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5 Best Online Cloud Backup Services That Help You Keep Your Data Safe

Online cloud backup services are very crucial if you want to save your data. Could based software is the future, it offers the best solutions for business operations that require a lot of physical space. Cloud data backup can help you save your data from external hard drive crashes. You can save your data on local drives but they face the problem of being attacked by malware, spyware, and Viruses with the help of cloud backup services.

On the other hand, “best online cloud backup” services help you keep your data safe. Backup services copy all your data and secure it on remote servers. You can easily access the secure sites at any time to access your data and restore them in a click or two! The initial stage of Cloud data backup can be a huge data-consuming process. Uploading data requires high-speed internet so if you don’t have a high upload speed then you should get a plan that can keep up with the uploads.

Top Online Cloud Backup Services 2023

After a little bit of research, we found the “best online backup services” available out there. Here’s a detailed overview of cloud data backup services. 

1. Backblaze – Cloud Backup Storage Facility

Backblaze offers a lot of useful tools, including an unlimited storage facility. The storage facility is combined with trustworthy backups and you get all that at a very exciting price. Backblaze backup services support backup from Mac and Windows. The setup process is very easy so if you are not a tech junkie, you can still install it easily!

All your data is backed up excluding program files and applications. Plus you get great security with cloud backup services. The two-factor authentication security is best to keep your data safe!

  • Old File Versions are deleted and deleted files are retained for 30 days
  • File sharing B2 & Backblaze’s cloud storage service 
  • No syncing option

2. iDrive – Online Cloud Backup Services

iDrive is one of the “best cloud backup services”. It is fast and reliable and it offers you great control over your backup. iDrive supports multiple platforms like Mac, PC, Linux as well as mobiles. A central console allows you to manage your backups. You can change the settings across all your devices from your dashboard. All the free account holders get 5 GB of storage. This storage increases to 2 TB when you upgrade to a paid plan. 

  • Can send you a hard drive with your data once a year free of cost
  • iDrive smartphone apps let you back up limited data
  • Retains up to 30 versions of each file
  • Can share files that are backed up

3. Carbonite – Online Backup Services

Carbonite is another online backup service. It is completely automated and offers unlimited cloud backup. It is very simple to set up and the UI is the simplest among all the online cloud backup services.

Not only you can manage your data from the desktop application, but you can also use any browser you want to access the files through the Carbonite website. 

It automatically backs up all the files you select during the installation process. However large files over 4 GB needed to be added manually. Individual files and folders can also be selected for backup.

  • Carbonite color codes your file system so you know the backup status of every single file
  • Backs up photos from any android or iPhone
  • Can access your backed up files through mobile apps

4. Acronis True Image – Online Cloud Backup Services

Acronis true image clicks an image of all your data and backs it up on its servers. It is one of the most unique “online cloud backup services” that you’ll find. It offers a wide variety of plans it offers. You can get like Cloud Backup, Mobile backup, Social media account backups, and ransomware protection. 

The cloud data backup service works perfectly on all the platform like Mac, Windows & Mobile OS. The consumer-friendly desktop dashboard makes it very easy to use the service. Plus, you’ll be able to keep a track on the status of your updates, plus you get color-coded data display so you know which one is which. The storage plans start from 250 GB and it increases with your plan of choice. Backup is automatic and run based on a schedule, the default backup process is once a day though you can change it as per your preference.

  • Manually clean backups
  • No restoration via shipped drives
  • Windows users can sync data across multiple devices

5. CrashPlan – Online Backup Services

With the right pricing and unlimited storage, CrashPlan is the right online backup service for small businesses. Crash Plan supports Mac, Windows, and Linux. The interface is very user friendly and anyone can use it even with zero technical knowledge. The best part about the service is that it comes with unlimited storage, the backup process is automatic and continuous, but if you want, you can schedule them as per your preference.

  • No restriction on file size and type
  • You can decide the retention period of the files
  • You can customize the versioning policy

Best Online Cloud Backup Service

That wraps up our list of top online cloud data backup services. The one you choose depends on how much storage you need and what type of files you want to backup! If you are a small business, we recommend CrashPlan, it is simple, easy to use and can store unlimited data!

If you are working on an enterprise-level then we recommend Backblaze, its incredible security functions can help you keep your data safe no matter what. 

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