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Top AI Video Editing Tools – How To Create Best Videos?

AI makes a lot of things easier. If you love creating videos as a hobby, or if you make video content professionally, then you need to boost productivity. AI video editing tools can provide you faster results, access to incredible editing tools, audio blending, and so much more. Artificial intelligence video editing tools are slowly changing how photo editing and video editing tools work. They limit the amount of human effort a person has to put in while editing videos. AI video editing tools allow you to become more familiar with the basic features of video editing software. 

If you’re wondering which AI video editing tools you should use to boost productivity, then this guide is for you. We’ve created this list by testing out 2 dozen AI video editing tools and software. Here’s our pick.

Artificial Intelligence Video Editing Tools & Software 2022

It goes without saying that there are tons of AI video editing software on the market. Before you invest your time, effort, and money into a tool, you should know what it has to offer. 

1. Vedia

Videa is an AI video editing tool that’s used by publishers and channel providers of OTT services. The tool improves productivity and boosts revenue by converting data into high-definition videos. The AI video editing tool can generate 100 to 1,000 videos in just a couple of minutes. If that doesn’t save you time, then what can?

Features of Videa:

  • Helps in creating, personalizing, and publishing videos on social media channels for all kinds of marketing campaigns.
  • Build endless unique videos in a matter of minutes.
  • Increase customer engagement with catchy social media videos. Videos can even help in boosting the rate of lead generation.
  • Document-based and online training for tools available.

2. Kamua

Kamua is a browser-based program that automates the high-effort parts of video editing. The cloud-native video productivity software is built to speed up the process of cropping, and resizing the videos from mobile to desktop. The tool can reduce the time taken in cutting your video into smaller pieces. You can set the guidelines, and Kamua will resize the video to make them easier to use. 

Kamua allows businesses to make videos for social media, YouTube, and others. The preview functionality allows the editors to see how the video would look before rendering it. Users can set the screen ratio of videos to fit the post size of specific social media channels. Kamua is without a doubt one of the best AI video editing software out there.

Features of Kamua:

  • Allows users to add text or multiple text elements of varying colors on the video.
  • You can split videos into multiple parts, and remove the unnecessary parts.
  • You can add audio elements to the video as soon as possible.
  • You can share complete videos on social media channels in moments.
  • Export video in HD quality.
  • Merge multiple videos into a single video.

3. Magisto

Another well-known AI video editor and creator is Magisto. It goes as far as creating videos just from text and expressions. Every single video is different from the other one, so if you need a lot of stock footage, you can use Magisto.

All in all Magisto helps in making your video editing process simple. The number of features offered by Magisto is what makes it so fun for the users. There are almost endless elements you can add to your videos to make them more fun for your marketing strategies.

Features of Magisto:

  • Offers multiple per-built themes for videos.
  • Seamlessly edit and re-arrange scenes from videos.
  • Add logos and captions to videos in seconds.
  • Download unlimited HD movies.
  • Offers multiple distribution channels.

4. Synthesia

Synthesia is a simple web app that can create a video in just 5 minutes. It’s a simple tool that uses AI to simplify the production of video content. You can use Synthesia to create professional AI videos from the text in more than 50 languages. The best part is that you don’t need professional microphones and cameras. 

Features of Synthesia:

  • 50+ AI video avatars.
  • Create videos with 60+ voices and languages.
  • Create custom avatars for your videos based on your video theme.
  • Add royalty-free background music to your videos.
  • Download videos in full HD (1920×1080) resolution.

5. Kapwing

Kapwing makes video editing, and content creation easy, simple, and accessible. Similar to Magisto it can create videos out of text and phrases. This AI tools is most famous for creating abstract videos for different projects. 

Kapwing is perfect if you have a tiny bit of experience with video editing. While you will be able to use the tool without video editing experience, it would offer you the best results with some experience. It is also a great tool when you want to create slideshows and montages. And if you don’t want your videos to be stolen, then you can add your brand’s watermark to them.

Features of Kapwing:

  • Can help in video recording as well as video editing.
  • Merge two videos to convert them into a single one.
  • Helps in managing videos, images, and other content.
  • Users can add images and videos of their brand logo.

6. Recreate.ai

Recreate.ai is a great AI video editing software and you can personalize your videos with colors and animations. Video transitions and innovative overlays. It allows you to integrate high-quality media, record videos, remove backgrounds, create AI voiceovers, crop, rotate, and resize videos. 

Recreate.ai is an especially great tool if you want to create videos for social media platforms. It can create videos out of nothing but plain content. Plus, all the videos that you create can instantly be shared on social media channels.

Features of Recreate.ai:

  • Convert any text or content into videos by adding text to the tool or document link.
  • Video clips can be assembled to create a storyboard.
  • The AI of the tool will automatically add music to your videos according to context.
  • Personalize your videos based on colors, fonts, animations, video transitions, and other elements.

7. Aivo.ai

This AI video editor does all the high-effort parts of editing and creating a video. If you want to create huge videos for story-telling, then you should try to use Aivo.ai. This AI tool allows you to access millions of royalty-free, high-quality videos, images, and music, to create great amounts. 

Aivo.ai is an incredible tool because it gives you the power to edit multiple videos at the same time. It also makes the video editing process super easy, and it offers other elements such as logos, voice-overs, and royalty-free images.

Features of Aivo.ai:

  • Available in more than 30 languages.
  • Offers free millions of royalty-free images, videos, and music.
  • Make your videos as personalized as possible with seamless brand element integration.

8. Wisecut

Wisecut is another video editing tool that relies on Voice Recognition and AI to edit videos instantly. It allows you to create engaging videos in just a matter of minutes. If you’re new to video editing, then this tool can improve productivity. It removes silences and adds background music and subtitles to your video to take the burden off you.

Features of Wisecut:

  • AI-powered auto cuts make it super easy for you to add jump cuts into your videos.
  • With AI, add contextual music to your videos.
  • Use auto-generated story boards.
  • Boost engagement and accessibility of your videos with auto-generated captions.
  • Increase your video’s reach with subtitle translations.

9. Video Intelligence

Video Intelligence is an AI Video editing tool offered by Google, which is based on cloud computation. The tool can recognize objects, and actions on a videotape. AutoML video intelligence and Video Intelligence API can make media more valuable and engaging for all kinds of platforms. 

The Google Cloud Video Intelligence reads your videos and highlights the objects in the video.

Features of Video Intelligence:

  • Offers an incredible media management system.
  • Help users show suggested content.
  • Allows you to be more focused on advertising.
  • Helps you filter content that is inappropriate for your users.

10. RunWayML

This is the best way for AI editors to edit videos, create, collaborate videos, and share amazing videos in a couple of minutes. All of this is possible without you even having to download any app. You can use RunWayML in your browser, that’s powered by AI algorithms. The browser-based tools can perform exciting tasks such as masking, color correction, generation, and compositing.

Features of RunWayML:

  • A graphical user interface to make video editing easy.
  • Automation and markup tools.
  • Analyze the performance of your videos.
  • In-built content management features.

Conclusion: AI Video Editing Software Tools

The best video editing tools are supposed to take work off your shoulders. But unless you integrate AI into your video editing tools, you can’t reduce the burden of video editing. The best AI video editing tools can help you boost the production of your videos, and improve productivity. If you have to make long sized videos, you should definitely use an AI video editor as it can streamline cropping, and cutting parts of the videos. 

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