numbers to PDF files is that these websites are easy to use, and the steps for using them are pretty simple. Compare this to using other software for the task. Using the website to add page numbers to PDF files is pretty simple since you only have to upload the PDF to the website, add the page numbers, and download the numbered file after a few minutes. You don’t have to log in to the website before you could use it, removing a vital but time-consuming step in the process. It only takes four steps to add page numbers. Even first-time users could use the website with ease, even if they have not used it before for any task.

Accessibility and Versatility

There is another great advantage of using PDFBear compared to other ways of adding page numbers to PDF files, the website is more accessible and versatile to use, unlike other methods out there. To further explain this, imagine a scenario where you need to add page numbers to your research paper in PDF format before you could send it to your professor. However, you are far away from your computer, and you only have your mobile device with you. This is not a problem with websites like PDFBear, since you can load the website on any mobile device or computer and any web browser like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. 

All you need is an internet connection and a device with a web browser installed in it (which most people already have), and you’re good to go. You also don’t need to log in to any account, download any other special software, or even pay for any subscription fees before you could use the website. Therefore, PDFBear is more accessible to use for more people than other methods of doing this task. 

Safety and Security

Finally, you don’t have to worry when you use PDFBear to add page numbers to your PDF file since the website guarantees the safety and security of both your file and your device or computer when you use their website. It’s easy to understand people who doubt websites when it comes to this task. After all, cybercriminals use networks, especially public ones, to obtain sensitive personal information using malware like viruses. 

Many PDF files also contain sensitive information. Therefore, they could be compromised if you use an unsafe method for adding page numbers to your file. For this matter, PDFBear has SSL encryption on its website to protect the content of the file you are uploading. Therefore, you don’t need to think about the viruses and other malware you would get when using PDFBear to add page numbers to your PDF file.


Page numbers are essential in a document for a reason. This feature ensures that it is properly organized, especially in terms of content. They could also be used as a reference point, especially if you need to go to a specific page as quickly as possible to get certain information. This is the main reason why you would most likely have page numbers in reports, research papers, textbooks, and even novels. Since they are crucial, you cannot forget them when making your document.

Luckily, if you have a PDF file of your report or research paper and you forgot to put the page number in the document while you were working on it, you can use PDFBear to do this task easily, safely, and conveniently. It’s possible to add this little piece of vital information to your document with just a few steps through PDFBear.

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