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How To Make Public Profile on Snapchat?

A public profile on Snapchat lets you connect with a larger audience. In a public profile, you can add information that you want the public to see. This includes your photo, bio, and description which can be different from your regular Snapchat profile. On top of increased visibility, a Public Profile grants you the access to a handful of tools, such as showcasing Stories, Lenses and Subscriber Count, etc.

Eligibility Criteria for a Public Profile on Snapchat

  • User must be 18 years or older Account 
  • must be older than 24 hours 
  • Must have at least 1 bi-directional friend (they must add you as a friend too) 
  • Must adhere to Snapchat community guidelines 

How to Make a Public Profile on Snapchat on iOS and Android devices

Process to create a public profile on Snapchat for iOS and Android users is the same. You can make your profile public in just few steps:

Step 1: Click on your profile or Bitmoji icon on your Snapchat. 

Step 2: Click on “profile setting”.

Step 3: Scroll down to “Add to Spotlight” and click on it. Click on ellipse and then select “Create Public Profile” from the pop-up menu. 

Step 4: Once you’re finished with the details, click the “Create” button on the screen. Your profile is now public and users will be able to subscribe to your profile.

How to Create and Manage Public Profiles on Snapchat for Businesses

You can also create a public profile for your business. You can easily connect to your customers and increase brand awareness by sharing valuable content on your profile. There are many similarities between an individual and business public profiles. However, business owners can also link their shop into their stories. Subscribers will be able to browse and even purchase products directly through the app.

In order to create a public business profile, you must have a business account that was created through Snapchat Ads. 

Step 1: Using your username and password, login to the Snapchat Ads Manager website. 

Step 2: Click on the menu and select “Public Profiles” from the list. (Keep in mind that only Organization’s Admin can create public profiles).

Step 3: Now Snapchat will ask you to either create a new account or link your current business account. If you already have a business account, click on “Connect to Business.” 

Step 4: Now you have to create a username for your Snapchat public profile. You can also add a profile icon, bio, company address, and email under the “Profile Details” page.

Step 5: After adding your details, click “Create Public Profile”. Now your Snapchat account will be public.

Step 6: Add a Saved Story It’s also important to add saved stories or AR lenses so your customers can view your content as soon as your profile is set to public. You can do this directly through the Snapchat app.

How to Edit a Public Profile on Snapchat (IOS & Android)

Making a Snapchat public profile is only the first step. To get the public profile feature, you have to customize your profile with basic information and content. This allows your subscribers to view your information and content whenever they want. You can do so by following the given steps:

Step 1: Go to the profile settings menu.

Step 2: Click on “My Public Profile”  under your profile settings menu. Once you have created your public Snapchat profile, you’ll see the option to edit and add information to your account. 

Step 3: Now click “Edit Profile”. Here, you can add a photo, short bio, and any other information you want to share with the public. 

Step 4: Add Stories If you’d like to save past stories to your current profile, you can do so by clicking the “Stories” tab. Your saved stories will stay on your profile. You can also add photos or videos directly from the camera roll from your device. 

Benefits of a having a ‘Public profile’

There are different kinds of public profiles on Snapchat, mainly used to differentiate between different tiers of creators. Most of these profiles have an approval process that requires you to submit applications but creating the basic public profile is completely free and a new addition for all Snapchat users. Some of its main features are as follows:

  • Exposure on your content added to Snap Map and Public Stories,
  • A subscribe button for your viewers,
  • Highlights section,
  • Your name will be visible on all Snaps posted publicly,
  • Your Lenses will also be made public (This includes your creations as well as favorites),
  • You may also choose to display the number of subscribers on your profile.

Conclusion – Create Public Profile on Snapchat

A Public Profile is a new take on your current account that allows you to post content differently. Your public profile will be a completely new section with its own privacy settings, stories, and highlights. This platform can be used by users to promote their talent, make some interesting content, and more.

Knowing how to make your Snapchat public, allows you to share your content with the rest of the world. Not only access to a unique set of features, but you also can expand your reach and showcase your talents with others.

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