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How To Factory Reset Macbook Air, Macbook Pro to Factory Settings

If you want to know how to factory reset Macbook Air, I will answer this question in this blog.

It is very important for Mac OS users that they must erase all the data and settings to access their device smoothly. After deleting all your data and settings you can enjoy new versions or updates. This process will definitely increase the capability and productivity of your system.

If you are going to sell your device, then you must wipe your settings and data to protect yourself. This thing is also good for purchasers in that he is now free from the tension of deleting data. After this process, you can also demand more money from your buyer of the device.

If you are worried about how to reset Macbook air in factory reset. Then the next segment is only for you. You must read it and follow those steps.

How To Factory Reset Macbook Air

 If you are a user of a Macbook Air, you can wipe your Mac operating software fast and easily through the “System Preferences” option. The process of  “how to reset MacBook air” is given below with all the details.

  • First, click on the Apple symbol on the menu bar and it will show the “System Preference” option. Click on it.
  • If you have clicked on the “System Preferences” then come back to the previous screen.
  • After that, you will see the “ Erase All Content And Settings” option in the menu bar. 
  • Then you will see an option of  “Erase Assistant”. Click on it. It will open an interface named “Erase Assistant”. Where your mac OS asks to fill Administrators Credentials( Username and Password). Fill in all the details on this interface.
  • Thereafter your Mac OS asks to perform a Time Machine Backup, which is good for you to separate important data after some time on other devices.
  • When you choose the option of Time Machine Backup then you follow all the instructions which your Mac OS is showing.
  • When you take a backup then you tap on “Continue” to proceed.
  • On this step, you will see an interface named “ Erase All Content & Setting”. you must tap on the v shape symbol beside your user name and thereafter tap on the continue button.
  • Next, you fill in all your Apple ID and Password to log in to your Apple ID. After that device screen will show a warning screen.
  • At the final step, Mac OS will open an interface named “ Erase All Content And Settings”. Click on it. 
  • As a result of the final step, your OS will restart and it presents a progress bar that deleted your content successfully.

If you need to know how to factory reset Macbook air in the older version of Mac OS. Then you must read the next segment of our blog.

How To Reset Macbook Air To Factory Settings On Older Mac

If you have an old version of Mac OS without an Apple Silicon chip, you will do complex tasks to delete your data and settings to enhance the capabilities of the device. There are many steps that present all the processes of how to factory reset MacBook air in old Mac OS.

  • For future needs, backup your data and settings on an external drive through Time Machine. 
  • After that, you will sign out some accounts.
  • Log out iTunes if you are using the Pre -Catalina version of Mac OS ( Account > Authorization> Deauthorize the Computer).
  • Log out iCloud from System Preferences (system preference > Apple Id> Overview> Sign Out)
  • Log out  iMessage in the Messages app ( Message> Preferences> iMessage> Sign out).
  • Now you must click on the Recovery Mode. 
  • Shut down your Mac and press CTRL R, then you see the logo of Apple on your screen.
  • Put your Administrator password when demanded. Then tap on “Disk Utility” in the visible menu.
  • You click on “ Macintosh HD” in the sidebar which is visible on your screen, then tap on the “Delete button”.
  • After erasing the drive, turn back from “ Disk Utility” and choose “ Reinstall Mac OS” in the recovery menu. Then follow instructions that are visible on the screen.

I hope This blog has solved all your queries about how to reset Macbook air to factory settings. 

Conclusion Factory Reset Macbook Air

If you are an Apple device user, must delete or erase data and settings from time to time this thing makes your device update friendly. Many times our mac device is not working properly and creating problems at the time of update. 

When you are going to sell your mac device to other people then you must delete all the data for safety purposes. You can also improve the productivity of your hard disk.

Hope you don’t have to go online now and search for “how to reset Macbook air to factory settings.”

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