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Solve Cloze Test Problem with these Effective Tips

Several government exams and especially the banking ones count lots of marks in the English language. Remember that this section seems easy but is not. Scoring more in the English language requires a high level of expertise. Also, there is one common type of question that is frequently asked in the examination is the cloze test.

It is a passage based question with some missing words. Candidates have to select the right word for that missing space without hampering the flow of passage content. Mostly, it is asked in the SSC, IPBS, and SBI examinations. So, first time exam aspirants or those who have issues solving the cloze test may refer to this post. Below we cited certain tricks and tips that will help candidates fetch good marks.

Tips and tricks to score more in the Cloze test

Start with the reading job

Firstly, candidates have to read the entire passage carefully. After reading, they will get to know the correct word to choose for the missing space. Read the passage carefully and pick the suitable phrase for the question from the given alternative for better understanding.

But before that, understand the theme of the passage. It will help to integrate suitable words in the right place.

Make the connection between phrases

Next, remember that picking the right phrases is only the half part. Candidates must also establish the relation amongst those phrases. So, if there is a requirement of the adverbs in the passage, include it from the alternative and then read the passage.

 If it makes any logical argument, then your answer is correct. Without a logical connection, there is no point in solving cloze test questions. Therefore, candidates must have a good command of grammar and language before attempting the English language section.

Understand that sentence pattern or content tone

Determine what question requires from your end. Hence, understand the sentence structure. Figure out where active and passive voice will be utilized. Also, make the passage sensible by integrating required parts of speech like pronouns, interjection, conjunction, and others. Moreover, treat every sentence as a separate one.

Not doing the same will lead to silly mistakes, and candidates may land up scoring fewer marks. Therefore, in the first pointer itself, we mentioned that making the reading habit essential before solving the cloze test. Today, aspirants have the freedom to practice themselves on online platforms or traditional learning resources.

Enhance vocabulary skills

Undoubtedly, for every language exam or question, vocabulary is a must. So, candidates having good command over it will tend to score more. The one having average vocabulary skills will score average or less. In the cloze test too, strong vocabulary skills are required to fetch 90% marks or beyond that. Understanding the language boosts writing and thinking speed to solve a particular question.

Not just for the English language, but also in other technical papers, good vocabulary skills are preferred. Therefore, read newspapers, online blogs and communicate with your peers to boost vocabulary skills. Vocabulary skills are a must for professional development too.

Read after answering

Once you are done with all the hard work of picking the right phrases, read it. Make sure it makes sense to you as well as the examiner. It is a matter of career, so do not take it lightly. Mostly, candidates are overconfident, and they make mistakes by choosing the right answer.

Hence, they get fewer scores in the final merit list. Thus, before submission, read passages thoroughly and ensure they are grammatically correct.

Hope candidates will follow this guide perfectly and make no previous mistakes. Pull up your socks and take the flight of academic success!

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