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How to Cite an Interview – Cite Interviews in APA, MLA & Chicago Style

If you want to cite an interview from a newspaper, then you need to use in-citation. You can use the corresponding reference listing to cite the interviewer’s name, the publication date of the interview, and the title. If the interview was published online, then you can use the citation to provide the website URL and if the interview was done in a newspaper, then the newspaper name. 

The exact format and style of the citation depends on the style of citation you want to use. The most citation styles include:

  • APA
  • MLA
  • Chicago Style

In this blog, we’ve broken down how to cite an interview in APA, MLA, and Chicago style. Read till the end and learn all the necessary skills. 

Citing Interview in APA Style

In an APA style reference for an interview published in the newspaper, the interviewer is mentioned as the author.

All you need to include is a related citation in the body of the paper. You can use this format:

  • First initial, Last Name, personal communication, date of interview

As the name of the interviewer appears in the text citation, it becomes confusing who you’re quoting. You should always clarify who you’re quoting and when you’re quoting someone else’s words.

For interviews that are published in other documents (books, journals, articles, podcasts, videos), follow the ideal format. Always list the interviewer as the author. 

Citing an Interview in MLA Style

To cite interviews published in newspapers in MLA style, you should list the interviewee in the author section. You need to clarify who conducted the interview and use the interviewee’s name in the MLA in-text citation.

You should follow this format:

  • Interviewee’s last name, first name. “Interview Title.” Interview by Interviewer’s first name last name, day, month, year, URL, or page number.

If you’re citing an interview that you’ve conducted yourself, keep your name in the author position, and list down your own name and date when you conducted the interview. 

Follow this format to cite the interview

  • Interviewee’s last name, First Name. Interview. Conducted by your first name and last name. Day Month Year. 

Citing an Interview Chicago Style

A Chicago-style interview citing always lists the interviewee as the author, and mentions the interviewer later on. 

In the footnote, while citing the Chicago style, the name of the interview can be left out if it’s already in the interview title. 

Here’s the Chicago-style citing format you can use:

  • Interviewee’s last name, First name. “Interview title.” Interview by Interviewer first name Last name. Newspaper name. Month Day, Year. URL.

For interviews that are published in other sources, follow the same format. I.e, listing the interviewee as the author.

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