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How to Find Amethyst Shards in Minecraft? Complete Guide

Minecraft is more than just a game. All the old-school gamers have some of their fondest gaming memories playing Minecraft. Millions of players play Minecraft every month. It’s a sandbox video game where you can build and destroy objects. Every single object in the game is available to interact with. Over time, the gameplay becomes more and more interesting as you keep finding new things to do and interact with. Plus, you get to interact with new items such as amethyst shards in Minecraft. All the Minecraft players know that Amethyst crystals are super rare to find until you know where to look. So, if you’re a beginner, you’ll need a lot of time and practice. We’ve created this guide for newbie Minecraft players so they know how to find Amethyst shards in Minecraft. Let’s get started. 

Where Can I Find Amethyst Shards in Minecraft?

Amethyst shards can be easily found underground in Minecraft. You can’t find these shards anywhere above the ground. The only place to find them is underground. 

If you want to find amethyst shards, you’ll have to mine them with a pickaxe. You can’t find them anywhere except underground. To mine them, you need to have a mining level of at least 11. These shards come equipped with their ore tag, so they’ll be easy to find and recognize once you start mining. 

What Are Amethyst Shards in Minecraft?

Amethyst Shards are a rare item in Minecraft, and they can only be mined from underground. When you find an Amethyst shard, you will have to transform it into a masterwork or higher grade tool or weapon to use it. 

They can be found underground but they’re not as common as diamond and gold. What makes finding Amethyst shards tough is that they appear only at a depth of 54 or higher. The best part is that you gain an extra life if you know where to find them.

Tips for Finding Amethyst Shards in Minecraft

Amethyst shards are a rare item in Minecraft, and these items can be found underground in the Minecraft world. So here are the tips to find them:

1. Focus on what’s in front of you

2. If you want to find particular minerals, you should focus on the bedrock in front of you. The shards can be found in huge quantities in the surrounding area, so you can mine here for better results. 

3. Find out what minerals are available in your area. 

4. Be patient while searching for amethyst shards.

5. You’ll need to search for them carefully as you have to dig through a lot of ground. 

Where To Find Amethyst Shards in Minecraft?

Amethyst Shards are one of the rarest items to find in the game, you may be able to find them if you break open an amethyst ore block. Or you can carefully mine down to the bedrock and try to find amethyst shards there. To find them, you should start by looking for rare metals such as Gold, silver, and diamonds under the stone blocks, dirt, gravel, and other types of rocks. They give off a red hue when you find them. 

How To Use Amethyst Shards in Minecraft?

Amethyst shards are hard to find, but with enough practice, you can find them. You won’t always see them while you’re mining, so you will need to explore as much area as possible. The best way to explore is by understanding your surroundings. If you want you can move around and keep checking the map by pressing the M button on your keyword. 

If you have explored all your surroundings and still haven’t found any amethyst shards, then you should try mining in another location. If you’ve been mining for a while, and you find an unusual-looking block, then try mining it first. 

Conclusion: How to Find Amethyst Shards?

Amethyst is a purple gemstone that’s often used to keep away evil spirits. In Minecraft, they can be used to create powerful tools and weapons. This is why they’re rare to find. Simply follow the guide on how to find Amethyst shards in Minecraft and you’ll be able to have a fun time. 

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