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How to Cancel Your Order on Zomato – Step-by-Step Guide

If you frequently order food from Zomato, then you may have noticed that there are not many options to cancel your order. Do you also want to learn how to cancel an order on Zomato? Well, then you’re at the right place. 

It’s super common to place a wrong order while ordering food online. Indian markets on the average experience one wrong order out of every 5 orders. Zomato is one of the biggest online food delivery services in India and also suffers from countless order cancellations. 

Chances are you also have been in the situation, as I have been. Knowing how to cancel your order on Zomato is not very complicated, but it’s not something many people know. 

Read this article to learn about the Zomato order cancellation process, Zomato cancellation policy, and refund policy.

How to Cancel Your Order on Zomato – Steps

Before we get to the cancellation steps, you need to know that you have only 60 seconds to cancel the order. Once you’ve placed the order, you can only cancel it within the next 60 seconds.

If you have missed the cancellation deadline, then you need to follow the steps mentioned below to cancel your order on Zomato:

  • Open your order in the Zomato app. 
  • Go to your “Account” (you can find it in the right-side corner).
  • Select your “Order”.
  • Click on the order that you want to cancel. 
  • Once it opens up, click on “Get Help & Support” in the right side corner.
  • There’s a customer support chat option, click on it. 
  • Click on “I want to cancel my order”.
  • Choose your reason for canceling your order. 
  • Click on “Yes, I want to cancel my order”.

How to Get Refunds from Zomato?

If you’ve prepaid for the order, then you’ll get the refund on your order in the account you’ve made the payment from. But, there are some things you need to know about getting a refund. Zomato has some policies about giving refunds to customers. 

  • Let’s say your order was delayed or canceled due to Zomato’s or because of the restaurant, you’ll get a complete refund on your order. 
  • If you cancel the order after your meal has been prepared, and there’s a wastage of food, then you’ll either receive a partial or no refund. 

How Long Does it Take to Get a Refund From Zomato?

If you’re getting a refund after canceling your order, then you must be wondering how much time it takes for Zomato to refund the money.

Based on your choice of payment method, the refund time differs:

Mode of PaymentTime Taken for Refund
Paytm Wallet1 Hour
UPI2-4 Business Days
Debit or Credit Card4-7 Business Days
Sodexo5 Business Days
Net Banking5-7 Business Days

Wrapping Up – How to Cancel Order on Zomato?

That’s all you need to know about how to cancel an order on Zomato. Follow the steps and you’ll be able to cancel your order on Zomato. If you know someone who’s having issues with the order cancellation or refund policy on Zomato, then you can share this article with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I cancel my order on Zomato?

Yes. While Zomato has strict policies when it comes to ordering cancellation, you can still follow the steps above to cancel the order.

  1. Can I cancel an order on Zomato after delivery?

No. There’s no way to cancel your order after it has been shipped. If you’ve prepaid, you can ask the delivery partner to return the order to the restaurant. If you’ve chosen cash on delivery, then you’ll have to pay for the order. 

  1. What are the steps to cancel order on Zomato?

Here are the steps you need to follow to cancel your order on Zomato:

  • Go to the “Orders” section on your account. 
  • Go to “Get Help & Support”
  • Chat with customer support to cancel your order. 
  • If it’s been less than 60 seconds since you placed your order, you can cancel the order by simply pressing the Cancel button.
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