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10 Ways To Fix AirPods Keep Disconnecting From iPhone

It is very frustrating when our AirPods are not working and Airpods disconnecting from iphone while attending any important call. It is very common with AirPods because of many bugs, glitches, and other conflicting settings.

Do your AirPods keep disconnecting issues arise regularly while using Airpods? Then read this article till the end and learn about all the troubleshooting steps to fix this issue. 

Methods To Fix The AirPods Keep Disconnecting From iPhone Issue

1. Connect AirPods With Your iPhone Again 

If your AirPods started disconnecting from your iPhone, then you should try connecting the devices again. To do so, you need to put your AirPods back in their charging box. Wait for 60 seconds, then take them out and connect with them.

2. Keep Your Airpods And iPhone Close

For your AirPods to function properly, you need to keep both devices within 30 feet of each other. Beyond this limit, your AirPods may not work efficiently. Being away from the iPhone may cause the AirPods keep disconnecting”issue.

3. Disable And Re- Activate Bluetooth On Your iPhone

One of the simplest things you can do to fix this issue is to turn your Bluetooth off and on. This can help in rectifying the problem of glitches and help fix the “AirPods keep disconnecting” issue. Alternatively, you click on the Airplane Mode option for 10 sec. After that, your Airpods may work.

4. Disable Automatic Ear Detection

The Automatic Ear Detection feature is incredible. But, it can also cause some issues. Basically, when you remove your AirPods from your ears the audio automatically plays through your iPhone’s speakers. This helps you keep doing whatever you’re doing without any interruptions. 

If you are facing an “AirPods keep disconnecting” issue then you should try to connect after turning off your Automatic Ears Detection. Here’s how to do that:

  • Go to Settings > Bluetooth and click on the i icon next to your AirPods. 
  • Then click on the Automatic Ear Detection and turn it off.

5. Deactivate Automatic Switching

We’ve all been there, listening to music on our AirPods, and they automatically connect to another device in your home. Therefore if you have another iPhone, iPad, or Mac lying around, you could disable their Bluetooth to prevent sudden disconnections. You need to stop automatic switching so you can get rid of this issue. 

  • On iOS devices
  • First, go to Settings > Bluetooth 
  • After that, click on Connect to This iPhone.
  • Then click on When Last Connected to This iPhone.
  • On a Mac 
  • First, go to system Preference > Bluetooth.
  • After clicking on the Options button next to the AirPods.
  • Now click on the Connect to This Mac option.
  • Finally, click on the When Last Connected To This Mac option.

6. Avoid Wireless Interface

If your home is full of smart devices such as smart TV, Fridge, or Microwaves, then they can cause wireless interference. Sometimes, this interference can cause issues with your AirPods. This thing can affect your important work. If it’s possible, keep your AirPods as close to you as possible at all times. 

7. Update The Firmware On Your AirPods

If you are facing an AirPods Keep disconnected issue then it might be the problem of outdated firmware. You can check whether your firmware version is up to date or not, to do this follow these steps:

  • First, connect your AirPods to your iPhone.
  • Now go to Settings > General > About > Airpods.
  • Thereafter you can check the Firmware Version of your device.

You can see the latest version of Firmware with a cursory search on the internet or through the AirPods Wikipedia page as well.  

If you want to update the firmware on your AirPods then you must follow the steps:

  • First, you put back your AirPods in the charging box.
  • Then connect your charging case with a power cable. 
  • Make sure your iPhone is connected to a WiFi network. Make sure your iPhone is close to the AirPods.
  • Go to the Wiki page for AirPods, and find the latest version of the firmware. 
  • Click on it and wait for at least 30 minutes for the upgrade of Firmware.
  • Finally, the firmware of your AirPods will update.

8. Update Your iPhone 

You must update your iPhone from time to time because it fixes numerous bugs and it could fix your AirPods connectivity issues as well. To do so, follow these steps:  

  • Got to Settings on your iPhone
  • Scroll down until you find “General” and click on it.
  • Find “Software Update” and click on it. 

9. Reset Your AirPods

If you are still facing the “AirPods keep disconnecting” problem then you should reset your AirPods. Here are the steps you should follow:

  • First, put your AirPods into your charging case.
  • Hold down the Status button until the LED flash blinks in amber color.
  • Next, take out your AirPods from the case. Your iPhone will detect an AirPod, follow the on-screen commands to connect them to your device.

10. Reset The Network Settings 

You can resolve corrupt network settings by Resetting the Network Settings on your iPhone. Through it, you can prevent your device from communication lagging. Thereafter your AirPods will work correctly without any fluctuation.

  • First, you go to Settings > General > Transfer Or Reset iPhone > Reset and then click on Reset Network Settings.
  • Now put your device password and click on Reset Network Settings. 
  • After that, you can reconnect your AirPods with your iPhone. This process may work.


Many Apple users are facing connection issues between iPhones and AirPods. To fix the “AirPods keep disconnecting” issue you can apply some of the resolving methods from above. In case any of the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps are not working, then you can visit the nearest Apple store to see if there’s an issue with the hardware.

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